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Chatbot -- the beginner guide for Startups


A Chatbot is a pure magic. AI-powered virtual assistants are the future of the tech industry that opened the door for all companies to interact with their users. The Chatbot is not a new concept. Although they have been technically using since the 1950s, virtual bots are hottest in the technology and digital marketing world. Many popular brands such as Uber, Pizza Hut implemented them to reach more customers efficiently. As a survey of 2018, 38% of Americans would use Chatbots to interact with a company or brand.

IoT and connected devices: The best thing to happen to home automation, or a frustrating mess?


Have you considered integrating home automation components such as smart switches in your residence? Allow my experience to serve as a cautionary tale. Earlier this year, I completed a multi-year dream project: My very own wet bar for entertaining. The project required demolition of the floor to accommodate new sanitary lines for hot and cold water, as well as new plumbing for a sink, a dishwasher, an icemaker, and an espresso machine. The project also required a lot of new electrical circuitry for integrated dimmable LED lighting.

Google Assistant wants to shake up your boring pandemic routine


Google has a new Assistant routine that will remind you of the passage of time as you continue to work from home. The workday routine will prompt you to get up and move, go for a walk, grab a glass of water and other normal human being activities at various points throughout the day, just in case, you know, you were beginning to atrophy at your desk while seasons changed outside your window. The new feature rolls out this week and comes pre-configured with suggested actions at specific times, though you can customize these yourself. So instead of (or in addition to) "start preparing dinner" at 5pm, you might set a reminder to "Take a shower, you stink" at 7pm, too. Assistant will serve these reminders through your smart display or speaker, and will also regularly share the time with you throughout the day.

Amazon Prime Day 2020: Date Set For Oct. 13-14, Internal Staff Email Reveals

International Business Times

Amazon Prime Day, previously postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, is now scheduled for Oct. 13-14, and Amazon just might compensate for the three month-long postponement with even better deals and lower prices. The new date was revealed in internal Amazon emails sent to employees, who were also told not to take any vacation leaves Oct. 13-20. One memo said the company will officially confirm Oct. 13-14 in an announcement on Sunday, according to The Verge. "Stay tuned for more details on Prime Day," said an Amazon spokesperson, who also said customers can ask Alexa devices to keep them updated about Prime Day. Prime Days have normally been held July 15, the anniversary Amazon's founding anniversary.

Why Is Python Used for AI(Artificial Intelligence) & Machine Learning - eSparkBiz


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been making our lives easier for quite some time. Today, we're going to talk about Python For AI & Machine Learning. Though the community keeps discussing the safety of its development, at the same time it is working relentlessly to grow the capacity and abilities of AI and ML. The demand for AI is at its peak, as it is highly used in analysing and processing large volumes of data. Due to the high volume and intensity of this work, it cannot be handled and supervised manually. AI is used in analytics for data-based predictions that enable people to come up with more effective strategies and strong solutions. FinTech applies AI in investment platforms to conduct market research and make predictions about where to invest funds for greater profits. The travel industry utilises AI to launch chatbots and make the user journey better. Python Web App Examples are proof of that. Due to such high processing power, AI and ML are absolutely capable of providing a better user experience, that is not only more apt but also more personal, making it more effective than ever.

How To Migrate Your Chatbot From IBM Watson Assistant To Rasa


IBM Watson Assistant (WA), at its core has a basic intent and entity structure. Intents are as minimalist as can be. During the intent creation process, there are two features which aid in the defining of intents. Bot of these features translate into better defined intents, and translates nicely into the JSON export file. Hence the leverage these functions lend to the intent creation process is not lost.

According to Facebook, Chatbots are Retail's Killer App (Infographic) : Fanatics Media


Facebook took major steps to announce its all out committment to Chatbots. The first is a a chatbot training ground called ParlAI--a play on words which stems from its primarily French-speaking researchers. Moreover, Facebook is sharing ParlAI with the world as an open source tool. Facebook is offering the training software so that developers and researchers can use it to train their chatbot "agents."

A Microsoft Teams smart speaker moves Cortana to the conference room


Microsoft's Cortana-powered consumer speakers are dead. Long live...Cortana powered Teams speakers? During a Microsoft Ignite keynote by Jared Spataro, the vice president of Microsoft 365, Microsoft showed off a demonstration room powered by some of its latest hardware, including the 85-inch Surface Hub 2S, plus companion devices like Teams Rooms, which are third-party bundles of cameras and small displays for facilitating meetings. Microsoft's idea is that the Teams Rooms devices will manage the meetings, with voice assistance using Cortana, and capabilities like Teams casting and the Room remote app for facilitating conferences. One of the key capabilities of the Microsoft Teams software is its ability to listen to, record, and transcribe the conversation.

Google Assistant can control Disney on Google smart displays


You can now use Google Assistant voice controls to navigate Disney content on smart displays like Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. To use the feature, you'll have to link your Disney subscription to your Google Home or Assistant app. Then, just say something like "Hey Google, play The Mandalorian," to stream content. From the start, Disney has been available on Google Assistant smart displays like Nest Hub. You can already use Assistant to play Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access and HBO content, so it only makes sense that the same feature would be available for Disney .

A Cortana-powered Daily Briefing hits your Outlook email this month


Two intriguing functions in Microsoft Outlook, Play My Emails and the Daily Briefing, are scheduled to receive updates that add new Cortana-powered AI to functions that go far beyond just email. Microsoft's AI assistant, Cortana, has moved from being an integral part of Windows to more of an assistive technology. Outlook has been the main beneficiary, however, new Cortana-powered intelligence is coming to Teams, and to the Cortana app within Windows 10 as well. One of the problems with Microsoft's parade of new features is simply keeping track of the timeline. The Daily Briefing functionality debuted in preview mode a year ago, but at the Microsoft Ignite conference it's now becoming officially available for Microsoft 365 users with Exchange Online mailboxes.