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Four different roles AI can play in organizations


How the board should understand and consider AI is, of course, highly dependent on the usage scenarios for AI within the organization. An organization might utilize AI purely as a decision-making support tool with the capability to better structure and analyze the available data. A more integrated approach could be to connect AI into the organization's operational processes. More advanced usage could be taking AI to customers as part of an existing product or offering. And its deepest role would emerge where an entire product is architected on top of AI capabilities.

Putting the Blinders on AI


Want to avoid an insurrection or genocide? Disconnect AI from centralized databases now! As the power of AI grows and the internet plays an ever greater role in our physical realities, we must act decisively to put the protection of user data at the forefront of any new developments in online products and services. The consequences of failing to protect personal privacy online could be another insurrection or genocide. Artificial Intelligence has a key role to play in securing online privacy, despite all the recent news stories about AI in conjunction with the misuse of private data.

IBM to set up state-of-the-art centre in Kochi


IBM Software Labs is set to establish a state-of-the-art product engineering, design and development centre in Kochi to advance hybrid cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. The move comes in the wake of a virtual meeting Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had with Sandip Patel, Managing Director, IBM India, and Gaurav Sharma, Vice President, IBM India Software Labs, in which the role of technology in accelerating the State's digital mission was discussed. Mr. Vijayan shared his vision of making Kerala a digital-knowledge economy, the changes introduced in the IT policy and the role of technology in helping various sectors reset and recover from the pandemic. The significance of collaboration between industries, the government and the academia to drive growth opportunities within the State was also discussed. Mr. Vijayan observed that Kerala was a talent hub for IT professionals and entrepreneurs, while expressing satisfaction about IBM's proposed expansion in the State.

Blockchain for Increased Trust in Virtual Health Care: Proof-of-Concept Study


Background: Health care systems are currently undergoing a digital transformation that has been primarily triggered by emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, 5G, blockchain, and the digital representation of patients using (mobile) sensor devices. One of the results of this transformation is the gradual virtualization of care. Irrespective of the care environment, trust between caregivers and patients is essential for achieving favorable health outcomes. Given the many breaches of information security and patient safety, today's health information system portfolios do not suffice as infrastructure for establishing and maintaining trust in virtual care environments. Objective: This study aims to establish a theoretical foundation for a complex health care system intervention that aims to exploit a cryptographically secured infrastructure for establishing and maintaining trust in virtualized care environments and, based on this theoretical foundation, present a proof of concept that fulfills the necessary requirements. Methods: This work applies the following framework for the design and evaluation of complex intervention research within health care: a review of the literature and expert consultation for technology forecasting. A proof of concept was developed by following the principles of design science and requirements engineering. Results: This study determined and defined the crucial functional and nonfunctional requirements and principles for enhancing trust between caregivers and patients within a virtualized health care environment. The cornerstone of our architecture is an approach that uses blockchain technology. The proposed decentralized system offers an innovative governance structure for a novel trust model. The presented theoretical design principles are supported by a concrete implementation of an Ethereum-based platform called VerifyMed. Conclusions: A service for enhancing trust in a virtualized health care environment that is built on a public blockchain has a high fit for purpose in Healthcare 4.0. As a result of health care development, societies are undergoing a current demographic shift--people live longer, and fewer are born. The overall increase in life expectancy between 1970 and 2013 was 10.4 years on average for Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development countries [1].

Utilising AI to predict buyer intent in a digital world - Information Age


The growth of digital data worldwide is accelerating at an unprecedented, virtually incomprehensible rate. The search engines we use constantly collate data about our browsing habits, merchant websites create a profile about the combination of products we keep returning to, and our social media accounts merge all our data to build a profile of our digital avatar. However, despite this, our scattered data is often stored in farms without a purpose, leaving us with poor recommendations and ads that do not respond to our interests and needs. This results in poor targeting and a bad experience both for buyers, who are being sold products they neither want nor need, and sellers, who are expected to sell products and services to the wrong audience. In the world of B2B, this is not simply annoying – this poor targeting ends up harming the reputation of the brand behind the seller.

AI-fueled app Natural offers new interface for consumer transactions


The Mac's mouse, the iPod's click wheel, the iPhone's multitouch display, and the Apple Watch's digital crown are all part of Apple lore in which a new device class mandated a new user interface. But there's a significant exception to that established pattern: Siri. The voice agent emerged as a way to control some of the iPhone's features but was never a way to completely control it the way Alexa served as the Echo's main user interface. Rather, it could retrieve bits of information and complete simple tasks online. Now, an app called Natural seeks to go beyond what agents such as Siri and Alexa can achieve in terms of transactions while remaining wed to the smartphone's -- or any connected device's -- touchscreen.

3 Disney World employees and registered nurse among group arrested in child sex sting: sheriff

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on An undercover child sex sting in Florida led to the arrests of over a dozen predators, including three Disney World employees and a registered nurse, investigators said Tuesday. In total, 17 people were taken into custody in the operation dubbed "Operation Child Protector" and face a total of 49 felony and two misdemeanor charges, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd announced during a press conference. Undercover detectives posed as children between the ages of 13 and 14 on social media platforms, mobile apps and online dating sites to investigate child predators from July 27 through Aug. 1.

The best home security cameras for privacy and peace of mind


Not sure if you've noticed, but real estate listings for fortresses with alligator-filled moats are in short supply nowadays. Fortunately, recent advancements in home automation have prompted the development of a DIY alternative when it comes to anti-intruder and theft protection: the home security camera. Most major tech companies now offer their own version(s) of the home monitoring device -- Amazon and Google included -- which has added another layer to an already crowded market populated by security giants like ADT, SimpliSafe, and Frontpoint. It's never been easier (or cheaper) to buy a home security camera, but at the same time, your choice has never been tougher: There are almost too many options to pick from. So, how do you decide which home security camera is right for you?

Why Twitter wants ethical hackers to fix its algorithmic biases


Twitter is applying the bug bounty model to machine learning. The micro-blogging site has launched the industry's first algorithmic bias bounty competition. The challenge was created to identify potential harms in Twitter's notorious image cropping algorithm, which was largely abandoned after exhibiting gender- and race-based biases. Attend the tech festival of the year and get your super early bird ticket now! The company now wants to incentivize the community to find further unidentified risks of the algorithm.

Russia's Pirs module transforms into a 'shooting star' as it breaks up in Earth's atmosphere

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Astronaut Thomas Pesquet watched from the International Space Station as Russia's Pirs module was discarded on June 26 and raced towards its death in Earth's atmosphere. The stunning video shows Pirs break up into a'shooting star' and slowly disappearing into a sea of ominous clouds hanging over our planet. 'Atmospheric reentry without a heat shield results in a nice fireball,' Pesquet wrote in a Facebook post, which also included a French description. 'You clearly see smaller pieces of melting metal floating away and adding to the fireworks.' Although the video was speed up, Pesquet and a few other crew members watched Pirs break up above the clouds for six minutes.