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Image and face recognition platforms and solutions have been a major focus in the technology sector over the past two decades. Images and face recognition technology are used in many industries, including healthcare, security, e-commerce and security. This has resulted in remarkable progress. Experts believe this technology can perform at or even surpass human-level in many medical diagnoses and security domains. Many brands now use image recognition technology to harness the intersection of visual analytics and text to understand the industry and target audience, and to deploy visual intelligence to drive meaningful communications.

Image Recognition: A peek into the future


Our brains are wired in a way that they can differentiate between objects, both living and non-living by simply looking at them. In fact, the recognition of objects and a situation through visualization is the fastest way to gather, as well as to relate information. This becomes a pretty big deal for computers where a vast amount of data has to be stuffed into it, before the computer can perform an operation on its own. Ironically, with each passing day, it is becoming essential for machines to identify objects through facial recognition, so that humans can take the next big step towards a more scientifically advanced social mechanism. So, what progress have we really made in that respect?