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Computer Vision - Richard Szeliski


As humans, we perceive the three-dimensional structure of the world around us with apparent ease. Think of how vivid the three-dimensional percept is when you look at a vase of flowers sitting on the table next to you. You can tell the shape and translucency of each petal through the subtle patterns of light and shading that play across its surface and effortlessly segment each flower from the background of the scene (Figure 1.1). Looking at a framed group por- trait, you can easily count (and name) all of the people in the picture and even guess at their emotions from their facial appearance. Perceptual psychologists have spent decades trying to understand how the visual system works and, even though they can devise optical illusions1 to tease apart some of its principles (Figure 1.3), a complete solution to this puzzle remains elusive (Marr 1982; Palmer 1999; Livingstone 2008).

Google Winds Down Stadia Game-Streaming Service Three Years After Launch

TIME - Tech

Google said it will terminate services for Stadia, its troubled cloud gaming service, after it failed to gain traction with players almost three years after its launch. Stadia was an attempt from Alphabet Inc.'s Google to take on the video game console giants with a platform of its own. Unlike traditional consoles, Stadia allowed users to play games on devices such as Android phones and Chromecast apps for TV, by funneling data directly from Google's server clusters. "While Stadia's approach to streaming games for consumers was built on a strong technology foundation, it hasn't gained the traction with users that we expected," Phil Harrison, Stadia vice president and general manager, wrote in a blog post on Thursday. "So we've made the difficult decision to begin winding down our Stadia streaming service."

Top 7 Technologies that Power the Metaverse


The metaverse is a concept of a 3D digital world. It consists of virtual spaces that you can explore using an avatar you create. In the metaverse, you can play games, go shopping, hang out with friends at a virtual coffee shop, work with your colleagues in a virtual office, and much more. Some video games and work socialization tools have already implemented certain metaverse elements into their ecosystems. Cryptocurrency projects like Decentraland and The Sandbox already have their digital world up and running.

Intel Introduces Videogame Graphics Chips to Challenge Nvidia WSJD - Technology

Intel dominates in semiconductors at the computational heart of personal computers, but it has long ceded the market for videogaming graphics chips to Nvidia and AMD. Intel Chief Executive Pat Gelsinger on Tuesday signaled the company would re-enter that field, releasing a graphics card for gamers that is slated to be available on Oct. 12.

Netflix sets up first internal games studio in push to retain subscribers

The Japan Times

Netflix Inc. is creating its first in-house video games studio, in a push to be less reliable on third-party creators and to expand its gaming offerings. The new studio will be based in Helsinki and headed by Marko Lastikka, according to a statement from Netflix released Monday. Lastikka previously spent more than five years at Zynga, where he worked on FarmVille 3, and before that was the co-founder and executive producer at Electronic Arts' Tracktwenty studio in Helsinki, according to his LinkedIn page. This could be due to a conflict with your ad-blocking or security software. Please add and to your list of allowed sites.

Netflix to open video game studio in Helsinki, Finland

Washington Post - Technology News

Netflix is slowly making good on its promise to develop a pipeline of 50 games by acquiring and hiring from established firms and in premiere locations,

Nvidia unveils new gaming chip with AI features, taps TSMC for manufacturing


Sept 20 (Reuters) - Nvidia Corp (NVDA.O) on Tuesday announced new flagship chips for video gamers that use artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance graphics, saying it has tapped Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (2330.TW) to make the processors. Nvidia has gained attention in recent years with its booming data center business, which sells chips used in artificial intelligence work such as natural language processing. But the company's roots are in graphics chips, which still provided 59% of its $26.9 billion in revenue in its most recent fiscal year. In a streamed online keynote address, Nvidia Chief Executive Jensen Huang on Tuesday introduced the company's newest "Ada Lovelace" series of graphics chips, named for the 19th-century British mathematician regarded as an early pioneer in computer science. The flagship GeForce RTX 4090 model of the chip will sell for $1,599 and go on sale on Oct. 12.

Into the metaverse: How conversational AI will build its experiential foundation


Were you unable to attend Transform 2022? Check out all of the summit sessions in our on-demand library now! The much-hyped metaverse concept -- once thought of as a futuristic, hypothetical online destination -- is quickly becoming a new kind of internet. As more users interact with one another in these virtual environments, brands will realize new opportunities for engaging their target audiences. Companies such as Meta (formerly Facebook) are rapidly making plans to expand into the metaverse, altering and advancing how people will work, socialize, shop and even bank in the future.

This Chinese firm appoints first ever AI-powered robot CEO


NetDragon Websoft, a technology firm in China which makes applications for mobile and also operates multiplayer online gaming platform in China has appointed'Tang Yu,' AI-powered virtual humanoid robot as the rotating CEO of Fujian NetDragon Websoft, a flagship subsidiary of the company. In this role, the AI-powered virtual humanoid robot, Tang Yu, will streamline process flow, enhance quality of work tasks, and improve speed of execution. Tang Yu will also act as a real time data hub and analytical tool support for taking rational decisions in daily operations as well as enabling more effective risk management decisions. More interestingly, the company also expects Tang Yu to play a critical role in developing talent and ensuring a fair and efficient workplace for employees which requires human touch. This move from NetDragon Websoft shows its intent and belief that AI can transform corporate management and take operational efficiency to a new level.

Netflix to get three exclusive Ubisoft games, including Assassin's Creed

Washington Post - Technology News

Netflix has so far only managed to convince 1.7 million people among its 221 million subscribers to play games on its platform daily,