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Health Fusion: Artificial intelligence predicts suicide risk in students


In this episode of NewMD's podcast, "Health Fusion," Viv Williams looks at how machine learning is helping researchers identify four predictors of …

AI Gives 'Days of Advanced' Warning in Recent NORTHCOM Networked Warfare Experiment


The machine learning and the artificial intelligence can detect changes in that, and we can set parameters where it will trigger an alert to give you the …

Wavicle Data Solutions Introduces Augment, Its New Machine Learning-Powered Augmented Data …


Augment uses machine learning and NLP capabilities to pre-emptively secure sensitive data before/after ingestion, ensuring that it doesn't end up …

UC Berkeley, Georgia Tech and USC launch new National AI Research Institute


"UC Berkeley is a leader in AI, machine learning and optimization," said Atamturk. "We are delighted to join forces with interdisciplinary research …

OpenAI debuts Python-based Triton for GPU-powered machine learning


This allows integration with the rest of the Python ecosystem, currently the biggest destination for developing machine learning solutions.

Paving the way for machine learning with medical data


The cloud-based platform will provide data access and machine learning analytics capabilities for both academia and industry researchers.

'Sound Shapes' creator Jessica Mak is making a game with Annapurna Interactive


The last time Jessica Mak released a game was in 2012 when they worked with Sony's Santa Monica Studio to create Sound Shapes. The game went on to become one of the PlayStation Vita's standout gems, in part thanks to an unforgettable soundtrack that featured contributions from Shaw-Han Liem of I Am Robot and Proud fame, Indie Game: The Movie composer Jim Guthrie and Beck. After nearly a decade since the release of Sound Shapes, Mak is working with Annapurna Interactive on a new project, the publisher announced on Thursday during its developer showcase. The game doesn't have an official name or release date yet, but Mak shared some details about the project. Like Everyday Shooter and Sound Shapes, music will play a central part in the experience, and part of the reason Mak took a break from making games was to become a better musician."The