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You can get a 3D printed studio (yes, a printed apartment) for just over $100K

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

A tiny California start-up is looking to printers to solve the housing crisis – actually, a very large 3D printer. The company, Mighty Buildings, has been showcasing small (350 square foot) studio apartment models of its new "ADU" units (Accessory Dwelling Units) aimed at backyards and selling for around $115,000. That is, if you do the work and deal with local governments to get all the permits, connect the utilities and install the unit. Have Mighty set it up for you, and you're looking around $184,000. Sam Ruben, the co-founder of the firm, says Mighty can have the home in place in just over two weeks.

Your next home could be printed and completed in 24hrs

Daily Mail - Science & tech

It could be the end of seemingly neverending delays and arguments with builders. A San Francisco startup has revealed a future where homes are built in just 24 hours. Apis Cor unveiled a 400-square-foot house in a town outside of Moscow, Russia that was constructed using a mobile 3D printer. The technology printed the walls, partitions and building envelope from a concrete mix - the entire project was done in a single day and amounted to $10,134. A San Francisco startup foresees a future where homes are built in just 24 hours.