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Facial Recognition And Future Scenarios

Forbes - Tech

This photo taken on February 5, 2018 shows a police officer wearing a pair of smartglasses with a facial recognition system at Zhengzhou East Railway Station in Zhengzhou in China's central Henan province. Chinese police are sporting high-tech sunglasses that can spot suspects in a crowded train station, the newest use of facial recognition that has drawn concerns among human rights groups. We seem to be heading into a future where facial recognition technologies are going to be part of everyday life. Cities all over the world are now bristling with cameras, and in the case of China it is impossible to avoid being monitored either by CCTV or even by police wearing special glasses and then logged onto a database that checks on your habits, your social credit and even who your friends are. At the same time, cameras and facial recognition are increasingly being used in public and private buildings.