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Modern Computing: A Short History, 1945-2022


Inspired by A New History of Modern Computing by Thomas Haigh and Paul E. Ceruzzi. But the selection of key events in the journey from ENIAC to Tesla, from Data Processing to Big Data, is mine. This was the first computer made by Apple Computers Inc, which became one of the fastest growing ... [ ] companies in history, launching a number of innovative and influential computer hardware and software products. Most home computer users in the 1970s were hobbyists who designed and assembled their own machines. The Apple I, devised in a bedroom by Steve Wozniak, Steven Jobs and Ron Wayne, was a basic circuit board to which enthusiasts would add display units and keyboards. April 1945 John von Neumann's "First Draft of a Report on the EDVAC," often called the founding document of modern computing, defines "the stored program concept." July 1945 Vannevar Bush publishes "As We May Think," in which he envisions the "Memex," a memory extension device serving as a large personal repository of information that could be instantly retrieved through associative links.

What is RIVA Speech clients container in NVIDIA GPU Cloud? - World-class cloud from India


The corporate world has struggled with custom voices that resonate with their brand voice. While the technology has made waves in various areas, speech technology was still under experimentation. Organisations wanting to create'human-like' voices for their brand. The brand voice forms a major part of an organization's branding strategy, and it is crucial to get it right, especially for the industries like call centers, where human-like voices are important. In industries where voice-over is a crucial part of the businesses, AI-powered speech solutions are appreciated for various reasons.

Lenovo's Smart Clock Essential with Alexa falls to a new low of $45


Lenovo launched a new smart clock at CES earlier this year, and it improved upon its previous models by giving it a pogo docking pin at the bottom and support for Amazon's Alexa. If you've been thinking of picking it up but haven't gotten the chance to until now, you may want to head over to the device's listing at Best Buy. Lenovo's Smart Clock Essential with Alexa is currently on sale for $45 on the retailer's website only for today -- there's less than 20 hours left for the deal as of this writing. The Smart Clock Essential with Alexa retains the brand's Smart Clock 2 cloth design. While its predecessors only supported Google Assistant, though, this model only supports the Alexa voice assistant.

NVIDIA Riva 2.0 Is Now Available


Around February 2021 early access was granted to Jarvis 1.0 Beta. On 28 July 2021, NVIDIA Jarvis got rebranded to Riva. I always thought of the name Jarvis to be too generally used already. The good news is, the core technologies, performance and roadmap remain unchanged. On 28 March 2022 NVIDIA Riva 2.0 was launched.

Try these useful Siri commands when you watch a movie on Apple TV

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I love my Apple TV, but I can't stand the old Siri remote that came with it. Its touchpad is too sensitive, and I never know if it's in the right orientation when I grab it. Apple did fix all that with its second-generation Siri remote, but why buy another one when the one I currently have still works--especially when I can use a few handy Siri commands to do more than what the touchpad can do. On the Apple TV and accompanying Siri remote there's a handy microphone button that lets you chat directly with Siri to get your TV to do things like search for movies in a specific genre or year, ping other devices, and even fast forward by a specific amount of time. Not every command is intuitive, though, so it's helpful to know a few of them off-hand before you binge another series.

NVIDIA unveils Hopper, its new hardware architecture to transform data centers into AI factories


As for the so-called "new transformer engine," it turns out this is the term NVIDIA uses to refer to "a combination of software and custom NVIDIA Hopper Tensor Core technology designed specifically to accelerate transformer model training and inference." NVIDIA notes that the transformer engine intelligently manages and dynamically chooses between FP8 and 16-bit calculations, automatically handling re-casting and scaling between FP8 and 16-bit in each layer to deliver up to 9x faster AI training and up to 30x faster AI inference speedups on large language models compared to the prior generation A100. So while this is not a radical redesign, the combination of performance and efficiency improvements result in a 6x speedup compared to Ampere, as NVIDIA's technical blog elaborates. NVIDIA's focus on improving performance for transformer models is not at all misplaced. Transformer models are the backbone of language models used widely today, such as BERT and GPT-3. Initially developed for natural language processing use cases, their versatility is increasingly being applied to computer vision, drug discovery, and more, as we have been documenting in our State of AI coverage. According to a metric shared by NVIDIA, 70% of published research in AI in the last 2 years is based on transformers.

GTC 2022: Nvidia flexes its GPU and platform muscles


Did you miss a session at the Data Summit? Nvidia packed about three years' worth of news into its GPU Technology Conference today. Flamboyant CEO Jensen Huang's 1 hour, 39-minute keynote covered a lot of ground, but the unifying themes to the majority of the two dozen announcements were GPU-centered and Nvidia's platform approach to everything it builds. Most people know Nvidia as the world's largest manufacturer of a graphics processing unit, or GPU. The GPU is a chip that was first used to accelerate graphics in gaming systems.

Nvidia's hackers say they've stolen 37GB of Microsoft code


Is there such a thing as a "celebrity hacker team?" If so, there appears to be one on the rise. A few weeks ago Nvidia was hacked, with internal documents and even encryption keys leaked in the bizarre follow-up. Now the same team of hackers claims that it's infiltrated Microsoft, making away with 37 gigabytes of proprietary source code. A torrent file containing at least some Microsoft projects has been distributed.

Artificial Intelligence Market Astonishing Growth


Global Artificial Intelligence market report provides an in-depth overview of Product Specification, technology, product type and production analysis considering major factors such as Revenue, Cost, Gross and Gross Margin. The current trends will determine what options will be for strategical investment. The Artificial Intelligence Market report also provides an in-depth survey of key players in the market which is based on the various objectives of an organization such as profiling, the product outline, the quantity of production, required raw material, and the financial health of the organization. This Artificial Intelligence market Report cover strategic profiling of key players in the market, comprehensively analyzing their core competencies, and drawing a competitive landscape for the market. At present, the market is developing its presence and some of the Global Artificial Intelligence Market key players Involved in the study are Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., Aicure, LLC, Arm, Ltd., Atomwise, Inc., AYASDI AI LLC, Baidu Inc., ClariFI, Inc., Cyrcadia Health, Enlitic, Inc.,, Research study is to define Market Sizes of various segments & countries in previous years and to forecast the values to the next 5-8 years.

Best streaming device deals for Super Bowl LVI: Roku, Fire Stick, Apple TV


Streaming devices may seem redundant in an era where smart TVs are king of home entertainment. But they can breathe new life into older, "dumb" TVs and even older smart TVs that no longer support newer versions of your favorite apps. They're incredibly easy to use: just plug them into a free HDMI port, connect to your home's Wi-Fi, and sign into your apps, and many work with virtual assistants like Alexa, Hey Google, and Siri for hands-free controls and integration into your smart home network. Just in time for the Super Bowl, you can take advantage of some great markdown deals and device bundles from retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart, so you don't miss a second of the action (and commercials). These devices are also great if you want to plunk the kids in another room to watch Encanto for the 11th time while you try to figure out exactly where Cincinnati is and why their fans yell "Who Dey" (hint from an Ohioan: I don't know either.