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Here's what you need to know about Amazon Sidewalk

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Amazon Sidewalk was announced in 2019, but chances are you may just now be hearing a lot of chatter about the new shared neighborhood WiFi network. That's because the service, though not live yet, has been automatically enabled for many users with newer Amazon Echo speakers and Ring cameras--and it's raising some privacy concerns. Here's what you need to know about Amazon Sidewalk and how to turn it off. Amazon Sidewalk is a neighborhood WiFi-sharing feature that helps your Echo speakers and Ring cameras stay connected when they're out of range or the internet is down. Amazon Sidewalk is a network created by pooling nearby Amazon devices that can help your Amazon devices stay connected when they're just out of range or when your WiFi goes out.

Windows 10: Now you can use Cortana to find files on a PC


Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 preview for those on its Windows Insiders program that brings a few fixes and a new feature for Cortana, Microsoft's answer to Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa. Cortana has taken a backseat on Windows 10 these days but Microsoft has announced a new "file skill" in Cortana that's available for Insiders that helps users quickly open and find files. "You can now use Cortana on your PCs to translate their thoughts into direct actions to open and find files and save time spent navigating to apps/folders to locate and open files," says Brandon LeBlanc, program manager for the Windows Insider program. In other words, Cortana will help people find files using their voice rather than sifting through files by typing words. You can now ask the assistant to look for files based on parts of a file name, the author of file that needs to be found, or by asking it to find a recently edited file.

Amazon Alexa scientists Yang Liu and Ruhi Sarikaya named IEEE Fellows


Yang Liu, an Alexa AI principal scientist, and Ruhi Sarikaya, director of applied science, Alexa AI, have recently been named IEEE Fellows. The designation takes effect January 1, 2021. Liu is being honored for her "contributions to speech understanding and language-learning technology", while Sarikaya is being recognized for his "leadership in spoken language processing, and conversational understanding systems". Both currently lead research initiatives focused on making Alexa more natural and conversational, perceptive and context aware, and capable of self learning. The IEEE Fellow designation is conferred by the IEEE board of directors upon individuals with outstanding records of accomplishment in any of the IEEE fields of interest.

Windows 10 test uses Cortana's voice search to sift through your files


A version of the OS currently available to Insider program beta testers includes the ability to find files on your PC simply by asking for them. Enterprise users with OneDrive or SharePoint can also locate files in network drives that they have access to, but the key here is that it can find information without needing every specific detail. According to the blog post, just the part of a file name or name of an author can be enough for the AI to figure out which document you need. "Hey Cortana, opening marketing deck," and "Hey Cortana, open budget Excel from Anthony" are two examples, along with'find recent files" to pop up the last few items you've accessed. Build 20270 is now available for you in the Dev Channel.

Microsoft is testing a Cortana 'File Skill' to find files faster in Windows 10


Cortana may not be the personal assistant she once was, but a new update as part of the Windows Insider Dev Channel means that her capabilities to find files have improved. The new "File Skill" in the Cortana app appears in the new Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20270, part of the Dev Channel. In this experimental app, Cortana's skills have been honed to the point where she can find files in the cloud, with a better understanding of what you're looking for. If your PC is enrolled in the Windows 10 May 2020 Update or later, some of these capabilities will already be available. As long as you have speech recognition enabled on your PC, you can ask Cortana "find my recent files," and it should unearth the last two or three files you've used on your PC.

Microsoft's Artificial Intelligence – An Overview


In this article, we will have a detailed listing at AI Services supported and provided by Microsoft. Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that aims to create intelligent machines, in simple terms, Human Intelligence processed by Machines, specifically computers. AI can be categorized as either weak and strong. Weak AI is AI systems which are specifically designed and trained for a particular task. A good example is personal assistants, such as Apple's Siri, Google Assistance, Microsoft Cortana, Amazon's Alexa are a form of Weak AI.

This Amazon Echo bundle comes with two free smart lightbulbs


SAVE $59.99: Get your smart home started with the all-new Echo and two Philips Hue smart lightbulbs for only $69.99 as of Dec. 2. Just because Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over doesn't mean that low prices are. Amazon has tons of products that are still on sale for their shopping holiday prices, so even if you missed the sales, you can still score some sick deals. This Amazon Echo bundle is a steal at only $69.99, the same price it has been since Black Friday. You'll get the latest generation Echo device at $30 off, plus pick up two free Philips hue smart lightbulbs to really get your smart home going, for a total savings of $59.99. The latest Echo device is the perfect assistant to help you manage your high-tech home. Use voice control to adjust the lights (try it with your new Philips bulbs), play music, check the news, check your notifications, and more.

Artificial Intelligence has changed our world


Success in creating effective AI, could be the biggest event in the history of our civilisation. So we cannot know if we will be infinitely helped by AI, or ignored by it and side-lined, or conceivably destroyed by it. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the term to describe a machine's learning, logic, reasoning, perception and creativity which were once considered unique to humans but now replicated by technology and use in every industry. Artificial Intelligence is the use of computer science programming to imitate human thought and action by analysing data and surroundings, solving or anticipating problems, learning of self-teaching or adapting to a variety of tasks. AI can relieve humans of various repetitive tasks.

Microsoft Teams is getting CarPlay support for calls


Microsoft has revealed a number of features it's bringing to Teams calls. It will soon offer CarPlay support, so you can place and answer Teams calls using Siri while you're on the road. Microsoft didn't say whether it would add a similar function for Android Auto or Alexa-enabled cars. Elsewhere, Microsoft has overhauled the call interface with a streamlined design (which it unveiled at its Ignite conference) that pulls together your contacts, voicemail and call history into a single view. Other features include an option to merge calls, enhanced reverse number lookup (i.e.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning – What Do They Mean?


There was a time when we heard terms like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning only in sci-fi movies. But today, technological advances have brought us to a point where businesses across verticals are not only talking about, but also implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning in everyday scenarios. AI is everywhere, from gaming stations to maintaining complex information at work. Computer Engineers and Scientists are working hard to impart intelligent behavior in the machines making them think and respond to real-time situations. AI has evolved from being a research topic to being at the early stages of enterprise adoption.