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Google rolls out new ways to control Android devices with facial gestures


Google on Thursday began rolling out new Android capabilities designed to help users with speech and motor impairments navigate their devices and communicate with others. The new features were among about a dozen updates to the mobile operating system just announced. The new tools, called Camera Switches and Project Activate, use an Android phone's front-facing camera and machine learning to detect face and eye gestures. They effectively turn a front-facing camera into a switch -- an adaptive tool that replaces a keyboard, mouse or touchscreen functions. Camera Switches is a feature within the Android Accessibility suite that lets users navigate their phone with eye movements and facial gestures.

LG's MWC teaser hints at phones with more touchless gestures


Besides the potential of foldable/expandable devices and 5G, what else can we expect to see at Mobile World Congress next month? According to LG's invite to its Premiere event on February 24th, we'll say "Goodbye Touch." The video clip shows a hand summoning and dismissing text with a simple wave, similar to things we've seen from tech like Samsung's Air Gesture that arrived in the Galaxy S4. Presumably LG's implementation will be far more advanced than what we experienced back in 2013, but we'll have to wait and see.