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GPT-3 Creative Fiction


What if I told a story here, how would that story start?" Thus, the summarization prompt: "My second grader asked me what this passage means: …" When a given prompt isn't working and GPT-3 keeps pivoting into other modes of completion, that may mean that one hasn't constrained it enough by imitating a correct output, and one needs to go further; writing the first few words or sentence of the target output may be necessary.

10 most important tech trends of the decade


Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveils the iPad on January 27, 2010, in San Francisco. When I hustled out of CNET headquarters in San Francisco on May 26, 2010, and slipped into a rental car with two of my co-workers to head to a meeting across the Bay, one of them slipped me a copy of The Wall Street Journal and pointed to a headline that announced Apple had passed Microsoft to become the world's most valuable tech company. "What do you think of that?" she said. "Unreal," I responded, shaking my head. Just over a decade earlier, Apple had nearly been on its deathbed and needed a $150 million investment from Microsoft simply to stay alive.

How Technology Is Helping To Write Media And Entertainment's New Script


I went to UCLA film school, did graduate work in media studies, and early on worked as a development executive at 21st Century Fox. Most weekends I see three or four movies in theaters. Now I work in technology, and I'm witnessing firsthand its transformative effect on the media and entertainment industry. Technology is enabling the democratization of content--access any time, anywhere, on any device--and the impact on media and entertainment company business models and consumer interactions is deep and far-reaching. Recently I spoke with media and entertainment expert Jukka Paajanen, a cloud solution hub senior director at Oracle, about the opportunities and challenges emerging technology presents to the industry.

[PODCAST] How AI Will Provide the Ultimate Contact Center Experience


When you think "contact center," you probably think of static scripts. But all that is about to change. "One of the top things customers tell us is, 'Know me. Know who I am when you engage with me.'" What we're all after here is the ultimate customer experience.

Excuse Me, Why Don't You Watch em Black Monday /em ?


I get that there's too much TV, I really do. Even so, I can't understand why no one's been talking about Black Monday, the Showtime comedy about Wall Street in the '80s that stars Don Cheadle and Regina Hall. On some level I want to punish those of you who haven't given the show a chance, but instead I'm going to politely ask that, seeing as the first season ended Sunday, you watch the whole thing: Now that it's waiting for you in one bingeable chunk, you really have no excuse. Its co-creator David Caspe (of the fan favorite Happy Endings) suggested as much in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter that doubled as a pitch for viewers to consider a bender: "A lot of times if you don't break out right away in a crazy way, it's between seasons one and two that people find stuff. The show is obviously written as incredibly serialized, and I think in some ways getting to watch a few in a row might be helpful for a viewer."

Mark Cuban says you -- yes, you -- need to understand how AI works


If, by some chance, you find yourself in Mark Cuban's bathroom, make sure to check out the reading materials. "If you go in my bathroom, there's a book, Machine Learning for Idiots," Cuban said on the latest episode of Recode Media. "Whenever I get a break, I'm reading it." That means everyone, including and especially business owners, are at risk if they don't educate themselves now. "There'll be a time when people take AI and its impact for granted, but if you don't know how to use it and you don't understand it and you can't at least at have a basic understanding of the different approaches and how the algorithms work, you can be blindsided in ways you couldn't even possibly imagine," Cuban said. "Algorithms are a function, literally, of the people who write them. Whoever they are, whatever they are, that's what you're going to get," he added. "If you don't know any better, it's like if you just had somebody who wrote software and didn't know anything about your business. There's going to be all kinds of risks involved. You have to understand it." You can listen to Recode Media wherever you get your podcasts -- including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, and Overcast. Below, we've shared a lightly edited full transcript of Peter's conversation with Mark, recorded live at Vox Media's The Deep End at South by Southwest 2019. I do a lot of these interviews now, either on a stage like this or at our own conferences or podcasts, and the thing I've learned over years is the best guest you can ever have is a billionaire who owns his or her own company because they can say whatever they want. So that's what we set up for you today. You answer your own emails. You know, I'm talented like that. Thank you for doing that. I'm not going to ask you if you are running for president. Because that's a boring ... I'm gonna get a boring answer. If you did run for president, like everyone else at South By Southwest, what would you campaign on? You put me on the spot. Let's just start by what I think is important, right, and I'm not a candidate so I don't give a shit if you like it or don't like it. First is common sense, right? Second is trying to bring people together. Donald Trump, our president, has got the Deplorables who he goes after every time and everybody else is an Ignorable.

AI Will Stop You From Sharing Netflix Password With Friends


If you are someone who watches all the latest Netflix series using your friend's credentials, a new AI tech is here to prevent you from doing so. A London based company named Synamedia which intends to empower Pay TV operators and video streaming websites is planning to launch an AI-based service to crack down on password sharing. The service dubbed Credentials Sharing Insights will keep a check on casual password sharing as well as criminal enterprises who want to mint money by reselling Pay TV login credentials. However, the company wants to focus majorly on those who share their passwords with friends, family members, and roommates out of generosity. In an interview with Variety, Synamedia's CEO said, "The way you secure OTT is evolving."

Talking to myself: self-dialogues as data for conversational agents Artificial Intelligence

Conversational agents are gaining popularity with the increasing ubiquity of smart devices. However, training agents in a data driven manner is challenging due to a lack of suitable corpora. This paper presents a novel method for gathering topical, unstructured conversational data in an efficient way: self-dialogues through crowd-sourcing. Alongside this paper, we include a corpus of 3.6 million words across 23 topics. We argue the utility of the corpus by comparing self-dialogues with standard two-party conversations as well as data from other corpora.

Samantha Bee reflects on the 'steep learning curve' following backlash


Samantha Bee just received yet another hard-earned Emmy nomination for her show Full Frontal, hot on the heels of her win last year. Yet she can't help but meet this achievement with mixed emotions, after being embroiled in an outrage news cycle for calling Ivanka Trump a "feckless cunt." "You can't celebrate your victories long. That's all I'm saying," she said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter shortly after the Thursday announcement. "It affected me a lot."