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The Artificial Intelligence Marketing Technology Role For Marketers


The future of Artificial Intelligence Marketing Technology holds quite a lot of untapped potential. For sure, it has been dominating not only in the information communication sector but also in other fields. One among them is online marketing. The unending possibilities and scope of Artificial Intelligence are used by marketing experts to enhance their efforts. A little about Artificial Intelligence is that MC Carthy coined the term at the Dartmouth conference. It is tough to define artificial intelligence as it is evolving and subjective. For decades, Intelligence has been a characteristic of human beings. The advent of artificial intelligence made it possible for machines and systems to have some kind of intelligence. Whereby, they are behaving in a very rational manner. The discipline has got roots in many other disciplines and the future of marketing uses the wide possibilities of artificial intelligence. We assume AI systems adapt to situations based on predefined iterations. Perse, Google doesn't reward your ability to just create quality content on a one keyword basis.

The Influence of AI on Digital Marketing


This is the digital era where no major business can do without an online presence like a website or mobile application. However, it is still highly competitive, and businesses need to make an extra effort to maintain an upper edge. One of the best strategies is to hire a digital marketing firm to develop custom strategies and plans. However, digital marketing is a broad term which is to do with creating marketing campaigns for computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices, including placing online ads; it covers all digital forms of marketing. It covers SEO, paid search, display advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, digital marketing strategy, etc. Digital marketing helps improve customer loyalty, target the right audience, improve conversion ratio, etc.

Digital Marketing Trends 2022


As marketers, we live in a time when changes have been constant, and we have to adapt quickly and effectively. In marketing, new strategies and trends change how we must draw, connect with and sell to our customers. However, it's not always enough to keep pace with these transformations. Many search engine optimization companies are coming up these days as well. In upcoming years, especially in 2022, we will undergo considerable changes due to the roller coaster ride pandemic from the past two years.

Top 10 digital marketing strategies 2022


Many businesses that functioned well offline had no idea about the digital world, but fitting in was the only option they had. Global eCommerce took a leap of 26.7 Trillion dollar rise according to UN trade and development experts. And hence, this led to making the digital market a necessity for global suppliers and consumers. As our planet is slowly gaining the momentum of going back to the'normal', every business is now prepared for online and offline marketing. Strategizing your business is the key to blossoming.

10 Trends That Will Reshape the Marketing Industry in 2022


Digital marketing is constantly changing. The next five years will be more than just change -- they will be a complete transformation of how brands operate and what they stand for. The iOS14 update changed how data is used in marketing, but its impact is far from over. Advertisers are using omnichannel reporting to look at the bigger picture rather than results from a single channel. It also means first-party data will continue to rise in value and popularity as it allows brands to communicate directly with their audience without limitations.

9 Marketing Trends You Need to Jump on in 2022


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Technology Ethics in Action: Critical and Interdisciplinary Perspectives Artificial Intelligence

This special issue interrogates the meaning and impacts of "tech ethics": the embedding of ethics into digital technology research, development, use, and governance. In response to concerns about the social harms associated with digital technologies, many individuals and institutions have articulated the need for a greater emphasis on ethics in digital technology. Yet as more groups embrace the concept of ethics, critical discourses have emerged questioning whose ethics are being centered, whether "ethics" is the appropriate frame for improving technology, and what it means to develop "ethical" technology in practice. This interdisciplinary issue takes up these questions, interrogating the relationships among ethics, technology, and society in action. This special issue engages with the normative and contested notions of ethics itself, how ethics has been integrated with technology across domains, and potential paths forward to support more just and egalitarian technology. Rather than starting from philosophical theories, the authors in this issue orient their articles around the real-world discourses and impacts of tech ethics--i.e., tech ethics in action.

Machine Learning in Marketing Analytics


Many businesses are currently expanding their adoption of data science techniques to include machine learning. Marketing analytics is one of them. Anything can be reduced to numbers, including customer behavior and color perception, and therefore anything can be analyzed, modeled, and predicted. Marketing analytics already involves a wide range of data collection and transformation techniques. Social media and web driven marketing have given a big push in the digitalization of the space; counting the number of visits, the number of likes, the minutes of viewing, the number of returning customers, and so on is common practice.

Masked Transformer for Neighhourhood-aware Click-Through Rate Prediction Artificial Intelligence

Click-Through Rate (CTR) prediction, is an essential component of online advertising. The mainstream techniques mostly focus on feature interaction or user interest modeling, which rely on users' directly interacted items. The performance of these methods are usally impeded by inactive behaviours and system's exposure, incurring that the features extracted do not contain enough information to represent all potential interests. For this sake, we propose Neighbor-Interaction based CTR prediction, which put this task into a Heterogeneous Information Network (HIN) setting, then involves local neighborhood of the target user-item pair in the HIN to predict their linkage. In order to enhance the representation of the local neighbourhood, we consider four types of topological interaction among the nodes, and propose a novel Graph-masked Transformer architecture to effectively incorporates both feature and topological information. We conduct comprehensive experiments on two real world datasets and the experimental results show that our proposed method outperforms state-of-the-art CTR models significantly.

Best Digital Marketing Techniques to Be Used In 2022


The year 2022 is just around the corner, ready to hit marketers with a number of expected and unexpected digital trends that will set the landscape for the future of digital marketing. And even in the year 2021, among all the hassle, we still managed to witness a lot of changes including- the rise of TikTok among Gen Z users, the fluctuation in the NFTs and cryptocurrency market became the center of discussion among the future of finance. On the top, Google announced that it would phase out the third-party cookies by the year 2023, leaving many marketers and digital marketing service providers wondering how they will navigate their channels to reach out to target customers. In short, there are a lot of changes and developments in the world of digital marketing techniques that will directly impact the way we engage and communicate with our audience. To help you understand all the changes that are about to unfold in the new year, we have broken down the top 8 digital marketing techniques to be aware of in 2022.