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This self-emptying, smart-mapping Roomba is on sale for $200 off at Walmart


SAVE $200: Normally $799, the iRobot Roomba i7 is on sale at Walmart for just $599 as of April 28 (a 25% savings). Originally priced at $949 (and sold for upwards of a grand at select retailers), the Roomba i7 from 2018 was once one of the most expensive vacuums in iRobot's lineup -- and for good reason. Not only can it empty and charge itself, but it's also capable of remembering multiple floor plans of your home and targeting the dirtiest areas. The i7 now retails for $799 after a permanent price drop in 2020, an iRobot rep told Mashable, which is pretty reasonable for a feature-stacked vacuum that's a couple years old. You don't even have to pay that much, though, because Walmart just slashed its price to a mere $599 as of April 28 -- that's a 25% savings.

Save up to 40% on a Roomba so your spring cleaning isn't delayed 'til summer


As of April 20, these are Amazon's top deals on Roomba robot vacuums, with savings of up to 40% off: OUR TOP PICK: iRobot Roomba i7 (7550) robot vacuum with auto dirt-disposal -- save $400.99 BEST BUDGET PICK: iRobot Roomba 675 robot vacuum -- save $80.99 BEST UPGRADE PICK: iRobot Roomba s9 (9550) robot vacuum -- save $400.99 BEST FOR HARD FLOORS: iRobot Braava Jet M6 (6110) robot mop -- save $100.99 Nobody likes cleaning, but the more you put it off the worse it gets down the road. And instead of enjoying your summer, you're stuck inside taking care of your original spring cleaning list. But even the worst slackers don't have much of an excuse to put it off thanks to the latest robot vacuums.

iRobot's Roomba i7 with clean base is $200 off at Wellbots


If you're on the hunt for a robot vacuum that can do a bit more than the bare minimum, iRobot's Roomba i7 and i9 devices might fit the bill. But being semi-autonomous dirt suckers with clean bases, they're understandably on the expensive side. But Wellbots is having a sale right now that knocks the i7 down to $599 and the i9 down to $899 when you use the code 200ENGADGET at checkout. Yes, those are still high prices for robot vacuums, but they are the same discounts we saw during Black Friday last year -- and we haven't seen them that low since then. We reviewed the Roomba i7 when it first came out and gave it a score of 87.

Your Roomba is filthier than you think. Here's how to get it completely clean


There's a lot more to keeping your Roomba clean than simply emptying its bin now and then. Take a closer look at your Roomba's brushes, for example, and you'll probably see they're tangled in hair. A Roomba's cliff sensors, which help to keep it from tumbling down the stairs, can likewise become blocked by a layer of grime, while its dust filter will gradually become clogged with debris. If you give your Roomba the occasional deep clean, you'll not only extend its life, you'll also boost the quality of its cleanings. Our Roomba cleaning guide will take you through four primary areas when it comes to keeping a Roomba spic-and-span: cleaning its brushes, cleaning its wheels, scrubbing its sensors and charging contacts, and cleaning its dust filter.

Deebot Ozmo N8 review: A self-emptying robot vac without the nosebleed price tag


Self-emptying robot vacuums allow you almost fully automate your floor cleaning. But until recently, they'd only been an option for those with very generous appliance budgets. The iRobot Roomba i7, for example, will cost you nearly $800, and the Roomba S9 a whopping $1,099. More recently, Proscenic's M7 Pro and iRobot's own Roomba i3 attempted to bring the self-emptying vacuum to more people with less scary price tags, but each sacrificed some functionality to do it. Ecovac's Deebot Ozmo N8 stands apart, managing to deliver most of the advanced features while keeping the cost moderate.

AI And Robotics Are Finally Ready For Your Home (and I Don't Mean The Roomba)


Palmaz Vineyards in Napa Valley harnesses Big Data to produce the perfect bottle, and some Australian winemakers are using machine learning to …

The iRobot Roomba 981 robot vacuum is at its lowest price ever at $299


Save $200: The iRobot Roomba 981 WiFi robot vacuum is at it's best price ever of $299.99 at Amazon as of March 18. Spring cleaning might not be fun, but it doesn't have to be difficult. A robot vacuum is an invaluable tool that takes away some of the tedium, but it can be hard to pick from the wide variety of options. If you want to make the decision a little easy, just go with the name brand option that has great reviews and is 40% off its original price. This new discount means you get a premium robot vacuum in a more affordable price range.

Learn how to clean your Roomba's bin the right way


If you've just been dumping dust, dirt, and debris from your Roomba's bin into the trash and then slapping it back into your trusty robovac, you're doing it wrong. It's easy to ignore, but there's a filter inside the bin compartment, and if you're not cleaning it regularly--and replacing it once in a while--your Roomba will get less and less efficient as it sweeps your floors. If you haven't been taking care of your Roomba's bin filter, it's never too late to start. The procedure for cleaning your Roomba's filter differs depending on which model you have. For the popular 600 series (I have a Roomba 675, for example), there's a curved filter that sits in the bin itself, while 800- and 900-series Roombas have a rectangular filter cartridge that fits into the top of the bin.

What Will Smart Homes Look Like in 10 Years?


Robots, too, will have a role to play in the smart home of the future. Smart vacuum cleaners like iRobot's Roomba are already picking up after us, while products like the Aibo, a robotic dog for children, show how they might help keep us company like a pet. Robotic-furniture company Ori Living is working with Ikea on pieces that change based on your needs, getting the bed out of the way when you need a desk, or hiding your closet when it's dinnertime. Design firm Design3 recently showed off a smart-home robot concept, CARL. The fabric-covered bot is meant to slowly roll around your home, activating its retractable cameras and sensors to detect intruders, notify you of any harmful emissions or keep an eye on your pet.

Underwater 'Roombas' are searching the ocean floor for barrels of toxic chemicals off California

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Ocean scientists are using robot submariness to detect barrels of toxic chemicals under the sea. Thousands of barrels of DDT and other substances are believed submerged in the Pacific Ocean near Los Angeles, but authorities aren't sure where or how many. To get an idea, researchers have launched two'underwater Roombas,' Remote Environmental Monitoring UnitS (REMUS) that can operate in waters ranging from 80 feet to about 20,000 feet. The vehicles take 12 hours to recharge, so while one is scanning the seafloor with its sonar the other is powering up and passing along its findings. Ocean scientists are using'underwater Roombas' to scan the ocean floor for barrels of toxic chemicals, including the banned pesticide DDT.