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3 Advantages of Insurance Companies Adopting AI


As the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) are growing, insurers are finding new ways to capitalize on this technology. Here are some of the most prominent advantages of Insurance companies adopting AI. IoT (internet of things) refers to the interconnection of physical objects via the internet. These devices--things--are embedded with software and sensors for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other systems and devices over the internet. The internet of things includes devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Amazon's Alexa gets a new brain on Echo, becomes smarter via AI and aims for ambience


Amazon is making Alexa smarter with natural turn-taking, having conversations with multiple people, natural language understanding, and the ability to be taught by customers. The first target is the smart home, but Alexa for Business is also likely to follow. Also: When is Prime Day 2020? The Alexa overhaul and artificial intelligence improvements were outlined as Amazon launched its latest batch of Echo devices. Amazon's new Echo devices are evolving to be more smart home edge computing devices.

The best wireless workout headphones


As some of you might know, I'm a runner. On occasion I review sports watches, and outside of work I'm a certified marathon coach. So when it became clear Engadget wanted to round up the best wireless workout headphones, I raised my hand. And the timing feels particularly appropriate. Until now I was still using wired buds (old habits die hard), and it happened that every pair I owned was on the fritz.

How to bring Zoom to your TV (coming soon) with Alexa

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If you're also tired of taking daily Zoom calls on your laptop, maybe you'd prefer to just turn on the TV, lay back, and learn or conduct business from the couch. Earlier this week, we wrote about a new video device for Microsoft Teams, but it's really large, at 85 inches, and really costly, at $21,199. Amazon is introducing a less pricey option later this year. "I just believe that your big, beautiful TV is a great place for communications and we're going to continue to lean in to make that a better experience well," said Marc Whitten, vice president of Amazon Entertainment Devices and Services. To drive the new device,you'll need the Fire TV Cube, a $119 accessory that's different from the Fire TV streaming stick units.

Sr. Machine Learning Engineer


We care deeply about the success of our customers and strive to help them achieve their goals in inspiring and engaging with their workforce. Sense is seeking a Senior Machine Learning Engineer to deliver our contractor communication platform to the world's best places to work. Sense is a rapidly scaling company making this the best environment to take on ownership as well as learning how to grow a company. The Chatbot team at Sense is building a Recruiting conversational assistant -- a virtual assistant to help job seekers find the right opportunity. Sense's chatbot is responsible for interactions with candidates for help gathering their relevant skills, updating their resumes and identifying those jobs for which they are best suited.

Lessons learned from designing and building over 100 chatbots


Conversational UX is usually touted as the primary core of marketing regardless of the platform or product. With the growing heavy reliance on data to drive sales and engagement, it is evident that customers want to be part of the process. Customers want specialized services and want it built exactly to their taste. Studies have shown that customers are more likely to continue patronizing a brand they feel emotionally connected to and this is what you want when designing your bot. When designing the conversational feel of your bot you want to focus on the pillars of conversational building and build like an architect as suggested by google.

What is Chatbot? Ways Chatbot Can Transform Your Customer Experience - Mobio Solutions


In the recent era of digital transformation, chatbots have become a buzz word among online businesses. As companies heavily rely on the latest technologies in order to engage the customers and enhance customer satisfaction, chatbots come to great help. It has emerged as an optimum solution for communicating with the customers of businesses and resolving all their queries at all times. Chatbots are actually the software interfaces that enable different business organizations to communicate effectively with their customers online. As businesses cannot afford to have a customer representative who is available all the time for the customers, chatbots are an ideal option.

Rasa Chatbot, Node Red and web interfacing at speed


Imagine you could build a system that can automatically reach out to users to collect feedback? This is possible today and this blog post will outline how to do it. In this post I will take you through how you build a chatbot using Rasa Open Source. The post was inspired by a series of great blog posts on this topic, but adds in a little of my own experience in doing the deployment. Rasa provides a framework that is understandable and intuitive, avoiding blackbox approaches and making it possible to get something up and running very quickly.

Here's how to pre-order the new Amazon Echo devices

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Amazon just announced its new line of Echo devices, and they are drastically different than the ones we have grown to love. Their form factor is completely new for 2020, and even more exciting is the fact that they are now available for pre-order. Echo devices and their built-in smart assistant, Alexa, have become the most popular names in smart home following their 2014 debut. Every year since, Amazon has launched new smart speakers, displays, earbuds, fashion assistants, and even eyeglasses. Some of it sticks, and some gets phased.

Deploying support chatbot using azure microservices architecture


Which provide a tremendous amount of data. Thus, the analysis of this data aims to provide; useful insights, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making. Consequently, handling this amount of data is a quite difficult task due to the limitation of the computational capacities. Therefore, parallel computing techniques are needful to deal with these issues. Therefore, a remarkable advancement in automation revealed recently which can be expressed by two major factors; powerful and cheaper hardware materials such sensors and processors and the most important is the decisions makers believe of it's capabilities to improve businesses.