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During this COVID-19 Thanksgiving, have an after-dinner video gathering

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Maybe you won't be physically together with family or friends this Thanksgiving, but you can still gather – virtually. You could all eat dinner at the same time while connected on Zoom or on other video services. Instead of that traditional trip to the theater after dinner, you can hang out watching a movie or your favorite TV series online. Many streaming services have created special ways to watch together, but you can strategize your own way to be connected and have a movie viewing. You want to connect safely, making sure the apps you use to congregate don't come with pitfalls.

What's on TV this week: 'Saved by the Bell'


This week we'll celebrate Thanksgiving in the US, and nostalgia will be all over TV screens and Peacock resurrects Saved by the Bell with a cast that includes new younger actors and several of the stars from the original show. Other throwbacks include Mad Max on Ultra HD Blu-ray and a Buck Rogers box set, but for something newer you can check out Peninsula, a sequel to the excellent Korean zombie movie Train to Busan as it arrives on Ultra HD Blu-ray. Netflix's latest feature film is Mosul, along with its Hillbilly Elegy movie. Criterion is also releasing a special edition of Netflix's Martin Scorsese feature The Irishman, however it's sadly only available in 1080p Blu-ray without the benefit of 4K and Dolby Vision HDR. For an all-new option, try Superintelligence on HBO Max, where Melissa McCarthy stars as a woman chosen by an all-powerful AI for surveillance via her various connected devices.

em Jingle Jangle /em Is the Holiday Hallucination This Season Demands


In a year where Radio City is shuttered by the pandemic, Netflix's Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey is the closest thing we have to a big Christmas spectacular. It's a cross between The Greatest Showman and Cats, bundled in shiny Christmas wrapping paper, with none other than John Legend as one of the minds behind the many songs packed into its two hours. At the center of that festive mishmash is an inventor named Jeronicus Jangle, a sentient doll, and a robot that, like Tinkerbell, is powered by belief. However, unlike Cats, David E. Talbert's movie is a coherent, compelling story that doesn't require booze or any other form of pre-gaming to be fully enjoyed. It's the filmic equivalent of the high that comes from eating way too many candy canes and drinking way too much hot chocolate.

The Role of Analytics and BI in the Entertainment Industry


Have you ever caught yourself thinking that no one understands you better than Netflix or YouTube? They just seem to get what you want and are always ready to deliver. The explanation for this impressive personalization lies in advanced data analytics mechanisms. The privacy concerns around big data are not empty words – BI does help business owners monetize your desires. When one thinks of the entertainment industry, the things that come to mind first are movies, theaters, concert venues, and sporting events.

Get 12 epic subscriptions with this entertainment bundle


There are a ton of entertainment options in today's digital media landscape. You can play video games online with friends, stream television shows and movies with loved ones, sign up for fitness classes at the touch of a button and the list goes on. Although there's an abundance of ways to stay amused, though, it's still great to change up your entertainment diet now and then by adding something fresh to the mix. PlayStation Plus enters the picture as a fantastic aid for passing the time at home or an excellent gift for the upcoming holidays. Right off the bat, you get to enjoy 12 epic subscriptions with this bundle.

'Game of Thrones with parkour': how will Netflix adapt Assassin's Creed?

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Few video games have endured like Assassin's Creed. Twelve different versions have been released since the game was introduced in 2007, each of them more or less clinging to the same highly enjoyable formula. Like spending the final hour of any pursuit genuinely confused about why an alien has come out of nowhere to instruct you to murder everyone with a sort of glowing death apple? Then Assassin's Creed is for you. So the news that Netflix has just commissioned a live-action Assassin's Creed series should be cause for celebration.

Netflix teams with Ubisoft to develop series based on 'Assassin's Creed' video games

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Netflix is taking a swan dive into the Assassin's Creed video game franchise. The streaming TV giant will create a live-action TV series based on the Assassin's Creed series of video games, published by Ubisoft, the two companies announced Tuesday. Netflix may also eventually develop animated and anime series based on the hugely popular franchise, which chronicles a group of assassins' fight throughout history. "We're excited to partner with Ubisoft and bring to life the rich, multilayered storytelling that Assassin's Creed is beloved for," said Peter Friedlander, vice president of original series for Netflix, said in a statement. "From its breathtaking historical worlds and massive global appeal as one of the best selling video game franchises of all time, we are committed to carefully crafting epic and thrilling entertainment based on this distinct IP and provide a deeper dive for fans and our members around the world to enjoy."

Netflix is developing a live-action 'Assassin's Creed' series with Ubisoft


Sharpen your hidden blades and pull up your hoods: Ubisoft and Netflix announced that a live-action Assassin's Creed series is officially in development. The TV show does not currently have a title or a showrunner, but Ubisoft Film & Television head Jason Altman and director Danielle Kreinik will executive produce the project. Netflix's @NXOnNetflix Twitter account, which covers the service's science-fiction and fantasy titles, tweeted the news with an animated teaser putting the Netflix symbol in the center of the classic Assassin's "A." Whispers of an Assassin's Creed collaboration between Netflix and Ubisoft have been around since 2016, when Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot announced that the game company was in talks with the streaming service on an unnamed, but potentially Assassin-y project. That announcement came shortly before the live-action Assassin's Creed movie starring Michael Fassbender took a leap of faith and missed the haystack in late 2016, becoming one of the worst reviewed movies of the year (it has 18% on Rotten Tomatoes to this day) and dampening fan faith in Ubisoft's ability to pull off an Assassin story in a non-game format. In 2017, Castlevania producer Adi Shankar confirmed that Ubisoft tapped him to produce an Assassin's Creed anime, but did not confirm at the time if that project was for Netflix specifically.

Netflix is making multiple 'Assassin's Creed' shows


That's what I tell myself every night as I try to eradicate the memory of the live-action Assassin's Creed movie. A better brain-wiping solution, perhaps, will be to watch Netflix's newly-announced Assassin's Creed series. The streaming juggernaut has signed a deal with Ubisoft for multiple shows that explore the time-hopping saga. These include a "live-action epic" and "animated and anime adaptations," Ubisoft revealed in a blog post. The live-action series doesn't have a showrunner just yet, but Ubisoft Film and TV's Jason Altman and Danielle Kreinik have been confirmed as executive producers.

Google Assistant can control Disney on Google smart displays


You can now use Google Assistant voice controls to navigate Disney content on smart displays like Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. To use the feature, you'll have to link your Disney subscription to your Google Home or Assistant app. Then, just say something like "Hey Google, play The Mandalorian," to stream content. From the start, Disney has been available on Google Assistant smart displays like Nest Hub. You can already use Assistant to play Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access and HBO content, so it only makes sense that the same feature would be available for Disney .