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Openness a Big Advantage as Edge Grows, IBM Says


A large computational build-up is predicted to occur on the edge in the coming years, as organizations look to capture and act upon data as soon after it's generated as possible, when it has the highest value. Today, there are few standards and protocols defined for how all this is going to work. But in the meantime, hardware and software providers, including IBM, are espousing the benefits of an open ecosystem approach. The edge, which includes server rooms, cell towers, and smaller data centers deployed in the field, is set to proliferate over the next five years, according to the IDC. By 2025, 50% of new on-premise infrastructure will be deployed in edge locations, up from 10% today, the company says.

Who Should be Responsible when Robots and AI Cause Accidents


Who should be considered lawfully responsible when a self-driving vehicle hits a walker? Should the finger be pointed at the car proprietor, manufacturers or the engineers of the artificial intelligence (AI) software that drives the vehicle? The question of deciding'risk' for decision making achieved by robots or artificial intelligence is an intriguing and significant subject as the usage of this innovation increases in the industry, and starts to all the more directly sway our everyday lives. To be sure, as applications of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning innovation develops, we are probably going to observe how it changes the idea of work, organizations, businesses and society. But, in spite of the fact that it has the ability to disrupt and drive more prominent efficiencies, AI has its snags: the issue of'who is at risk when something goes astray' being one of them.

Alert: The Amazon Echo Dot is $18.99 *and* comes with a free smart bulb


SAVE $46: As of Oct. 22, Best Buy is running an early Black Friday deal where you can get a third-gen Amazon Echo Dot (normally $49.99) and a free Sengled smart bulb (normally $14.99) for just $18.99 -- a 71% total savings. Amazon's third-gen Echo Dot never officially sold out on Prime Day, but you may recall that its pricing was so good during the two-day annual shopping event -- 62% off, baby-- that several variants were back-ordered through early December. With that in mind, we've got some good news and some bad news to share. First, the bad (because it's 2020 and you're probably sort of used to it by now): The bestselling smart speaker from 2018 is back up to $39.99 on Amazon and all four colors are now back-ordered as late as Dec. 16, with estimated delivery dates as far back as Dec. 31 even with speedy Prime shipping. SEE ALSO: Black Friday is going to be weird this year -- and that's a good thing But all is not lost: The good news is that Best Buy now has the Echo Dot on sale at its Prime Day pricing, and three variants are ready to ship out ASAP. (That's basically the retailer equivalent of a power move.)

Amazon's new Echo speakers sound better, but do you need to upgrade?

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Amazon has new Echo speakers to sell you. And if you're wondering whether or not to ditch the old ones for these, the answer comes down to two key questions for Alexa, the personal assistant. Do I prefer the looks of a round speaker over a cylinder? Do I crave better sound? This year Amazon is all about being spherical, in the shape of its "The Spheres" corporate headquarters in Seattle.

Amazon Echo (2020) review: Small in stature, mighty in sound


It's been over five years since the first Amazon Echo arrived, showing people how useful a virtual assistant in your home could be. Amazon has added tons of new features to Alexa, its virtual assistant, over those years -- and as such, new Echo hardware isn't quite as exciting. Of course, that hasn't stopped Amazon from updating its devices on a more-or-less annual basis, as well as launching tons of Echo variants. Last year's Echo was one of the best smart speakers we'd used, adding the improved speakers first found in 2018's $150 Echo Plus at a lower $100 price point. This year, however, Amazon has made some of the most significant hardware updates to the Echo yet, including a fresh design and some high-end features brought over from the more expensive Echo Plus. Even so, Amazon's pedigree in the category might give it the advantage here.

Amazon's 2020 Echo speaker has new features

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How does the latest Echo compare to other top smart speakers? The newest thing about the 2020 Echo is its round design. In the box, we find the ball speaker and a power adapter. As with all Echo speakers, you don't need any substantial directions to get it up and running. Just plug it in, open the Alexa app, and follow the prompts when, after a few seconds, the new speaker is detected and a pop-up appears asking whether to set the speaker up.

Google Paid Apple Billions To Dominate Search On iPhones, Justice Department Says

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The Justice Department says Google CEO Sundar Pichai (left) met privately with Apple chief Tim Cook in 2018 to discuss how their two companies could collaborate. The Justice Department says Google CEO Sundar Pichai (left) met privately with Apple chief Tim Cook in 2018 to discuss how their two companies could collaborate. Buried on page 36 of the Justice Department lawsuit accusing Google of abusing its monopoly power is this remarkable figure: $8 billion to $12 billion. That's the hefty sum Google allegedly paid Apple for one of the most prized pieces of real estate in the world of online search: default status on iPhones and all other Apple devices. Justice Department investigators say Apple, which does not have its own search engine, hammered out a multiyear deal making Google the default search engine on all iPhones and other Apple products.

We've been promised driverless cars for years. So why aren't they on the roads yet?


Despite a lot of hype and many promises, putting driverless cars on the roads, as it turns out, is a difficult undertaking. Self-driving hub organization Zenzic, which is a joint effort between government and industry, has taken an in-depth look into the challenges that need to be tackled in the UK to make sure that the next ten years see drivers safely removing their hands from the steering wheel, for good. The process, according to the organization's analysis, will require no less than 492 milestones to be achieved in the coming decade. On the other hand, driverless cars will enable smoother journeys, reducing pollution and saving time to boost overall productivity. Zenzic estimates that the technology has the potential to save up to 225 hours a year per driver.

How AI Will Supercharge Spear-Phishing


Imagine a strain of malware hidden on your colleague's computer. It watches their every move, quietly listening and learning as it sifts through their email, calendar, and messages. In the process, it doesn't just learn their writing style. It learns the unique way they interact with nearly everyone in their life. It picks up on the inside jokes they share with their spouse.

Facebook's AI team expands post-grad courses for Black and Latinx students


Facebook says that it will expand an online course in deep learning to more students to help improve the diversity of its AI division. After a successful pilot program at Georgia Tech, the company will roll out this graduate-level course in deep learning to more colleges across 2021. The focus will be on offering the system to universities that serve large numbers of Black and Latinx students. It's hoped that, by improving the diversity of the people building these systems, some of the more odious biases will be weeded out. This is part of a broader program to encourage people to enter the computer science field even if their undergraduate training is in another area.