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Here's why Abby uses a golf club in 'The Last of Us Part II'

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Though "The Last of Us Part II" ended 2020 as the year's most highly acclaimed title, it arrived last summer in a flurry of controversy. In the aforementioned scene, the main character of the first game, Joel Miller, was brutally murdered by a new character and protagonist to the series, Abby Anderson. In a cabin besieged by a heavy snowstorm, Abby reached for a nearby set of golf clubs to deal the fatal blow that left many players horrified, saddened, and in some cases, incredibly angry.

Justin Thomas discusses his quarantine time, the new 'PGA Tour 2K21'

Washington Post - Technology News

You know, I just I wasn't motivated to go to tournaments. I didn't have that edge. I was just childish out on the course. And I was like, man, I want to turn pro and I can't finish 40th at a college event? How am I going to play on tour if I can't beat these other kids at these schools as freshmen, you know, whatever it is.