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Facial Recognition May Make Commercial Payment More Efficient

International Business Times

Alibaba's Ant Financial affiliate launched the'smile to pay' service at the outlet as part of the company's proposed system of cash-less retail stores, in which it will integrate offline and online retail. All that a customer needs to do is smile at the interface and the payment will be made. The system does not require a smartphone based authentication; all that is needed is to sign up for the Alipay app and enable facial recognition. The point of sale, in this case the KFC outlet, will be equipped with a 3D camera, which will verify a customer's identity by scanning his/her face. Customers can also use the additional phone number verification option.

Find Distinct People in a Video with Amazon Rekognition Amazon Web Services


Amazon Rekognition makes it easy to detect, search for, and compare faces in images to find matches. In this post, we show how to use Amazon Rekognition to find distinct people in a video and identify the frames that they appear in. You could use face detection in videos, for example, to identify actors in a movie, find relatives and friends in a personal video library, or track people in video surveillance. First, we explain how the serverless solution finds distinct people in a video. Then, we explain how to implement the solution in your AWS account with AWS CloudFormation and to test it with a sample video.

Amazon Rekognition Documentation


Amazon Rekognition is a deep learning image analysis service. With the growing proliferation of visual content on the web, Amazon Rekognition enables you to unlock tremendous value from this data. You can use the image analysis information to understand the image content, organize a massive amount of visual data, and build visually aware applications.