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Sharper than on PS4, 'Nier: Automata' on Switch remains virtuosic

Washington Post - Technology News

Playing this game on the Nintendo Switch only underscored how rare such an experience is not just on the platform, but in the medium in general. Yoko Taro has famously said he finds games that stick to genre conventions boring, which is why his titles often mix and match formulas on the fly. In its first five minutes, the game covers twin-stick shooters, side-scrolling action and top-down shoot'em up gameplay in a virtuosic opening sequence, all while retaining the same button controls, maintaining coherence in player participation.

New Cyberpunk and Witcher video games announced by CD Projekt RED

Washington Post - Technology News

In a thread on Twitter, the company revealed Orion, a code name for the next game in its Cyberpunk series. Three Witcher projects were also announced: Polaris, the start of a new trilogy for the franchise; Canis Majoris, which will be separate from Polaris but set in the same universe and developed by an external studio; and multiplayer title Sirius from developer Molasses Flood. A fourth project, Hadar, is a new IP developed in-house by CD Projekt RED.

Labor board says Activision withheld raises from union activists

Washington Post - Technology News

A June labor complaint filed to the NLRB claimed that Activision Blizzard discriminated and retaliated against current and former quality assurance testers for their union activity in various ways, including laying off 12 quality assurance testers, reorganizing the studio to remove the quality assurance department, withholding benefits and soliciting grievances. The NLRB also found that the company asked workers to air grievances while they were awaiting a union vote back in May. It is still investigating other parts of the complaint.

The one feature every PS5 and Xbox Series X gamer needs in a new 4K TV


After nearly two years of supply issues, you can kinda sorta get a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X now, as long as you stay on top of stock alerts. That means this holiday season is the time to get a baller new 4K TV that makes the most of each console's capabilities. The only problem is that not every 4K TV has the right feature set to maximize the potential of the PS5 or Xbox Series X. There's one feature in particular that some cheaper 4K TVs might not have: variable refresh rate, or VRR. This is super important to have if you want the most tricked-out gaming experience both consoles can offer.

10 great games to play on iPhone

Washington Post - Technology News

Card of Darkness is a deceptively difficult card game from designer Zach Gage (who made the Wordle-like puzzle game Knotwords) and "Adventure Time" creator Pendleton Ward. Available through Apple Arcade, Card of Darkness tasks players with cutting a path across a grid-based game board populated by decks of cards. To make it to the exit, players need to exhaust the decks in front of them by either picking up all the item cards, which include weapons and potions, or fighting the cards in the pile that represent deadly enemies. Once you've picked up a card from a deck, you have to defeat the whole deck, which can lead to some complicated choices: Do I pick up a much-needed sword or health potion at the top of the deck, knowing I may be opening myself up to several enemy cards underneath?

'Modern Warfare 2' is good. I can't believe there are already cheaters.

Washington Post - Technology News

The beta received a lot of criticism from high-skill players used to a game that catered directly to a fast-and-aggressive playstyle, but the more realistic mechanics seem just fine to me, and should benefit the swath of average players who comprise the majority of Call of Duty players. In a game that bills itself as tactical, you shouldn't be rewarded for bullrushing a room full of enemies just because you have twitchier muscles and can move like a mongoose that spent the past hour mainlining a cocktail of G-Fuel, Red Bull and Mountain Dew. Real people do not leap out of a slide and hit headshots. Faster players are always going to have better reflexes than your average 40-year-old playing Call of Duty; they don't need to be aided by unrealistic movement mechanics too.

Too much information: when did video game character creation get so real? Dominik Diamond

The Guardian

My kids have always known the joy of recreating themselves virtually, but those of us who started playing in the 1970s as yellow balls with ghost-munching mouths still feel a tingle of excitement at those opportunities to put yourself into a game. The first time, for me, was when I created my own player in Fifa's Career Mode in about 2006. This was an intoxicating addition to the football game genre, because you could live your dream of playing for the team you supported. But I was overweight, 6ft 2in and balding. In-game Dominik had the acceleration of an Acme anvil and looked like a fat Stanley Matthews.

Google to Shut Down Stadia Gaming Service WSJD - Technology

Google said it is shutting down Stadia, which launched in 2019, because the videogame service didn't have enough users. "While Stadia's approach to streaming games for consumers was built on a strong technology foundation, it hasn't gained the traction with users that we expected," Phil Harrison, Stadia's vice president and general manager, said in a blog post.

Video games introduced me to the Chemical Brothers - now teens find music through Fortnite

The Guardian

I would love to tell you that I was first introduced to dance music in underground Berlin clubs, where mysterious resident DJs blew my teenage mind performing indescribable magic with beats and synth lines. But that would be a lie. My first introduction to dance music came in the form of a futuristic 90s racing game called WipEout. Playing obsessively at a friend's house, I was introduced to the Chemical Brothers and Orbital, who both graced the soundtrack; not long after, the admirably chaotic sim Crazy Taxi introduced me to the Offspring, and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater had me grinding around to Bad Religion. I first heard Garbage on the soundtrack of an obscure PlayStation 2 DJ game, 2003's Amplitude, made by a Boston developer called Harmonix – the same developer that would later go on to create the insanely popular Guitar Hero series.