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Microsoft unveils sustainability management portal for businesses


Microsoft has announced the creation of a new tool designed to help businesses track their sustainability efforts -- or lack thereof. The new Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability is an extensible SaaS solution that provides a comprehensive and automated sustainability management for organizations at any stage of their sustainability journey. Microsoft said the tool was designed to enable organizations to "streamline data connections and more easily and effectively record, report and reduce their emissions on a path to net zero." The SaaS solution centralizes the data available and is meant to help enterprises set industry-aligned sustainability targets while also providing "actionable insights and reduction strategies to expedite their sustainability journeys." "Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability is a comprehensive, end-to-end digital solution that helps organizations record their environmental footprint, report on progress internally and externally, and reduce their emissions, but it's not just about making changes based on what's being reported," said Kees Hertogh, general manager of global industry product marketing at Microsoft.

Baidu Apollo launches Apollo Moon Robotaix based on AION BEVs


Shanghai (Gasgoo)- Chinese tech giant Baidu and GAC AION, the wholly-owned NEV subsidiary of GAC Group, on Oct. 26 announced the launch of a new version of the Apollo Moon Robotaxi, which is based on GAC AION's all-electric vehicles and Baidu's factory-installed autonomous driving system (hereinafter referred to as "the Apollo Moon AION version"). On the basis of the ANP (Apollo Navigation Pilot) independent closed loop, the Apollo Moon AION version is capable of the driverless running under specific conditions and the autonomous driving in complex urban traffic scenarios thanks to a tailor-made LiDAR unit and self-driving redundancy design, according to a press release from Baidu Apollo. On the side of vehicle hardware, the Apollo Moon rides on GAC AION's GEP (GAC Electric Platform) 2.0 platform dedicated to all-electric vehicles. Involving an R&D investment of 3 billion yuan ($469.91 million), the platform features a remarkable capability of autonomous driving software and hardware integration and is earlier for autonomous driving tech suppliers to deeply develop vehicle control systems thanks to its EV-focused essence. Owing to the thorough upgrades of both software and hardware, the Apollo Moon AION features lower manufacturing cost per car than that of the former-generation cars, while its overall performance has been greatly improved.

Tesla value tops $1 trillion after Hertz orders 100,000 cars

The Japan Times

Hertz said Monday that it would convert more than 20% of its rental fleet to Tesla's electric cars by the end of next year, an announcement that helped propel Tesla's stock value beyond $1 trillion for the first time. The order for 100,000 Teslas was a bold move for Hertz, which is just emerging from bankruptcy, and a sign of growing momentum in the shift to electric vehicles. And it was the latest fuel for Tesla's skyrocketing share price, which gained nearly 13% to finish the day at $1,024.86, its first close above $1,000. In announcing its order from Tesla on Monday morning, Hertz declined to comment on the value of the deal. Bloomberg said the order would generate about $4.2 billion of revenue for Tesla, suggesting that Hertz was paying close to face value for the vehicles.

Amazon's early Black Friday deals: Laptops, robot vacuums, more


In case you didn't get the memo: Black Friday is starting early this year, as decided by the likes of Best Buy and Amazon. From now until -- well, Black Friday, Amazon will be listing its wide selection of products at specially-marked prices. While there is no word on whether the same products will go for less in a few weeks, we've scoured the retailer, from A to Z, to uncover the best deals available right now. Amazon has expanded its Holiday Return Policy, giving purchases made between October 1 to December 31 eligibility for return until January 31, 2022. Looking for a headphone that has superior sound quality, a comfortable fit, and long-lasting battery life?

