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DO-178C certifiable software to help integrate machine learning into avionics - Military Embedded Systems


Intelligent Artifacts announced a new partnership with ConsuNova, a global provider of avionics systems certification services, to develop a software Cert-kit for airborne aerospace solutions. The new technology is intended to bolster machine learning in an avionics system by enabling the end user to understand why a decision was ultimately made by the software. The company claims that the operator will be able trace a prediction back through analytic records to better understand and record the system's decision-making process. According to officials, development of this Cert-kit will allow Intelligent Artifacts to offer plug-and-play capabilities to Aerospace companies looking to integrate proven certifiable machine learning into full solution stacks needing to be Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified for deployment on aircraft. The work itself will include meeting design and code requirements, passing safety assessments, and providing complete documentation on Intelligent Artifacts' software solution.

Spacetech Race: Which Companies are Leading at the Forefront?


Sooner or later, people will occupy outer space and look at the world from there. Ever since humans found that there exists a place beyond earth, the space race began. As the technology evolved, disruptive trends like artificial intelligence and machine learning are accelerating spacetech applications. While spacetech start-ups are ballooning like never before, giant technology companies are jumping into the spacetech market to score big. Today, the mother earth is undergoing a crucial time.

Awesome Python Data Science Libraries And Frameworks For Free You Should Definitely Use – Fly Spaceships With Your Mind


Creating complex data and analysis pipelines has never been easier. You'll be inundated with tutorials online. You can learn the language at every turn. Keeping track of it all is not so easy. Learning the programming basics is easy, but keeping track of the technological possibilities only grows with experience. We present you Awesome Python Data Science libraries and frameworks for free that you should know.

AI Could Enable 'Swarm Warfare' for Tomorrow's Fighter Jets


The dogfight hardly seemed fair. Two F-16s engaged with an opposing F-16 at an altitude of 16,000 feet above rocky desert terrain. As the aircraft converged from opposite directions, the paired F-16s suddenly spun away from one another, forcing their foe to choose one to pursue. The F-16 that had been left alone then quickly changed course, maneuvering behind the enemy with textbook precision. A few seconds later, it launched a missile that destroyed the opposing jet before it could react.

Emerging AI And Machine Learning Trends To Watch In 2021


AI and machine learning have been hot buzzwords in 2020. As we approach 2021, it's a good time to take a look at five "big-picture" trends and issues around the growing use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Hyperautomation, an IT mega-trend identified by market research firm Gartner, is the idea that most anything within an organization that can be automated -- such as legacy business processes -- should be automated. The pandemic has accelerated adoption of the concept, which is also known as "digital process automation" and "intelligent process automation." AI and machine learning are key components -- and major drivers -- of hyperautomation (along with other technologies like robot process automation tools).

NASA's Ingenuity helicopter could FINALLY fly on Mars in April

Daily Mail - Science & tech

NASA's Mars Ingenuity helicopter could finally take to the Martian skies next month after spending its first month strapped to the Perseverance rover while it charges. The US space agency confirmed that the 30 days'test flight window' for the rotorcraft will begin'no earlier than the first week of April'. Ingenuity arrived on Mars strapped to the underside of the NASA Perseverance rover on February 18, following a hair raising '7 minutes of terror' journey to the surface. Before it can make the first flight of an aircraft on the Red Planet, Perseverance needs to'drop it off' in a clear, safe area - likely to happen in the coming weeks. The team behind the 4lb chopper are narrowing down on a launch site, that will become the first'airfield on another world' when Ingenuity makes its maiden flight. The space agency confirmed that the 30 days'test flight window' for the rotorcraft will begin'no earlier than the first week of April' NASA is set to fly where no one has flown before – Mars' atmosphere.

What Is Data Warehousing And Does It Still Make Sense? – Fly Spaceships With Your Mind


Data Warehousing – In today's flood of data, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a clear data management system. More and more data sources are recorded via different software systems. A unified, centralized system can facilitate analysis and ensure that only one data truth exists in an organization. Data warehouse systems are built by integrating data from multiple heterogeneous sources and, in addition to centralization, performs the task of structuring data, supporting analytical reporting and structuring decision-making. The system can perform data cleansing as well as data integration and data consolidation and does not require transaction processing or recovery.

NumPy Vs Pandas - What Are The Differences Between These Two Most Popular Python Libraries? – Fly Spaceships With Your Mind


NumPy vs Pandas – Since in our time in every science and economic branch ever larger amounts of data accumulate, which must be analyzed and managed performantly, the learning of a programming language has become interdisciplinary indispensable. For many, Python is the first programming language in the classical sense, due to its beginner friendliness and mathematical focus. Python offers the possibility of accessing ready-made, optimized computational tools through the modular implementation of powerful mathematical libraries. However, this offer can also quickly become overwhelming. Which library, which framework is suitable for my purposes?

Artificial Intelligence In Military Market 2025: Lockheed Martin (US), Raytheon (US), Northrop …


Global Artificial Intelligence In Military market research report provides a thorough analysis of the market status, market size, market growth, share, …

AI & Robotics in the Global Defense Industry to Reach $61 Billion by 2027 - Robotics Anticipated to Account for the Largest Share of Expenditure -


DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The "Global Artificial Intelligence & Robotics for Defense, Market & Technology Forecast to 2027" report has been added to's offering. The Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Robotics in the Defense market, which is valued at US$39.22 billion in 2018, is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.04%, to value US$61 billion by 2027. The cumulative market for global expenditure on AI & Robotics Defense Systems is valued at US$ 487 billion over the forecast period. Demand for AI & Robotics defense systems is anticipated to be driven by the massive investment made by countries like the US, China, Russia, Israel in the development of next-generation defense systems and the large scale procurement of such systems by countries like Saudi Arabia, India, Japan, and South Korea. The United States is the largest spender in the domain with China, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and South Korea anticipated accounting for the bulk of spending.