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Kmart Australia uses AI and AR to bring KBot shopping experience in-home


Kmart Australia has launched its KBot platform that uses a combination of augmented reality (AR) technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable shoppers to view products in their own homes. The AR technology, developed by Valis, allows shoppers to view products in 3D in their own homes, while a conversational AI developed using Oracle Digital Assistant platform can help answer questions, including product dimensions and features, and recommend related products by converting speech to text. "The immersive AR and AI experience was designed to bring joy and inspiration to our customers' lives, and with extra help from our AI chatbot personality -- KBot assist -- we have been able to make shopping easier for customers by sprinkling delight across the customer journey," Kmart head of digital Melissa Wong said. Accessible via the on any AR supported Apple or Android device, the KBot solution has been integrated with Kmart's existing Oracle Cloud CX technology. "Digital assistants, and artificial intelligence more broadly, have reached mainstream adoption and are providing new and exciting brand experiences to customers," Oracle Australia and New Zealand vice president and regional managing director Cherie Ryan said. "The KBot is a truly innovative experience, seamlessly blending AI and AR to create an engagement that is both fun and functional."

The best deals we found this week: $50 off AirPods Pro and more


This week was jam-packed with new product announcements but we also got a couple of good deals, too. Apple's AirPods Pro remain at their lowest price ever -- only $199 -- and the latest MacBook Air is $100 off. Those in need of a new smartphone can grab the latest from Samsung for $200 less and the solid Beats Solo Pro headphones are down to $199. Here are the best deals from this week that you can still buy today. You can get AirPods Pro for their lowest price ever, only $199, on Amazon, Walmart or Staples.

Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2020


Mobile Development has become one of the most critical aspects of many companies. This is due to the acquisition of a more organic base of clients. Without a mobile-optimized solution, a company could face the question of lagging behind its competitors. Given that revenue from mobile apps' development has reached a new peak, people are following the trend in app development. Both the users and the developers follow the path of making life more comfortable.

Enjoy this monster list of the best Labor Day sales to shop this weekend


Marking the unofficial divide between summer and fall, Labor Day isn't just a free Monday off (for some) in honor of the U.S. labor movement. Unlike Prime Day and Black Friday, this year's Labor Day deals look to be panning out as (mostly) normal. The main difference that we're seeing is (unsurprisingly) an increase in offers related to people's quarantine shopping habits -- i.e., more deals on loungewear, camping equipment, gaming gear, and yes, even some face masks. In fact, video games are getting so much attention sale-wise this year that we've decided to give them their own category instead of lumping them in under "Tech" -- more on that in a sec. Trying to catch up on Selling Sunset?

Add Alexa to your car for £39.99 with the Echo Auto at Amazon

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Hands-free news and entertainment has never been easier on-the-go thanks to the arrival of the first Amazon Echo device designed for use in the car. The Echo Auto launched back in June but if you've yet to trial it yourself, now might be the best time to invest as the device has gone into the Amazon End of Summer Sale, reduced from £49.99 down to £39.99. The Echo Auto allows drivers to play music, check the news and make calls without taking their hands off the wheel or eyes off the road. Add Alexa to your car with the new Echo Auto available on Amazon now for £39.99 Just like the rest of the Amazon Echo smart speaker range, the Echo Auto allows you to connect to Alexa. The device works through your phone's Alexa app and plays through your car's speakers via Bluetooth or an auxiliary input jack.

On-device Supermarket Product Recognition « Machine Learning Times


One of the greatest challenges faced by users who are visually impaired is identifying packaged foods, both in a grocery store and also in their kitchen cupboard at home. This is because many foods share the same packaging, such as boxes, tins, bottles and jars, and only differ in the text and imagery printed on the label. However, the ubiquity of smart mobile devices provides an opportunity to address such challenges using machine learning (ML). In recent years, there have been significant improvements in the accuracy of on-device neural networks for various perception tasks. When coupled with the increased computing power in modern smartphones, it is now possible for many vision tasks to yield high performance while running entirely on a mobile device.

Securing Amazon Comprehend API calls with AWS PrivateLink


Amazon Comprehend now supports Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) endpoints via AWS PrivateLink so you can securely initiate API calls to Amazon Comprehend from within your VPC and avoid using the public internet. Amazon Comprehend is a fully managed natural language processing (NLP) service that uses machine learning (ML) to find meaning and insights in text. You can use Amazon Comprehend to analyze text documents and identify insights such as sentiment, people, brands, places, and topics in text. Using AWS PrivateLink, you can access Amazon Comprehend easily and securely by keeping your network traffic within the AWS network, while significantly simplifying your internal network architecture. It enables you to privately access Amazon Comprehend APIs from your VPC in a scalable manner by using interface VPC endpoints.

Mysterious Goings On: Bestselling Author Alessandra Torre on AI for Authors on Apple Podcasts


Can artificial intelligence make your novel better--and even increase sales? She is the president of Authors A.I., creators of Marlowe, an artificial intelligence that helps authors improve their novels and long-form fiction.

GPT-3 Creative Fiction


What if I told a story here, how would that story start?" Thus, the summarization prompt: "My second grader asked me what this passage means: …" When a given prompt isn't working and GPT-3 keeps pivoting into other modes of completion, that may mean that one hasn't constrained it enough by imitating a correct output, and one needs to go further; writing the first few words or sentence of the target output may be necessary.

Building Recommendation Engine Has Become Super Easy


Although the revealing of Google's Recommendation AI has already been done during the company's Cloud Next event in 2019, Google is now launching its beta version for its customers. A fully managed service -- Google's Recommendation AI -- targeting retail businesses, has been designed to help in delivering personalised recommendation of products to customers at scale. According to the blog post written by the product manager, Pallav Mehta, the move has been taken in sync with the ongoing shift of retail companies towards data-driven strategies and the increasing customer demand. To keep up their relevance in this competitive scenario, the retail companies now require to provide an ultimate personalised experience to customers. And one such way of enhancing the experience is by recommending them products matching their interest, preferences and need.