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How this guy uses artificial intelligence to create art


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British treasure finders accused of piracy

Daily Mail - Science & tech

British archaeologists who discovered hundreds of artefacts from a cluster of 17th century shipwrecks in the Mediterranean Sea have had their cargo seized and been accused of an'illicit excavation'. Enigma Recoveries, which led an expedition into the Levantine Basin off the coast of Cyprus, found 12 shipwrecks filled with Chinese porcelain, jugs, coffee pots, peppercorns and illicit tobacco pipes. The ships and their priceless cargo, hailed as the'archaeological equivalent of finding a new planet' were recovered in ancient'shipping lanes' that served spice and silk trades from 300 BC onwards. But in a strongly-worded statement, the Cypriot government accused the company of being well known to both Cyprus and UNESCO for its'illicit underwater excavations' and its'violent extraction of objects causing destruction to their context'. Cyprus's Department of Antiquities accused the company of intending to sell the objects, as allegedly evident in documents filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (NASDAQ).

12 shipwrecks uncovered in the east Med dating from 300 BC

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Archaeologists have found shipwrecks in the Mediterranean filled with hundreds of artefacts including Chinese porcelain, jugs, coffee pots, peppercorns and illicit tobacco pipes. A British-led expedition found a cluster of 12 ships on the sea bed, 1.2 miles below the surface of the Levantine Sea, using sophisticated robots. The ships were recovered in ancient'shipping lanes' that served spice and silk trades of the Greek, Roman and Ottoman empires, from 300 BC onwards. The ancient ships – including the biggest ever found in the Med – were unearthed in a muddy part of the eastern seabed between Cyprus and Lebanon, where remnants are often hard to find. The cluster of shipwrecks were found in the Levantine Basin in the east of the Mediterranean Sea.

AU10TIX a global cloud-based, machine learning, ID verification and authentication platform, joins the FIDO Alliance


NICOSIA, Cyprus, March 31, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- AU10TIX, a global cloud-based, machine learning, ID verification, and authentication platform, recently joined the FIDO Alliance. The FIDO Alliance is a cross-industry coalition developing open, interoperable authentication standards that reduce reliance on passwords with authentication that is more secure, private, and easier to use. "Providing safer and compliant solutions, requires us to be at the forefront of global and local regulation while shaping future policies," said Carey Kolaja, President and Chief Operating Officer, AU10TIX. "AU10TIX is certified under ISO/IEC standard, adheres to SOC and CCPA, and is compliant with GDPR. Our vision is to protect consumer identities by creating secure and seamless transactions for our partners and their customers. Trust is critical as we become more globally-connected, and by joining the FIDO Alliance, we will work alongside industry leaders to directly influence the development of standards that will enable leading businesses to build trust, creating a more inclusive and secure world."

Man uses drone to walk his dog without leaving the house

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A man in Cyprus had to walk his dog during the country's COVID-19 shutdown and decided to see if a drone could handle the job. Vakis Demetriou shared his experiment on his Instagram, showing his dog Oliver walking up a residential street with a small drone following close behind holding the leash. '5th day quarantine,' he wrote. 'Stay home safe but don't forget your dog's happiness.' While the video is charming, it's unlikely a drone would be able to walk most dogs, even those as small and lightweight as Oliver.

Lenovo offers surveillance security solutions at Intersec 2020


Video surveillance systems are evolving and are using artificial intelligence (AI) to inspect and analyse video footage, interpret patterns and flag unusual activity. Lenovo DCG and Pivot3 provide a state-of-the-art upgraded infrastructure solutions that aim to enhance current technology required to support these systems rather than entrusting the preservation of crucial data to outdated NVR technology. Commenting on the partnership, Dr. Chris Cooper, General Manager for Lenovo DCG, Middle East, Turkey and Africa, said, "We are delighted to showcase our partnership with Pivot3 at one the world's leading technology trade shows. The Middle East is exhibiting tremendous growth in terms of adopting smart solutions. The UAE in particular is investing heavily in implementing the latest innovations in their technological infrastructure; therefore, we see great potential from our partnership with Pivot3 as we work together to supply the appetite for next generation computing products and services."

Turkey deploys surveillance drone to northern Cyprus amid gas drilling dispute

The Japan Times

ANKARA – Turkey has dispatched a surveillance and reconnaissance drone to the breakaway north of ethnically divided island nation of Cyprus amid tensions over offshore oil and gas exploration, Turkey's state-run media said Monday. The Anadolu news agency said the Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 drone took off from an airbase in Dalaman, Turkey, and touched down Monday at the airport in Gecitkala -- known as Lefkoniko in Greek, on Cyprus. Kudret Ozersay, foreign minister of the self-declared Turkish Cypriot state, told reporters Sunday that the Turkish deployment would be limited to unarmed drones as there was "no need" for armed ones. Earlier, Turkish Cypriot Prime Minister Ersin Tatar said there was an "urgent need" to address the security concerns of Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots in the eastern Mediterranean. It's unclear what the drones will be specifically tasked to do.

Ireland is top AI talent hub in the EU


The Republic has the highest ratio of artificial intelligence (AI) talent in the European Union, according to a new study from LinkedIn. The report comes as the recruitment website is itself planning to hire 20 additional AI specialists locally with the promise of more jobs in the area in the future. The study reveals that half of all Europe's AI workers are based in just three countries: the United Kingdom, France, and Germany – with the UK leading by a significant margin. But, on a per capita basis, Ireland is far and away the top nation for AI talent, followed by Finland, Cyprus, Luxembourg and Sweden. LinkedIn attributed Ireland's leading position to a number of factors, including the high number of tech companies that have established centres on data analytics, machine learning and big data locally.

Defining Innovation: Beyond Market Research - Freeminds MENA


The Market Research and insight industry will disappear by the way we known it well! That's what people say is!. By the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning and the automatons and also types of robotics changes the approach for the industries domains. The cloudy outlook to the innovations in market research is always due to how we define innovative in the market research, some point of view links and define the innovative as it is technology or technique related to the use of tools. In order to score good in innovation degree you have to score to founding innovation in people, storytelling, process, co-creation.

UAE Artificial Intelligence Network launched to accelerate adoption of AI


Through established partnerships and collaborations, the UAE Artificial Intelligence Network seeks to bring together governments, private entities, international organisations, start-ups, research centres, academic institutions, business incubators and accelerators under one roof to discuss and exchange expertise in the field of AI, and identify challenges and roadblocks that affect the adoption of AI, and how to solve them. The UAE Artificial Intelligence Network offers its members the opportunity to participate in various local and international events, including the annual AI Conferences organised by the UAE National Programme for AI, as well as AI-focused seminars, conferences, workshops, meetings and sessions. Members also benefit by networking with AI experts, working closely with AI pioneers and decision makers, as well as the opportunity to contribute with recommendations to the UAE Council for Artificial Intelligence.