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Human Brain Cells From Petri Dishes Learn to Play Pong Faster Than AI - Science News


Melbourne (Australia) The human brain is a true miracle machine. It is always active, can solve complex tasks, is capable of learning and has the ability to process several streams of information at once. For this reason, researchers have tried to make biological nerve cells usable for computer science. According to the scientists at Cortical Labs, they recently made a breakthrough. They taught microscopic brains grown in Petri dishes to play the computer game Pong.

Algorithm helps AI triumph in legendary Atari game


In 2015, Google's DeepMind AI was tasked with learning to play Atari video games. It was quite successful too, becoming as good at Video Pinball as a human player. But beyond the simple arcade games it began to struggle, notoriously failing to even collect the first key in the legendary 1980s adventure game Montezuma's Revenge, due to the game's complexity. However, a new approach has resulted in an AI algorithm that learnt from mistakes and identified intermediate steps 10 times faster, succeeding where Google failed and successfully autonomously playing Montezuma's Revenge. The work was carried out by Fabio Zambetta and his team from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

Gambling regulators to investigate 'loot boxes' in video games

The Guardian

Australian gambling regulators are considering whether pay-to-win "loot boxes" in video games constitute gambling and may be in breach of state laws.

AI - Angry Birds AI Competition


The next Angry Birds AI competition will be held at IJCAI 2017 in Melbourne, Australia, August 24-25, 2017. For more details please refer to the Call for Participation and the detailed Competition Rules. This year we will again have two competition tracks, the standard track and a competitive track where two AI agents try to solve the same level with alternating shots. Previous Angry Birds AI competitions were held in Sydney in December 2012 during the Australasian AI conference, in Beijing in August 2013 during the IJCAI conference, in Prague in August 2014 at the ECAI conference, in Buenos Aires in July 2015 at the IJCAI conference, and most recently at the IJCAI 2016 conference in New York. Further details about these past competitions can be found here.