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Artificial intelligence agent pilot launched to expose liars at EU borders


The European Union has revealed plans to harness artificial intelligence (AI) at the border to weed out suspicious travelers based on their gestures. You might attempt to'act casual' at the border if you are carrying more than your allowance for duty-free, or far more seriously, are attempting to smuggle illegal contraband across country lines, but the pilot AI, dubbed iBorderCtrl, will detect the little gestures we cannot but help to make when we are lying and under pressure. The project, which will be trialed for a period of six months, has been made possible through an EU contribution of roughly €4.5 million. Across border control in Hungary, Latvia, and Greece, the AI, known as an "intelligent control system," will "deliver more efficient and secure land border crossings to facilitate the work of border guards in spotting illegal immigrants, and so contribute to the prevention of crime and terrorism," according to the EU. A webcam will then be used to answer questions issued by a "computer-animated border guard," that will ask questions in order to either elicit the truth -- or lies.