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Artificial Intelligence: Boon or Threat? - INTELLECTUAL KSHATRIYA


Artificial Intelligence is a topic which evokes mixed reactions among people. Some consider AI to be a technological revolution which will solve all our problems and transform our planet into a veritable paradise. Others equate AI with robots courtesy of Hollywood movies; not good robots but rather exceedingly intelligent but evil and villainous robots with nefarious plans to wipe out the entire human civilization. As a computer engineer, I have always had an insider view of the technologies and been witness to many technical changes over the decades. From BASIC, to C to C to Java – each iteration produced better and more sophisticated coding mechanisms.

A Brief Introduction to Recommendation Systems


Have you ever wondered how apps like Netflix or Spotify decide which movie or songs you're likely to prefer watching or listening to? Seems like magic, doesn't it? For instance, a lot of data is being mined and multiple complicated algorithms are developed by data science professionals in an attempt to make predictions more accurate. It is not magic but "machine learning." Machine learning is what allows the system to determine the movies and songs most relevant to your liking.

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Students Create Owl Assist Chatbot Using Artificial Intelligence · News · Keene State College


Two years ago, computer science professor Dr. Meena Vimal Cruz handed her student Matthew Pittendreigh a project: use artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing to create a chatbot for the college. "In my teaching," said Dr. Cruz, "I mentor students and help them get hands-on experience, applying theoretical knowledge to real-world problems. We work on a project basis. A chatbot will act like an automated customer support to help prospective students apply, get connected, and answer important questions about resources and deadlines, any hour of the day or night." Matthew, already a veteran of Dr. Cruz's projects, jumped right in.

How State's Disinformation-Fighting Arm Uses Artificial Intelligence


Emerging technologies--and partnerships promoting their use--have proven instrumental for the State Department's Global Engagement Center, a hub that steers federal efforts to counter state-sponsored propaganda and disinformation campaigns aimed at undermining the U.S. "Artificial intelligence and the tools that it offers are really helping us to understand what's happening in the environment, and to identify coordinated activity," the GEC's Acting Coordinator Daniel Kimmage said Thursday. "There's obviously a much broader range of activity across the State Department, but for us it's a powerful way to better understand what's happening in the environment, and identify coordinated activity." The center was mandated by Congress several years ago to help tackle challenges around diplomacy in the digital age. At an event hosted by Foreign Policy, Kimmage offered a glimpse into how technology is impacting and enabling GEC's work, particularly as online disinformation campaigns led by U.S. adversaries grow in sophistication. "We've got what you might describe as our traditional sources of information--we have the cables, our diplomatic colleagues out in the field. We have an analysis from our colleagues in the intelligence community, and we have a huge and growing ocean of open-source information," he explained.

South Florida restaurant buys robots to fight staffing issues

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on The future of food is here. A restaurant in Florida has added several new high-tech workers to its roster. After struggling with staffing issues, the seafood place decided to invest in robots to help deliver food to tables and perform other important tasks.

Crack the top 40 machine learning interview questions


The Amazon ML interview, called the Machine Learning Engineer Interview, focuses heavily on e-commerce ML tools, cloud computing, and AI recommendation systems. Amazon ML engineers are expected to build ML systems and use Deep Learning models. Research scientists have higher levels of education and work to improve ASR, NLU, and TTS features. The technical portion of the ML interview focuses on ML models, bias-variance tradeoff, and overfitting. The Facebook ML Interview consists of generic algorithm questions, ML design, and system design.