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Colourlab Ai 1.0 arrives, and the future of color grading comes with it - details - CDM Create Digital Music


This is some Kodachrome level color voodoo – color grading and shot matching powered by machine-learning. And it comes from a collaboration with some friends of ours from the artist and live visual side, so it's doubly worth mentioning. What if the current techniques called AI turned out to be really important to creative artists – just not for the reason the general public expected? That's sure what Colourlab Ai looks like. It harnesses the powers of massive data crunching of pixels, the thing "AI" in the current generation was designed to do, and then applies it to making your video look amazing.

Netflix's 'Jingle Jangle' is the rush of pure joy to kick off the holiday season


In a year when the holidays don't quite feel like the holidays -- what with COVID wreaking havoc on everyday lives and treasured traditions -- Netflix's Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey is here to serve up the extra dose of Christmas cheer so many of us are desperate for. And when I say extra, I do mean extra. Jingle Jangle, which hit Netflix Nov. 13, runs a perfectly reasonable two hours long, but those two hours are overstuffed in every way imaginable. There are too many concepts, too many subplots, and at least one framing device too many. The musical numbers are long, plentiful, and flashy.

During this COVID-19 Thanksgiving, have an after-dinner video gathering

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Maybe you won't be physically together with family or friends this Thanksgiving, but you can still gather – virtually. You could all eat dinner at the same time while connected on Zoom or on other video services. Instead of that traditional trip to the theater after dinner, you can hang out watching a movie or your favorite TV series online. Many streaming services have created special ways to watch together, but you can strategize your own way to be connected and have a movie viewing. You want to connect safely, making sure the apps you use to congregate don't come with pitfalls.

A Convincing Eminem Deepfake Disses Mark Zuckerberg On A New Song


Deepfake audio technology is becoming incredibly convincing, so much so that Jay-Z apparently took legal action against an AI-powered impersonation of him this year. Eminem is the latest rapper to receive the deepfake treatment, and in a new digitally fabricated song, he goes after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The video was created by YouTube channel Calamity AI in partnership with another YouTuber, 30HZ. Calamity AI explains the song, "An Eminem diss-track written by Artificial Intelligence. We inputted the title'Mark Zuckerberg Diss in the Style of Eminem' and let the A.I. write the rest. From there, we sent the lyrics to 30HZ, who synthesized and created the vocals. The audio was not record by Eminem."

Smart speakers: Is it Alexa, Google or Apple for you? Here's what you need to know to decide

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You've thought long and hard about it, and you're finally ready to buy a smart speaker. They're all being heavily marketed for Black Friday sales, and you'd like to ask Siri, Alexa or the Google Assistant to play music, tell you the weather, turn off your TV or lights on command. But you're stuck: Which brand and model to buy? Amazon has five Echo speakers currently available, Google has six and Apple has two. Which one is right for you? And then there are the concerns about security and snooping.

What's on TV this week: 'Saved by the Bell'


This week we'll celebrate Thanksgiving in the US, and nostalgia will be all over TV screens and Peacock resurrects Saved by the Bell with a cast that includes new younger actors and several of the stars from the original show. Other throwbacks include Mad Max on Ultra HD Blu-ray and a Buck Rogers box set, but for something newer you can check out Peninsula, a sequel to the excellent Korean zombie movie Train to Busan as it arrives on Ultra HD Blu-ray. Netflix's latest feature film is Mosul, along with its Hillbilly Elegy movie. Criterion is also releasing a special edition of Netflix's Martin Scorsese feature The Irishman, however it's sadly only available in 1080p Blu-ray without the benefit of 4K and Dolby Vision HDR. For an all-new option, try Superintelligence on HBO Max, where Melissa McCarthy stars as a woman chosen by an all-powerful AI for surveillance via her various connected devices.

There Is No Such Thing as a Neutral Terminator


When I first processed the news that Ron Howard was directing a feature adaptation of Hillbilly Elegy, J.D. Vance's 2016 memoir, I made it my personal mission to see the movie. Given the book's reputation, I was expecting a sensitive portrait of Appalachia that drew from Vance's childhood memories to offer insights into the lives of the white working class. Instead, I was faced with perhaps the most catastrophically misguided work of pop sociology ever committed to film. I didn't even make it to the hour mark before I had to shut everything down in disgust, because 49 minutes into the movie, Mamaw (Glenn Close), the fierce but tender matriarch of the Vance family, offers young J.D. the following advice: Everyone in this world is one of three kinds: a good Terminator, a bad Terminator, or neutral. I have always known that coastal elites like Howard look on some groups of Americans with incomprehension, fear, and even hatred.

Google AI Launches 'Hum to Search': A New Machine Learning System That Helps To Find A Song By Humming


Google recently launched Hum to Search, a new machine-learned system within Google Search that helps to find a song by humming. This approach produces an embedding of a melody directly from a song's spectrogram without creating an intermediate representation. This allows the model to match a hummed tune to the original polyphonic recordings without a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) version of each track or any other complex hand-engineered logic to extract the melody. One of the significant challenges in recognizing a hummed melody is that a hummed tune often contains relatively less information; for instance, this hummed example of Bella Ciao is illustrated. Using the image on the left, the model needs to locate the audio corresponding to the right-hand image.

Music from the heart, with an AI assist


His favorite rappers felt like personal mentors, and he decided to imitate them and try rapping himself. He recorded songs using the microphone on his MP3 player; he says they were a crucial way for him to vent. "From when I was 13 until today, being able to write about my life and how I'm feeling, it's the most therapeutic thing for me," he says. Around the same time he discovered hip-hop, MJ became fascinated by technology. His family couldn't afford a computer, but someone at his local church built a computer for them, complete with a see-through CPU tower.

Beware, AI is Learning All Our Worst Bias Impulses


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is starting to be more than just a technology that exists to help humans. It is slowly invading people's lives and is even making changes in the routine. Even though when AI looks like a futuristic technology that could do only good to humans, there are concerns on its bias. The science fiction movies have given us a vague outlook on AI technology. The movie directors have portrayed AI robots either as a humble creature that falls in love or a vicious character that takes over humanity.