Apple selects Chinese giant for critical iPhone role - California News Times


This article is an on-site version of the #techAsia newsletter.sign up here Send newsletter directly to your inbox every Wednesday Hello, Kenji from Tokyo this week is currently undergoing home quarantine for Covid-19. For our big story, there is another scoop about Apple from Nikkei Asia. China's state-owned enterprise has become a supplier of the latest flagship iPhone displays. This shows how advanced China's technology, including artificial intelligence, has advanced, as warned by a former Pentagon chief software officer (Mercedes Top 10). Meanwhile, China is building and diversifying its sources of strategic mineral resources, including lithium, a key component of the world's leading electric vehicle industry (our views, smart data and spotlights).

Pinaki Laskar on LinkedIn: #5G #artificialintelligence #IoT


AI Researcher, Cognitive Technologist Inventor - AI Thinking, Think Chain Innovator - AIOT, XAI, Autonomous Cars, IIOT Founder Fisheyebox Spatial Computing Savant, Transformative Leader, Industry X.0 Practitioner The number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices worldwide is forecast to almost triple from 8.74 billion in 2020 to more than 25.4 billion IoT devices in 2030. In order to stabilize climate change, we need to hold Earth's temperature at 1.5 C above pre-industrial levels. This means we need to halve global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and reach net zero before 2050. On the frontline of digitalization lies 5G, itself an exponential technology, a platform enabling technologies such as #artificialintelligence (AI), blockchain, the internet of things (#IoT), quantum computing and extended reality (XR). The solutions are not hypothetical, they just need to be scaled up.

AI is a 'Swiss army knife' for tackling climate change. Here's why


Another good example for AI-powered decisions that reduce emissions at scale is Google's partnership with electricityMap. By utilizing electricityMap – an AI-powered platform that shows in real-time how clean electricity is around the world and provides past, current and forecasted carbon footprint data for electricity by country – Google manages to align computing tasks with times of low-carbon electricity supply in the grid and, thus, reduces CO2e emissions from electricity consumption.

Xpeng Unveils Plan to Go Beyond Cars With AI, Flying Car, Robot


Sign up for Next China, a weekly email on where the nation stands now and where it's going next. Chinese electric vehicle startup Xpeng Inc. unveiled details of new products and features including an assisted driving system, a faster charging infrastructure and a flying car as it signaled its intent to expand from its auto-manufacturing roots.

Top highlights from Xpeng's 2021 Tech Day – TechCrunch


Chinese smart electric vehicle startup Xpeng has announced a series of innovations that direct the company towards crafting the mobility ecosystem of the future. "Our exploration of more efficient, safer, carbon-neutral mobility solutions goes far beyond just smart EVs, and is the cornerstone of our long-term competitive advantages," said He Xiaopeng, chairman and CEO of XPeng, at the startup's 2021 Tech Day in Beijing on Sunday. "We strive to implement cutting-edge mobility technologies in mass-production models for the benefit of our customers." Xiaopeng went into detail on the company's latest versions of its advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), its supercharger network, a next-generation flying car built with HT Aero and its robotic unicorn for kids. Xpeng is planning to roll out the next generation of its ADAS to drivers in select cities during the first half of 2022. Xpilot 3.5 will feature "City Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP)" and will only be available to drivers of Xpeng's P5 family sedan, which can be built with lidar, millimeter-wave radar and a 3D visual perception network that can recognize, classify and position multiple targets – all of which is essential for city-level NGP.

(Part 2 of 4) How to Modernize Enterprise Data and Analytics Platform - by Alaa Mahjoub, M.Sc. Eng.


In many cases, for an enterprise to build its digital business technology platform, it must modernize its traditional data and analytics architecture. A modern data and analytics platform should be built on a services-based principles and architecture. This part, provides a conceptual-level reference architecture of a modern D&A platform. Parts 3 and 4, will explain how these two reference architectures can be used to modernize an existing traditional D&A platform. This will be illustrated by providing an example of a Transmission System Operator (TSO) that modernizes its existing traditional D&A platform in order to build a cyber-physical grid for Energy Transition. However, the approaches used in this example can be leveraged as a toolkit to implement similar work in other vertical industries such as transportation, defence, petroleum, water utilities, and so forth.