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Intel Powers First Satellite with AI on Board


As ubiquitous as artificial intelligence has become in modern life -- from boosting our understanding of the cosmos to surfacing entertaining videos on your phone -- AI hasn't yet found its way into orbit. That is until Sept. 2, when an experimental satellite about the size of a cereal box was ejected from a rocket's dispenser along with 45 other similarly small satellites. The satellite, named PhiSat-1, is now soaring at over 17,000 mph (27,500 kmh) in sun-synchronous orbit about 329 miles (530 km) overhead. PhiSat-1 contains a new hyperspectral-thermal camera and onboard AI processing thanks to an Intel Movidius Myriad 2 Vision Processing Unit (VPU) -- the same chip inside many smart cameras and even a $99 selfie drone here on Earth. PhiSat-1 is actually one of a pair of satellites on a mission to monitor polar ice and soil moisture, while also testing intersatellite communication systems in order to create a future network of federated satellites.

[D] Statistical language models are not good for NLU?


We are interviewing Walid Saba on *Friday* for Machine Learning Street Talk show (with Yannic Kilcher). He has just written an article, but written many before claiming that deep learning and memorisation / statistical approaches are completely flawed for NLU. He calls these approaches "BERTology" which I think it a funny name! He points out the "the missing text phenomenon" as the biggest issue i.e. "the corner table wants a beer" -- "the _person_ at the corner table wants a beer" ... and provides many other similar examples. He makes a "proof" for this by equating ML to "compressability" and NLU to "expansion" which is intuitive, although I would argue ML could just as easily be used to decompress, think a basic generative model to learn to decompress something.

8 Examples of Artificial Intelligence in our Everyday Lives


The applications of artificial intelligence have grown exponentially over the past decade. Here are some examples of artificial intelligence at work today. The words artificial intelligence may seem like a far-off concept that has nothing to do with us. But the truth is that we encounter several examples of artificial intelligence in our daily lives. From Netflix's movie recommendation to Amazon's Alexa, we now rely on various AI models without knowing it.

Save hundreds on Amazon devices at Best Buy


Amazon devices are on sale at Best Buy through Oct. 22 in an early Black Friday deal. Amazon recently announced a ton of new products at their September event, so it only makes sense that some of their older models are going on sale. Yup, even after all the Prime Day savings they just offered. The newest holiday is Best Buy's Amazon Savings Event which is going on now through Oct. 22. Every Amazon gadget you can think of is discounted --e-readers, kids tablets, the Fire TV Cube, and so much more.

10 Best Entry Level Machine Learning Tutorials


The field of machine learning is becoming easier and easier to enter thanks to readily available tools, a wide range of open source datasets, and a community open to sharing ideas and giving advice. Almost everything you need to get started is online; it's just a matter of finding it. To help entry-level enthusiasts get their head around different ML systems and how to implement them, I've put together some of my favorite machine learning tutorials. All of the following articles provide a brief introduction to the systems being covered, talk you through the cleaning, testing, and implementation process, and also provide links to datasets and Gitub repositories so you can follow the same steps on your own. This detailed guide explores transformer architecture by creating a translator that takes an English sentence and translates it to German. It covers data preprocessing, model training, and wraps things up by looking at the results and what could be done to improve the system.

Photoshop's AI neural filters can tweak age and expression with a few clicks


Artificial intelligence is changing the world of image editing and manipulation, and Adobe doesn't want to be left behind. Today, the company is releasing an update to Photoshop version 22.0 that comes with a host of AI-powered features, some new, some already shared with the public. These include a sky replacement tool, improved AI edge selection, and -- the star of the show -- a suite of image-editing tools that Adobe calls "neural filters." These filters include a number of simple overlays and effects but also tools that allow for deeper edits, particularly to portraits. With neural filters, Photoshop can adjust a subject's age and facial expression, amplifying or reducing feelings like "joy," "surprise," or "anger" with simple sliders.

This Hilariously Odd Short Film Was Written by GPT-3


In Solicitors, a new short film made by a pair of senior student filmmakers from Chapman University, the action begins with a woman sitting on a couch, reading a book. She gets up to answer it, finding a sweaty, slightly frenetic young man with wild hair standing on her doorstep. "I'm a Jehova's Witness," he says. "Sorry, I don't talk to solicitors," she responds. The man scrambles, trying to keep her attention.

Amazon Echo Dot (4th gen) review: The new Dot delivers a revamped look and (slightly) better sound


The revamped, fourth-generation Echo Dot has arrived, and it comes with a spherical design that sets it well apart from its smaller, flatter predecessors. But while it boasts an all-new look, the latest Echo Dot is essentially the same speaker as the (now steeply discounted) third-gen Dot, complete with onboard Alexa, stellar smart home capabilities, impressive communication features, and the ability to keep an ear on your home via Alexa Guard. And while we're pleased with how the new Dot sounds, its front-firing driver doesn't deliver a quantum leap over the older Dot's audio quality. So yes, the fourth-gen Echo Dot is technically the best Dot yet, but only by a narrow margin. Available in charcoal, glacier white, and twilight blue flavors, the fourth-gen Echo Dot marks a major departure in terms of the speaker's look and feel.

Google Assistant can now play Spotify podcasts on your Nest speakers


Users around the world can now use Google's Assistant to play and control Spotify podcasts in English, Spotify has confirmed to Engadget. Until now, the voice assistant has only supported its own Google Podcasts, with third-party services limited to music streaming only. However, recent rumors suggested that the third-party podcast support was coming, starting with Spotify. You can enable the feature by heading to your Assistant device's settings in the Google Home app (on a smartphone or tablet) and choosing Spotify as the default podcast provider. You'll be able to find more information here from Spotify once the news post goes live.