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What's coming up at RoboCup 2021?


RoboCup 2021 has now kicked off and there are events that the public can watch for free online. The conference is being hosted here, and you can also tune in to the different leagues, some of which have public livestreams of their compeitions. Below, we provide the links to the schedules for each league. Events will be online on YouTube and Bilibili (links pending). The events will be livestreamed on YouTube (link pending).

RoboCup@Work League: Interview with Asad Norouzi


This year, RoboCup will be taking place from 22-28 June as a fully remote event with RoboCup competitions and activities taking place all over the world. RoboCup@Work is the newest league in RoboCup, targeting the use of robots in work-related scenarios. RoboCup@Work utilizes ideas and concepts from other RoboCup competitions to tackle open research challenges in industrial and service robotics. We spoke to Asad Norouzi, a member of the executive committee, about the league, how the competition will work, and the changes they've made to the event so that it can be held virtually. The league name is RoboCup@Work and it falls under the category of RoboCup Industrial.

RoboCup Humanoid League: Interview with Maike Paetzel-Prüsmann


As part of RoboCup 2021, events in the Humanoid League will be taking place virtually from 24-27 June. In the Humanoid League, autonomous robots with a human-like body plan and human-like senses play soccer against each other. We spoke to Maike Paetzel-Prüsmann, who serves on the executive and organising committees, about the league, how the competition usually works in the physical environment, and the changes they've made to the event so that it can be held virtually. In the Humanoid League there are very specific rules regarding what the robots need to look like. To make them as human-like as possible, there are a lot of constraints around how they look and how they can sense their environment.

Best robot vacuum deals for Prime Day: Score a Roomba for really cheap


Shark AV1010AE IQ Robot Vacuum XL -- $319.99 (save $280) Humankind has surpassed the need for the dread surrounding vacuuming. We can simply narrow it down to two types of people: The ones who actually look forward to the satisfaction because their manual vacuum is such a blast to use (like a Dyson) and the ones who let a robot vacuum do the detested chore. SEE ALSO: I'm a Dyson stan, but the Roborock S7 vacuum mop made life *really* easy Anyone who wishes to be in the latter group -- but who is still stuck untangling a vacuum cord from every piece of furniture -- can make the life upgrade for cheap this Prime Day. Between June 21 and 22, multiple robot vacuums from brands like iRobot, Shark, and Roborock are up to 50% off at Amazon as well as Walmart. Score a well-reviewed model for less than $200 or upgrade your current botvac to a more advanced model that maps out your rooms and empties its own dustbin.

Williams F1 drives digital transformation in racing with AI, quantum


"The thing that really attracted me to Formula 1 is that it's always been about data and technology," says Graeme Hackland, Williams Group IT director and chief information officer of Williams Racing. Since joining the motorsport racing team in 2014, Hackland has been putting that theory into practice. He is pursuing what he refers to as a data-led digital transformation agenda that helps the organization's designers and engineers create a potential competitive advantage for the team's drivers on race day. Hackland explains to VentureBeat how Williams F1 is looking to exploit data to make further advances up the grid and how emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing, might help in that process. This interview has been edited for clarity.

Airspeeder completes the first test flight for its electric flying race car


Electric air racing just took a significant step forward. The Verge reports that Airspeeder recently completed the first test flight for its electric flying race car, the Alauda Aeronautics Mk3. A remote pilot flew an uncrewed version of the eVTOL aircraft over southern Australia with the country's Civil Aviation Safety Authority watching over the test. The machine can reach altitudes up to 1,640 feet and hit 62MPH in 2.8 seconds. Remote pilots fly in a cockpit-like environment through virtual courses, with LiDAR and radar helping to prevent collisions.

The future of sports is algorithms, not athletes


Spectators sit stacked one row behind another, all craning their necks to look down at the miniaturized soccer pitch below them. With bated breath, they watch as a tiny player gently bumps the ball up the pitch toward its opponent. The goal in sight, the attacker has two options -- evade its opponent by expertly moving the ball around it, or send a safer pass to a teammate outside the fray. Like any soccer star, the player chooses glory and begins to putter its feet back and forth to move the ball -- when it begins to lose balance. And down it falls, like a felled tree.

'Madden NFL 22': Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes on video game cover, but inside are new realistic tweaks

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

The quarterbacks who competed in Super Bowl 2021 are facing off again – on the cover of the upcoming "Madden NFL 22" video game. Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Tom Brady and the Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes both appear on the cover of the game, due out Aug. 20 ($69.99, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/SX; $59.99, for PS4, Xbox One, PCs and Google Stadia). They are the most-recent two Super Bowl MVPs, though Brady won the big game in February. It's a rarity for Madden NFL to have two players on the cover, though in 2010, the video game series featured Super Bowl XLIII participants Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals and Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers as co-cover athletes. Brady and Mahomes have each appeared previously on the Madden NFL cover; Brady in 2018, Mahomes in 2020.

World's first flying race car takes flight for the first time ahead of race debut later this year

Daily Mail - Science & tech

The first flight took place at a secret test location in the South Australian desert, while three remotely-piloted Grands Prix are planned across the world this year in Airspeeder's electric racing series.

Practical UseCases of Deep Learning Techniques… Part II


The enormous and raging wave of change that has hit our world in the last decade, has got some of us thinking and others reveling in their glory. The internet and evolving technological practices have increased possibilities. Man and machine collaboration has got us introduced to automated virtual work and communication systems everywhere in the world. Deep Learning has given birth to several real-life applications that have lessened human control and involvement in several spheres of life. The immense popularity of the Deep Learning UseCases blog was enough encouragement to look at more such UseCases.