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Amazon unveils musical keyboard that uses AI to compose surprisingly good original songs


Amazon Web Services likes to spice things up at its annual AWS re:Invent conference with unexpected hardware announcements, with past surprises such as a semi-truck for transporting data, a machine-learning camera, and a miniature self-driving race car. Now you can add a machine-learning-enabled musical keyboard to the list. Kicking off the event overnight in Las Vegas, the company introduced AWS DeepComposer, a 32-key, two-octave keyboard that the company holds up as an early example of "generative" artificial intelligence. "Generative AI is one of the biggest recent advancements in artificial intelligence technology because of its ability to create something new," Amazon explains on the AWS DeepComposer site. "It opens the door to an entire world of possibilities for human and computer creativity, with practical applications emerging across industries, from turning sketches into images for accelerated product development, to improving computer-aided design of complex objects."

Amazon Announces 'DeepComposer,' the World's First Machine-Learning USB Musical Keyboard for Developers of All Skill Levels - Grit Daily


As consumers are going on their shopping frenzy for Cyber Monday, tech enthusiasts are spending their time in Las Vegas at the AWS re:Invent conference, where Amazon unveils the latest gadgets and gizmos it has in the works. Excitingly enough, for day one on Monday, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Julien Simon announced the world's first machine-learning-enabled musical keyboard for developers--AWS DeepComposer. Powered by machine learning, AWS DeepComposer allows developers of all skill levels to learn "Generative A.I." while creating original music outputs. In the world of artificial intelligence (A.I.), the most rapidly growing areas include computer vision, natural language processing, and of course, Generative AI. Generative A.I. is one of the biggest recent advancements in A.I. technology because of its ability to create something new by utilizing "generative adversarial networks."

Ninja, DJ Marshmello, Snoop Dogg, sign on for new video game-music festival in Las Vegas

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DJ Marshmello will be among the many musicians who have ties with video games scheduled to appear at the Metarama Gaming Music Festival in Las Vegas Oct. 19-20. Remember when DJ Marshmello played to a "Fortnite" audience of 10 million-plus? A new festival wants to recreate the scene on a smaller scale but in the real world. The masked electronic music maestro is among performers headlining a new festival, billed as the first of its kind to truly mash up music, video games and esports culture. The Metarama Gaming Music Festival, to take place Oct. 19-20 at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds, will feature musical artists such as Snoop Dogg, rappers Lil Yachty and Logic, pro gamers including Ninja and NickMercs, superstar DJ Alan Walker, and top game streamers such as DrLupo, Jacksepticeye, Pokimane and Sodapoppin.

MESA Members at CES 2018: AI, Blockchain, IoT, OTT and More - Media & Entertainment Services Alliance


The Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) will again be well-represented at the 2018 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show, taking over Las Vegas Jan. 9-12. This is the second of two stories looking at what some of MESA's members will be showcasing at the largest technology show in the world.

12 Tech Trends That Will Shape Our Lives In 2017


Not only will smart cities leverage sensors to use energy efficiently, buildings and highways will also be constructed out of materials that work more intelligently. Taking a nod from natural patterns, material scientists and architects have developed bricks with bacteria, made cement that captures carbon dioxide, and created building cooling systems using nothing but wind and sun. This trend could be a massive opportunity for cities, as well as industries like hospitality that depend on large energy-intensive buildings. MGM Resorts, Wynn, and Las Vegas Sands have all recently been outfitted for solar, for example, showing that large companies are taking the first steps toward sustainable infrastructure, both to cut costs and to appeal to environmentally conscious customers. With a growing need for global initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, fight climate change, and evolve cruelty-free foods, the race is on to define how we consume protein, potentially without involving any animals.