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Hisense Announces the Availability of the U6H Series Quantum ULED 4K UHD Smart Google TV


Hisense, provider of high-performance televisions and appliances, announces the availability of its first ULED Google TV, the U6H. Serving as the brand's introduction to the premium TV category, the U6H offers premium features like Quantum Dot Color, Dolby Vision IQ, and Game Mode Plus, at an affordable price. The U6H will be available in four TV sizes ranging from 50 to 75-inches. AI and ML News: Why SMBs Shouldn't Be Afraid of Artificial Intelligence (AI) "We've worked hard over the past few years to put premium TV options within people's reach, and we're continuing that in 2022 with our new lineup, specifically with our U6H" "We've worked hard over the past few years to put premium TV options within people's reach, and we're continuing that in 2022 with our new lineup, specifically with our U6H," said David Gold, President of Hisense USA. "With an even more robust audio and visual experience at a lower price point than our competitors, the 2022 U6 series is a Hisense television that's great for everyone."

What do Experts Say about LaMDA - Google's Artificial Intelligence?


We are well aware that Google's Artificial Intelligence is one of the most advanced technologies in this field. In other words, it is not surprising that Google is capable of developing an Artificial Intelligence that understands how the human brain operates and can imitate its capabilities… Those of us who are customers of this company have been impressed on multiple occasions by their ability to know each other too well and to anticipate our every move. Blake Lemoine, a Google engineer, expressed surprise at the possibility of Google's technology knowing us and imitating our behavior based on predictions about our preferences. It all began when Blake Lemoine was working on the advancements of LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), a Google Artificial Intelligence designed to have conversations and eventually perfect Google searches by analyzing sentences and patterns in conversation, one of the many ways that artificial intelligences operate and learn. This project's primary objective is to ensure that the responses of Google's Artificial Intelligence in conversations transcend the automatic responses that characterize bots, for instance, and that different topics can be covered and a dialogue can progress naturally.

Best Smart TV for 2022


There's a good chance you get most of your shows and movies from popular streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus and HBO Max. Which means you'll need some kind of smart TV platform to access all your favorite apps. Fortunately, just about every new TV you come across today features a Wi-Fi-enabled operating system for easy access to tons of different streaming services right out of the box. In our TV reviews we consider that smart TV system, sure, but picture quality for the money is more important. That's because you can always "replace" the TV's built-in system with a good streaming device, most of which cost less than $50.

Google is working with AI to digitise cable networks


Electricity is the energy that drives modern society but trying to figure out where cables are located continues to provide engineers with major challenges when considering that these cables were installed decades ago. Now, Google is using AI to automatically generate maps of where all cables are so that future engineers know precisely how to make upgrades and repairs. Why are cable networks providing engineers with significant challenges, what will Google's new project do, and should this idea of digitised cables be brought into homes? If there is one fact of life that I am truly grateful is that electricity comes out of my sockets whenever I require it. Just like the Armstrong and Miller Time Traveller sketch, the number of people in society who are entirely oblivious to the effort and resources needed to correctly operate a nationwide grid is astonishing (electricity is that thing that comes out of the wall).

The Weirdest Thing on Netflix


Sign up to receive the Future Tense newsletter every other Saturday. When my husband asked me if I wanted to try the "cat trivia game" on Netflix, I thought it was going to be some sort of quiz about felines. I like cats, so I said sure. The "cat trivia game," it turns out, is Cat Burglar, which Netflix calls an "edgy, over-the-top, interactive trivia toon." It debuted in February and comes from the makers of Black Mirror.

Sonos is adding Voice Control to its speakers, so pleading for everything to stop will actually do something


Sonos is introducing voice commands for its speakers, finally letting you start your depression playlist by groaning from the couch as God intended. Announced today, Sonos Voice Control will arrive in a free software update for all voice-capable Sonos speakers running the Sonos S2 operating system, including the Roam, Beam, Move, and Arc. This update will let you issue oral commands to find specific songs, ask what's playing, control the sound on their TV, and adjust volume and playback all without using your hands. You won't be able to set timers or reminders, as Sonos Voice Control isn't a fully fledged voice assistant. However if you have more than one Sonos speaker, you will be able to use it to change where your audio is playing.

Westworld season 4: everything we know


Westworld season 4 was confirmed a couple of weeks before the season 3 finale aired in May 2020, suggesting that HBO still has plenty of faith in its big-budget sci-fi drama. "From the western theme park to the technocratic metropolis of the near future, we've thoroughly enjoyed every twist and turn from the minds of master storytellers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy," said president of HBO programming, Casey Bloys in a company statement. "We can't wait to see where their inspired vision takes us next." Showrunners Nolan and Joy are back to continue their epic tale – based on the 1973 movie directed by Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton – and, going on past form, it's probably best to expect the unexpected. In its third year, the drama took a hard turn away from the android theme park setting at the heart of the first two seasons, spending most of its time in the human world.

Severance Is a Nightmare Vision of Office Life


The Apple TV series Severance presents a world in which office workers have their minds split into two personalities--one who only remembers what happens at work and one who only remembers what happens outside of it. Science fiction author John Kessel loves the show's inventive premise. "After we watched the first episode, I said to my wife, 'This is one of the smartest shows I've seen in a long time,'" Kessel says in Episode 509 of the Geek's Guide to the Galaxy podcast. "I rank it--at least through this first season--as highly as I do things like Breaking Bad. I really think it's classic."

The Robot Brains Podcast: Eric Horvitz of Microsoft on AI for the greater good on Apple Podcasts


On Episode 15 of Season 2, we're joined by Eric Horvitz, Microsoft's first ever Chief Scientific Officer. His research spans theoretical and practical challenges with developing systems that perceive, learn, and reason. He's the company's top inventor since joining in 1993 with over 300 patents filed. He has been elected Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), Fellow of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). He was a member of the National Security Commission on AI and he also co-founded important groups like the Partnership on AI, a non-profit organization bringing together Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, DeepMind, IBM, and Microsoft to document the quality and impact of AI systems on things like criminal justice, the economy, and media integrity.

7 Browser Extensions to Help Translate Different Languages


For language learners who want to grow their vocabulary and develop confidence, browser extensions are an opportunity to casually practice while online. But before you download anything, here's how to audit a browser extension to ensure it's safe. Whether you're streaming Netflix series during your spare time or gobbling up the latest tech news, at least one of the following picks is likely worth incorporating into your language learning process. Test the options that spark your interest and simply uninstall anything that you don't enjoy. Although you will not receive speaking practice, these browser extensions can help hone your reading and listening skills.