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Vinci 2.0 - World's First Standalone Smart Sports Headphones


Vinci 2.0 is a standalone computing device with a Quad-Core ARM Cortex A-7 processor and WiFi, 3G cellular(SIM card built-in), and Bluetooth connectivity. You can ask Vinci to make a call, send a text message, set a reminder, or give you directions. No phone is required so you can carry less and workout more.

Vinci - First Smart Headphones with Artificial Intelligence


Vinci believes in a future where your headphones are the central hub of your connected world. Over the last two years we've been testing and perfecting a smart, wireless headphone that is controlled by your voice and powered by cloud technology, with no connection needed to your mobile phone. Wire-free and phone-free, Vinci is perfect for joggers, travelers and all music lovers. Vinci allows you to voice control your music when manually choosing songs on your phone is inconvenient. No matter what you're doing - walking, running, or commuting - you can tell Vinci exactly what song or artist you want to listen to, say a specific genre or mood, or let Vinci pick a song for you.