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Artificial Intelligence Can Help Leaders Drive Global Economy Forward In 2022


Significant hurdles leaders face this year include managing talent, formulating strategies, operational plans, and organizing employee tasks in ways that ensure everyone accesses growth opportunities. These challenges emphasize the importance of good strategy, and are essential for organizational survival. Vijay Pereira, Professor and head of department of people and organizations, at NEOMA Business School in France, believes artificial intelligence (AI) can help leaders undertake these challenges. For example, his recent work concludes that evolutionary computation and data mining can explore large databases or social media to locate potential talented individuals for recruitment purposes. In addition, machine learning helps reanalyze and recognize patterns from data collected from existing decision support systems to help organizations improve their strategic planning processes.

Microsoft takeover of Call of Duty games firm wipes $20bn off Sony shares

The Guardian

Shares in the Japanese conglomerate closed down 13% on Wednesday, their biggest fall since the global financial crisis in 2008, as investors reacted to the possibility that the $70bn bid for Activision Blizzard could result in hit games being pulled from the Sony PlayStation console and subscription service and offered exclusively on the rival Microsoft Xbox. The blockbuster deal is not only the largest Microsoft has struck but also the biggest ever in the gaming and tech sectors. It sparked a wave of investor interest in further consolidation, with shares in Electronic Arts, the maker of the Fifa football series, and Take-Two Interactive, the maker of Grand Theft Auto, rising. The shares of other video games companies also rose. France's Ubisoft, which makes Assassin's Creed, was up almost 12%, while Japan's Capcom and Square Enix each rose 3.5%. "Sony's response [to the deal] will be one to watch, of course," said Clay Griffin, an analyst at the research firm MoffettNathanson.

Digital Innovation Meets Old Fashioned Storytelling at Unifrance TV Doc Pitch


If the six projects presented at a recent TV documentary pitch session held at the Unifrance Rendez-Vous in Paris share relatively few thematic or stylistic points in common, when taken as a whole, the diverse titles relay two incontrovertible truths: While advances in filmmaking technology now offer industry creatives unprecedented freedoms, when it comes to hooking the audience, nothing beats a good story well told. Three of the six projects presented at the Rendez-Vous forum reflect the format's growing technological trends. To offer competing visions of the future, Mad Films/Camera Subjective's speculative science-fiction project "2080" will use CGI, motion capture and some of the digital production techniques pioneered by Disney's "The Mandalorian," whereas to open a window into the past, France Televisions/Program33's historical doc "The Joan of Arc Case" will use detailed digital recreations of 15th-century France. On a similar front, the four-episode edutainment project "Science in Archeology 3.0," directed by Alexandra Barbot and Ste phane Jacques, produced by Roche Productions, and handled internationally by Lucky You, looks to employ recent advances in digital mapping, photogrammetry, and scanning techniques to recreate digital models of the ancient world. At the pitch presentation, co-director Alexandra Barbot likened the digital recreations to "entering Ali Baba's cave," arguing that these new model could rekindle that same spark of discovery that lit up so many young imaginations.

Edge processing research takes discovery closer to use in artificial intelligence networks


The MMT, first reported by Surrey researchers in 2020, overcomes long-standing challenges associated with transistors and can perform the same operations as more complex circuits. This latest research, published in the peer-reviewed journal Scientific Reports, uses mathematical modelling to prove the concept of using MMTs in artificial intelligence systems, which is a vital step towards manufacturing. Using measured and simulated transistor data, the researchers show that well-designed multimodal transistors could operate robustly as rectified linear unit-type (ReLU) activations in artificial neural networks, achieving practically identical classification accuracy as pure ReLU implementations. They used both measured and simulated MMT data to train an artificial neural network to identify handwritten numbers and compared the results with the built-in ReLU of the software. The results confirmed the potential of MMT devices for thin-film decision and classification circuits.

Research Project Will Study How AI Can Be Used In Creative Collaboration


Musicians have been experimenting with artificial intelligence for a few years now. For example, in 2019, an AI trained on Schubert's music completed his Unfinished Symphony and last October the Beethoven Orchestra in Bonn performed an AI-generated version of Beethoven's last symphony. But what are the limits of AI music? Can an AI really be considered creative? And is it possible for an AI to improvise with musicians live on stage?

How Surgeons are Using Robotics in 2022


For more than 30 years, robotics has employed in the healthcare business. These robots range from laboratory robots that deal with medications to surgical robots that do surgeries or procedures on their own to robots that care for patients after surgery. Robots can help humans stay healthy for a long time without the use of medication or hospitalisation. Intel, for example, provides new technologies for the creation of health robots such as surgical robots, modular robots, service robots, mobile robots, and autonomous robots, allowing it to expand its reach in a variety of health-related fields. AI-driven robotic surgery is a mechanical device that allows doctors to focus on the difficult components of surgery by assisting with surgical tool handling and positioning during procedures. Their usage reduces surgeons' instabilities during surgery and assists them in improving their abilities and performing better during interventions, resulting in improved patient outcomes and lower overall healthcare costs.

Data Quality: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - KDnuggets


Band-aid solutions do not deal with the cause of the problem. Creating data visualisations to make the data look pretty or applying a decision tree to unclean data, is just a waste of your time. You can create all the models in the world, but it's no use if you present your findings and there are errors popping up one by one. What if your findings were taken as gospel, and the company makes important decisions based on these? None of us want to be in that uncomfortable position.

Artificial Intelligence to accelerate the fight against cancer - Actu IA


Health Data Club (HDH) and Unicancer signed a partnership agreement in July 2021 to jointly build the Unibase program, with the goal of creating a working environment for processing health data through innovative analytical approaches. At the end of November, Unicancer and the HDH unveiled this program and launched the first Unibase call for expressions of interest (AMI) to accelerate research, based on real-life data, in oncology. In France, cancer is the leading cause of death in men and the second leading cause of death in women, with more than 380,000 cases reported each year. Medical and scientific progress has led to huge advances in the fight against this disease. Unicancer and the Cancer Research Centers (CLCC) are among the major players in recent developments in cancer research.

Emerging Economies More Optimistic about Artificial Intelligence


According to a new survey, six out of ten expect that products and services using artificial intelligence will profoundly change their daily life in the next three to five years and half feel that this has already happened. These are some of the findings of a 28-country survey conducted by Ipsos for the World Economic Forum of 19,504 adults under the age of 75 between November 19 and December 3, 2021. "In order to trust artificial intelligence, people must know and understand exactly what AI is, what it's doing, and its impact," said Kay Firth-Butterfield, Head of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at the World Economic Forum. "Leaders and companies must make transparent and trustworthy AI a priority as they implement this technology. At the World Economic Forum, we are focused on multistakeholder collaboration to optimize accountability, transparency, privacy and impartiality to create that trust. With the ability to solve many of society's pressing issues, we are focused on accelerating the benefits and mitigating the risks of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Only then can we gain public trust and benefit from the rewards of emerging tech like AI."

Download Daft Punk - Robot Rock Mp3 - Wapbaze


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