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AI Video Surveillance - AI Surveillance System - Konntek


From small, single-camera systems to large, scalable deployments with hundreds of cameras, Konntek has the ideal solution for all application from big commercial projects to small retail solutions. Our product line is popular for its simplicity and flexibility. We improve surveillance by allowing end users to increase the protection of both people and property.

Artificial Intelligence Enables Zero-Trust for Data - AI TechPark


With AI, companies can now secure the millions of files and documents their users create and manage every day. Accurate and automated unstructured data security is here! Karthik Krishnan, Co-founder and CEO at Concentric AI explains how enterprises need to leverage it. Zero-trust and least-privileges access – two of cybersecurity's most useful frameworks – are also relevant for unstructured data security. But both approaches are typically thought of in terms of the network.

AI deployed to safeguard cities: how, where and what


The threat landscape we operate in today is changing all the time. Around the world, pressures on law enforcement bodies remain incredibly high as they face the challenge of rising international threat levels and a backdrop of intense political, social and economic uncertainty. It is a challenge that demands a considered, proactive and dynamic response. It's clear that new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), can dramatically improve the effectiveness of today's physical and cyber security systems and help us to better defend against a wide-spectrum of threats. Specifically speaking, for physical security systems to be effective, they must have the full support of the public.

Convergence Of Financial Institutions' Risk Management Aided By Artificial Intelligence


The attention on technology and risk in financial institutions has often been laser focused on transactions. That makes sense because of the large volume of trades and other transactions that are at risk from fraud, hacking and other issues. However, financial institutions also have other risks. Organizations have been slowly increasing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in other areas, and there are signs that AI is supporting a convergence of risk management tools in financial institutions. Financial transactions, trading in particular, have long been a focus of technology.

Face recognition and the future air travel experience


Airports uniquely demand both a very high passenger throughput and a very high degree of security underpinned by the positive identity confirmation of those passengers. At multiple points throughout the air travel experience, traveler identity must be confirmed to meet commercial policy, physical security, or national security requirements. This uncommon set of demands has forced innovation in the form of automated identity confirmation, primarily using biometrics. For two decades, some combination of face, fingerprint, and iris recognition has been deployed in an effort to speed up identity confirmation, with the goal of creating a secure and frictionless passenger experience. Thanks to rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence and specific technologies like Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Networks, face recognition, in particular, has dramatically improved in the last few years.

Artificial intelligence in art: a simple tool or creative genius?


Intelligent algorithms are used to create paintings, write poems, and compose music. According to a study by an international team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the Center of Humans and Machines at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, whether people perceive artificial intelligence (AI) as the ingenious creator of art or simply another tool used by artists depends on how information about AI art is presented. The results were published in the journal iScience. In October 2018, a work of art by Edmond de Belamie, which was created with the help of an intelligent algorithm, was auctioned for 432,500 USD at Christie's Auction House. According to Christie's auction advertisement, the portrait was created by artificial intelligence (AI).

Most Americans are recorded 238 TIMES a week by security cameras, study reveals

Daily Mail - Science & tech

The typical American is recorded by security cameras 238 times a week, according to a new report from That figure includes surveillance video taken at work, on the road, in stores and in the home. The study found that Americans are filmed 160 times while driving, as there are about an average of 20 cameras on a span of 29 miles. And the average employee has been spotted by surveillance cameras at 40 times a week. However, for those who frequently travel or work in highly patrolled areas the number of times they are captured on film skyrockets to more than 1,000 times a week.

YI Technology Unveils Two New Advanced Artificial Intelligence Home Security Solutions


YI Technology (YI), the global provider of advanced, intelligent imaging technologies and products, announced the launch of the Kami Mini Indoor Camera, a tiny indoor security camera with a big brain, and the YI Dome Camera U, a complete coverage home security camera with extra privacy features. Both home security solutions are powered by YI Technology's proprietary, EDGE-based artificial intelligence (AI) technology which offers the most advanced feature set at the lowest possible price point to make smart home technology more accessible to the masses. YI has pioneered the development of a series of AI-enabled camera processing integrated circuits (ICs) which power Kami Mini and YI Dome Camera U. The sophisticated System-On-a-Chip (SoC) processing leverages Edge-based AI allowing for more advanced computing, fewer false alerts, and guaranteed access to AI features whether or not the user has a cloud subscription. Embedding the advanced AI chip in the camera also reduces detection latency because detection happens directly on the device rather than sending it to the cloud and waiting for a return signal. Recommended AI News: Cryptocurrency Prodigy, Joseph "PlugWalkJoe" O'Connor, Is Helping People Everywhere Master Crypto AI-Based Alerts & Face Detection: Equipped with the latest Edge Computing enabled chip, users can review all the faces that appear in their clips directly in the YI Home or Kami Home Apps.

YI Technology Launches Two New Advanced Artificial Intelligence Home Security Solutions


Both home security solutions are powered by YI Technology's proprietary, EDGE-based artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which provides the most …

AI Concepts for Security (GSX 2020)


Nearly all security cameras available today have some form of video analytics on board, according to Brian Baker, vice president, Americas, for Calipsa, a leading provider of deep learning-powered video analytics for false alarm reduction. But why is this the case? And what do facilities managers need to know about it? Video analytics powered by artificial intelligence promise smarter alerts that free your security staff from responding to false alarms, says Baker, a presenter at the 2020 GSX virtual tradeshow. But to find the right AI-backed analytics for your organization, it's first important to understand the basic concepts behind the technologies.