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Create a Bot to Find Diamonds in Minecraft


Minecraft is the next frontier for Artificial Intelligence. It takes an entire wiki with over 8000 pages just to teach humans how to play Minecraft. So how good can be artificial intelligence? This is the question we'll answer in this article. We'll design a bot and try to achieve one of the most difficult challenges in Minecraft: finding diamonds from scratch.

Microsoft's Code-Writing AI Points to the Future of Computers


Microsoft just showed how artificial intelligence could find its way into many software applications--by writing code on the fly. At the Microsoft Build developer conference today, the company's chief technology officer, Kevin Scott, demonstrated an AI helper for the game Minecraft. The non-player character within the game is powered by the same machine learning technology Microsoft has been testing for auto-generating software code. The feat hints at how recent advances in AI could change personal computing in years to come by replacing interfaces that you tap, type, and click to navigate into interfaces that you simply have a conversation with. The Minecraft agent responds appropriately to typed commands by converting them into working code behind the scenes using the software API for the game.

Call of Duty Endowment to host in-game charity run via 'Warzone'

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In the last decade, in-game events like Veteruns, store bundles and esports competitions have all been used as vehicles to raise money for charity. Between March 20 and April 3, all "Fortnite" proceeds were donated to four humanitarian relief funds to aid those affected by the war in Ukraine. Awesome Games Done Quick, in which players speed run hundreds of titles such as "Deathloop," "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice" and "Super Mario 3D Land" for charity, raised over $3 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. And "League of Legends" players sent $6 million to Riot Games' Social Impact Fund through the purchase of the game's 1,000th skin.

How to get a job as a technical artist


If you ask multiple technical artists what they do, the chances are you'll get very different responses. Although there are generalists, it is more often an umbrella that encompasses a number of specialist disciplines such as environment, shaders, VFX, and pipeline, to name just a few, so you could be involved more with the front-end or the back-end. Naturally, this also varies hugely from studio to studio. However, if we're to explain the essence of the role, then Jodie Azhar, technical art director at Silver Rain Games says: "Technical artists are problem solvers." "Quite often they will be creating tools to solve these problems, for instance creating a procedural system to save time for an environment artist from doing very repetitive tasks. It also involves being the bridge between the art and programming sides of game development. "They can act like translators between artists and programmers," she adds. "They need to understand artists' processes and how they want something to ...

'The Sims 4' now lets players choose their Sims' pronouns

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In "Create-A-Sim," "The Sims 4′s" character creation tool, players can now choose from preset pronouns -- she/her, he/him or they/them -- or input custom ones for their Sims. Given the intricacies of English grammar, that last option requires a bit of extra work. Players that create custom pronouns will have to input different forms, including subjective, objective, possessive dependent, possessive independent and reflexive. If that triggered some long-forgotten, school age conjugation lessons, don't worry: The game includes example sentences for reference. It then automatically updates to use the correct pronouns where applicable.

Twitch 'working on' making ban notifications more specific

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In the meantime, Hession touted Twitch's recent addition of an appeals portal, which has streamlined the process of objecting to suspensions and bans in cases where users feel like Twitch missed the mark. This is key, given that for some, Twitch is a major source of income; even just a handful of days away can amount to money left on the table or an exodus of paying subscribers. This new tool has validated Twitch's approach to moderation, global VP of safety ops Rob Lewington said. Even before the feature was implemented, Twitch regularly double-checked decisions to make sure they aligned with the platform's guidelines, establishing a success rate of over 99 percent. Now, that success rate is even higher.

Activision Blizzard worker committee demands anti-discrimination reform

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The committee gathered a list of demands which they submitted Tuesday morning to Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick, Diversity Officer Kristen Hines and Chief Human Resources Officer Julie Hodges. Over four pages, employees detailed demands such as workers being able to meet with the equal employment opportunity coordinator on diversity and inclusion initiatives, who was appointed as part of the federal sexual harassment settlement. Their other demands include ending undocumented chats with human resources, restricting retaliation against employees who file disputes and the institution of independent investigations around discrimination claims.

Investment firm launches campaign to oust Enthusiast Gaming CEO, board

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Toronto-based Enthusiast Gaming owns a number of video game focused publications and brands, including Destructoid, Upcomer and Addicting Games. The esports organization Luminosity Gaming, which fields rosters in the Overwatch and Call of Duty esports leagues as well as in "Valorant," is also a subsidiary of Enthusiast. On its website, the company boasts that it reaches an audience of over 300 million gamers each month. The company's share price dropped below $2 Tuesday.

SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro wireless headset review: A gamer's delight


I had a love-hate relationship with gaming. Plopping down in my desk chair, a bowl of Skittles ready, I was thrilled at the prospect of booting up Stardew Valley -- with one exception. My headset, an old, bulky beast I pilfered from my significant other, made my gaming experience less than stellar, leaving my ears pained by the time I practically ripped them off my head. Plus, other players would tell me my gaming headset made it nearly impossible to hear me. Clearly, I needed a new headset.

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing iGaming


Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in many aspects of daily life, including the online gaming sector . Both land-based and iGaming have evolved and made use of cutting-edge technology to provide a better experience for players. With the introduction of artificial intelligence in online casinos, players now have a safer and more realistic method to enjoy the same games they would find in a physical casino. The online gaming business makes use of curated space and clever algorithms to provide the most recent games and services. When you visit websites like