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Sony reportedly warns PlayStation 5 supply could stay tight through next year

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The struggles to find a PlayStation 5 won't appear to end any time soon. Sony warned analysts its popular video game console will remain under tight supply constraints through 2022, said a report from Bloomberg. The report, which cites several unnamed sources who attended a briefing between Sony and analysts, said Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki told analysts demand has been so strong for the PS5 that "even if we secure a lot more devices and produce many more units of the PlayStation 5 next year, our supply wouldn't be able to catch up." Sony could not be immediately reached for comment. Both the PS5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series X have been difficult to find at retailers because of insatiable demand and a global semiconductor shortage.

In 'Twelve Minutes,' former Ubisoft and Rockstar developer plays with the concept of time

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Players move their character around the rooms of the apartment, adorned with various paintings for atmosphere, by point and click, or by using the controller if you're on Xbox. A core feature of the gameplay is being able to retain items outside of the time loop to "progress" the character forward, even when the day resets. I found a mug that I had nervously chucked into my character's inventory was still on him after the loop reset. It wasn't the most useful item when the cop was arresting my character's wife, but it made me curious about what other items I could try to store next time around.

Pay what you want for this stacked video game development bundle


TL;DR: As of May 10, you can pay what you want for the Hardcore Game Developer Certification Bundle. Learning to develop your own games isn't just a way to dive deeper into your gaming obsession. It could potentially guide you to a new career path. With this nine-course Hardcore Game Developer Bundle, you'll be well on your way toward becoming a multi-platform professional. This training includes nine different courses that cover mobile game development, Python foundations, Shader Graph, and Unity.

What is This oddball indie games store is a vital source of creativity.


There's a decent chance that you never heard the name "" until Apple painted a less-than-complete picture of the indie games store on Friday, during its ongoing legal tussle with Epic Games. The dispute sees two multi-billion dollar companies duking it out over in-app purchasing. Epic contends that Apple's restrictive policy which carves out 30 percent of most in-app sales for the iPhone maker, are anti-competitive and therefore illegal. Apple, meanwhile, maintains that its policy barring competing storefronts from the App Store is necessary and justified by the service it provides in offering a curated and secure experience that is ostensibly free from fraud. I'm not here to weigh in on who's right and wrong in a legal war fueled by the immense wealth of two massive companies; better to deal with the fallout once it's all over. But I do want to spare some thought for, which got roped into the court proceedings on Friday.

Mother's play: Moms and kids connect in Animal Crossing

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"Animal Crossing is only one of the many games I play with her, but I love being able to watch her express her creativity in the game," Mori explained. "As a queer parent, it also makes me happy that she can explore all sorts of ways to express herself through her character. She changes her character to a boy about half of the time she plays. It's also fun to see her picking out new outfits to reflect how she's feeling on any given day. Are we feeling like a princess? Animal Crossing makes me really happy to know that no matter how old either of us get or how far apart we live, we'll always be able to have something that brings us together."

Epic vs. Apple trial documents detail Xbox's console sale losses, Sony's cross play deal

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Ultimately, Epic got what it wanted. In September 2018, PlayStation announced cross play in "Fortnite" would be available. Part of the deal included Epic agreeing to pay Sony royalties if revenue fell below a certain threshold from enabling cross play, . Sweeney, Epic's CEO, confirmed in Monday testimony that Epic had to pay revenue to Sony in certain cases, such as if someone made in-game purchases on iPhone but spent most of their time playing on PlayStation.

Every Resident Evil game, ranked

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The perfect Resident Evil game doesn't exist. The series, among the most consequential in gaming, has shifted its focus so often, a "Resident Evil fan" could be many things. One player's definition of a perfect Resident Evil game is another's mark of where the series went astray. Like the Zelda or Mario series, Resident Evil is due some credit for innovating and becoming an industry leader, even if it eventually began to borrow from its action-adventure peers. Still, there are plenty of ideas that persist through each game.

Resident Evil Village: All about Lady Dimitrescu, new characters and the franchise's 25th anniversary on release date

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On Friday, Capcom released "Resident Evil Village," the eighth flagship title as the franchise celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. The original Resident Evil launched in March 1996 for the first PlayStation video game console, then eventually released on other platforms including PCs and the Sega Saturn. The franchise helped pioneer the genre "survival horror," where players encounter powerful zombies and other supernatural creatures, using limited resources and their wits to escape. It has also branched out to the big screen, generating several films starring Milla Jovovich. In Village, players assume the role of Ethan Winters, the main character from 2017's "Resident Evil 7: Biohazard."

'A wonderful escape': the rise of gaming parents – and grandparents

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Helping his seven-year-old daughter Romy set up the Nintendo Switch she got for Christmas, Paul Cliff managed to get himself hooked on Animal Crossing. "I've somehow played over 600 hours on it since January," says Paul, 56, of the life simulation game where villagers carry out daily activities such as gardening, furniture arrangement and gathering fruits. "I love the collecting in it, it's so gentle and oddly rewarding," he says, recalling an afternoon spent fishing together when Romy finally caught the Stringfish she'd been trying to catch for ages. "She couldn't wait to show me. We've been amazed at each other's achievements and creativity. I've found it an immersive and relaxing experience. I love my wee island, it's a wonderful escape from what's going on outside our four walls."

What em Mythic Quest /em Gets Right (and Wrong) About Sexism in the Gaming Industry


Rob McElhenney's continually hilarious sitcom It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia may still (!) be on the air, but that hasn't stopped the multitalented actor, writer, and director from pursuing even more projects. In February 2020, his new show Mythic Quest, which he co-created with Sunny collaborators Charlie Day and Megan Ganz, debuted on Apple TV . The show follows the workings of a video game studio run by an eccentric creative director named Ian Grimm (McElhenney) and his oddball leadership team, including executive producer David Brittlesbee (David Hornsby, also of Sunny fame), lead engineer Poppy Li (Charlotte Nicdao), head of monetization Brad Bakshi (Danny Pudi), and head writer C.W. Longbottom (F. Though the primary focus is on these main characters, the show explores the breadth of important industry figures, including the overlooked and overworked testers and programmers and designers, the chipper office assistants and community liaisons, and the gatekeeping streamers and gaming audiences--all of whom play a part in creating or promoting the studio's main project, an MMORPG titled Mythic Quest, and its upcoming expansion pack, Raven's Banquet. Although Mythic Quest doesn't have anywhere near the name recognition of Sunny, it has a lot going for it.