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A Smart Car Window Displays View to Blind Passengers


I live in a city filled with reminders of epic travelers from the historic journeys of Lewis and Clark to the cross country treks in automobiles along Route 66. There are still many icons around Saint Louis and across Missouri modern travelers can visit today. From Missouri's rolling hills and natural wonders explored by Lewis and Clark to the kitschy man-made attractions that helped make Route 66 a favorite for family road trips, the unique views make a Missouri road trip memorable. For blind travelers, this is a part of the trip they miss. A new prototype smart car window aims to change the experience by enabling blind or partially-sighted people to visualize passing scenery through touch.

Uber and Lyft driver dropped for 'secretly recording passengers on Twitch'

The Independent - Tech

A former Uber and Lyft driver has been dropped from both platforms after it was revealed that he secretly livestreamed his passengers online. Jason Gargac, a 32-year-old aspiring police officer from Missouri, would regularly broadcast his rides to thousands of subscribers on the livestreaming service Twitch, according to local reports. His riders – of which there were reportedly more than 700 in the last four months – rarely knew they were being broadcast. I'm embarrassed," one passenger told the St Lous Post-Dispatch, who first reported the story. "We got in an Uber at 2am to be safe, and then I find out that because of that, everything I said in that car is online and people are watching me.