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Artificial Intelligence -- Who will guard the guardsmen?


An interesting question about artificial intelligence was raised by Lenore Kerrigan, the country sales director for enterprise information management group, OpenText, in an article she wrote in Business Tech. She points out that AI is here to stay, and it will get better and more powerful as time goes on. And AI, along with autonomous devices, is transforming the way we do our banking, run our businesses, and other sectors, altering basic operational and decision making within the organization yet improving efficiency and response times. Kerrigan cites the Davos 2018 World Economic Forum meeting, held earlier this year where world leaders debated the ethics of AI, with UK Prime Minister Theresa May launching the UK's Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation. German chancellor Angela Merkel addreses the annual World Economic Forum on January 24, 2018 in Davos, eastern Switzerland Fabrice COFFRINI, AFP/File The primary objective of this advisory body is to work with international partners in reaching common ground on understanding "how to ensure the safe, ethical and innovative deployment of AI." Who will guard the guardsmen?