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Software Development Engineer, AWS Computer Vision - Amazon - Bellevue, WA - Remote Tech Jobs


Job title: Software Development Engineer, AWS Computer Vision Company: Amazon Job description: DESCRIPTION Job summary The Amazon Web Services (AWS) team is seeking an innovation and results-oriented Software Development Engineer in our Textract team. Amazon Textract ( is a new AWS service that launched in Nov. 2018 and provides deep…

Computer Vision - Richard Szeliski


As humans, we perceive the three-dimensional structure of the world around us with apparent ease. Think of how vivid the three-dimensional percept is when you look at a vase of flowers sitting on the table next to you. You can tell the shape and translucency of each petal through the subtle patterns of light and shading that play across its surface and effortlessly segment each flower from the background of the scene (Figure 1.1). Looking at a framed group por- trait, you can easily count (and name) all of the people in the picture and even guess at their emotions from their facial appearance. Perceptual psychologists have spent decades trying to understand how the visual system works and, even though they can devise optical illusions1 to tease apart some of its principles (Figure 1.3), a complete solution to this puzzle remains elusive (Marr 1982; Palmer 1999; Livingstone 2008).

Choosing Computer Vision board in 2022


Choosing a platform to work with Computer Vision on the Edge is difficult. There are dozens of boards on the market. If you read about one of them, you want to use it. But when you try - it is not so good. I tried to compare a lot of the cheap boards on the market.

Computer Vision Engineer - Remote Tech Jobs


Our client is looking to hire a Computer Vision Engineer as a permanent full-time employee. I have attached below a detailed job description for your review. If you have the required experience and interest, pl/ease email me a current resume, along with your responses to the following questions: • ** How much experience do you have with C, C, Python OR MATLAB?

PowerToys update adds OCR and two more free tools


If you use Windows, you want PowerToys. This collection of open-source goodies, guided and published by Microsoft itself, is one of the best free software packages out there, and we can't recommend it enough. That only becomes more true today, as the company publishes an updated version with three brand new tools: the previously-spotted Text Extrator (an Optical Character Recognition tool), a ruler for measuring pixels on your screen, and a tool for quickly inserting little-used accents into text. Text Extractor is probably the most universally-applicable addition here. It's an open-source version of Joseph Finney's paid Text Grab app, now integrated into PowerToys and free for Windows users.

Remote Computer Vision Engineer openings in California on August 14, 2022 – Data Science Jobs


Role requiring'No experience data provided' months of experience in None Samsara (NYSE: IOT) is the pioneer of the Connected Operations Cloud, which allows businesses that depend on physical operations to harness IoT (Internet of Things) data to develop actionable business insights and improve their operations. Founded in San Francisco in 2015, we now employ more than 1,800 people globally and have over 1.5 million active devices. Samsara also went public in December 2021 and we're just getting started. Recent awards we've won include: • #2 in the Financial Times' Fastest Growing Companies in Americas list 2021 • Named as a Best Place to Work in Built In 2022 • #19 in the Forbes Cloud 100 2021 • IoT Analytics Company of the Year in 2022's IoT Breakthrough Winners • Forbes Advisor named us the Best Solution for Large Companies – Fleet management software for 2022! We're driving change in industries that are yet to fully embrace digital transformation. Physical operations make up a massive slice of the global economy but haven't benefited from innovation and actionable information in the way that other sectors have.

EasyOCR: A Free Open-source OCR That Supports 80+ Languages


EasyOCR is a free developer-friendly OCR "Optical Character Recognition" that supports 80 languages including Latin, Chinese, Arabic, and Cyrillic. EasyOCR is written in the Python programming language. It can be installed as a Python package, and integrates well with other Python Frameworks like Django, Flask, and others. You can test the demo here, as you can upload images in different format and test several languages. It comes with a trainer models that can be used to train for new languages, dozens of example datasets for model training, user-friendly instructions on how to train custom recognition models and more. It also supports vertical text, and PIL images, and more.

Week in review: Kali Linux gets on Linode, facial recognition defeated, Log4j exploitation - Help Net Security


Dealing with threats and preventing sensitive data loss Recently, Normalyze, a data-first cloud security platform, came out of stealth with $22.2M in Series A funding. This was the perfect time to catch up with co-founder and CEO Amer Deeba. In this interview with Help Net Security, he talks about the path data security as well as visibility challenges. Who are the best fraud fighters? Seasoned fraud expert PJ Rohall has recently become the new Head of Fraud Strategy & Education at SEON.

OpenCV -- Introduction


OpenCV was created in C at first. Furthermore, Python and Java bindings were provided. OpenCV is compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, OS X, FreeBSD, Net BSD, Open BSD, and others. OpenCV is completely free to use. Because the OpenCV library is written in C/C, it is extremely fast. It can now be used with Python. It requires less RAM to operate, possibly as little as 60–70 MB. Computer Vision, like OpenCV, is portable and can run on any device that supports C. Before beginning to learn OpenCV, you should be familiar with the Python programming language.

Tutorial: Real-Time Object Detection with DeepStream on Nvidia Jetson AGX Orin


Last month, NVIDIA unleashed the next-generation edge computing hardware device branded as Jetson AGX Orin at GTC. Courtesy of Nvidia, I was fortunate enough to get a Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit to evaluate and experiment with it. The Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit has everything you need to run AI inference at the edge with ultra-low latency and high throughput. As a successor to the most powerful Jetson AGX Xavier, AGX Orin packs a punch. The developer kit comes with a carrier board that makes it easy to connect various peripherals. The Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit comes with a preview of JetPack SDK 5.0, which is based on the Ubuntu 20.04 root filesystem and Linux Kernel 5.10.