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Amazon robot sets off bear repellant, putting 24 workers in hospital

The Guardian

Twenty-four employees at an Amazon warehouse in New Jersey were taken to hospital after a robot accidentally punctured a can of bear repellant. The 255g can containing concentrated capsaicin, a compound in chilli peppers, was punctured by an automated machine after it fell off a shelf, according to local media. The incident happened on Wednesday at a warehouse in Robbinsville, New Jersey, on the outskirts of Trenton. Amazon said: "All of the impacted employees have been or are expected to be released from hospital within the next 24 hours. The safety of our employees is always our top priority and a full investigation is already under way."

Machine Learning to Improve Care – InsideSources


To what extent can your doctor's functions be automated -- replaced or enhanced by intelligent machines? How might such automation improve care and reduce costs? These questions are central to understanding Clover Health -- a California-based company providing Medicare Advantage insurance plans in seven states: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Georgia, Arizona, South Carolina and Texas. A while back, I hosted a dinner in New York for a dozen-plus health care innovators -- entrepreneurs, medical school professors, futurists, etc. Someone in the room asked, "How much of today's physician services can be reduced to algorithms?" An algorithm is a set of instructions (like a computer program) leading to unambiguous results.

Voice Technology and AI: Powering Patient Experience & Expectations


Understanding changes in patient experiences is an important facet towards enhancing patient engagement and centricity. It's clear that new digital devices and AI are changing the way that patients search for medical information on the internet, based on discussions at the recent PanAgora's Pharma Customer Experience Summit in New Jersey. Voice is the new digital experience. With the rise of novel Voice User Interface (VUI) household products, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home and VUI integration in smart devices, Murray Izenwasser, VP of Digital Transformation and CMO of AAJ Technologies, discussed the big opportunity such devices offer to better connect patients with the biopharmaceutical industry. Izenwasser demonstrated that VUI device adoption has seen a faster market penetration rate compared to smart phones, TV, radio, and the Internet.

An Interview with Gene Saragnese, Chairman & CEO of MedyMatch Technology


MedyMatch Technology, a company based in Tel Aviv, Israel, leverages artificial intelligence, deep learning, and computer vision technologies to offer patient-specific clinical decision support. Their application helps radiologists and emergency room physicians to detect signs of intracranial hemorrhages, which are difficult to diagnose by standard analysis of imaging data alone. The Medgadget team recently had an opportunity to speak with Gene Saragnese, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MedyMatch, to discuss their technology and its significance in depth. Prior to joining MedyMatch in January of 2016, Gene was the Chief Executive Officer of Philips Imaging and a member of Philips Healthcare's Executive Team. A graduate of Rutgers College of Engineering in New Jersey, he has also previously served as GE Healthcare's Chief Technology Officer and has held management roles with GE, RCA, Martin Marietta, and Lockheed Martin.

MedyMatch, Capital Health to develop artificial intelligence for the emergency room


Stealthy MedyMatch emerged in February with plans to improve emergency room care using cognitive analysis and artificial intelligence. Now, in its first collaboration with a U.S. hospital, the company is developing its first real-time decision-support tool using data from New Jersey-based Capital Health. Under the agreement, Capital Health will supply Israel-based MedyMatch with anonymized data to help it develop the tool, which will target stroke patients. It will analyze medical images and provide the ER radiologist with information to help him or her determine the course of treatment. It combines "deep vision, advanced cognitive analytics and artificial intelligence" to analyze images and identify anomalies that may be invisible to the human eye.

Capital Health teams with startup MedyMatch for AI in stroke care


MedyMatch Technology, a startup from Israel that specializes in medical imaging analysis for emergency medicine, has its first U.S. hospital partner. Capital Health, a two-hospital system in New Jersey, will deploy MedyMatch's artificial intelligence-based analytics in the emergency department and help the Tel Aviv-based vendor develop a clinical decision support tool for stroke care. To accomplish the latter, Capital Health, based in Hopewell Township, New Jersey, has agreed to provide MedyMatch with anonymized data from patients, the organizations said Monday. "The data Capital Health will provide will allow us to move closer to providing this decision support tool which can help ensure appropriate diagnosis, critical for treatment," MedyMatch Chairman and CEO Gene Saragnese said in a prepared statement. Saragnese was CEO of Philips Imaging before joining the startup a year ago.