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A New AI Lexicon: C is for Consent


The collection of vast amounts of data is necessary to the functioning of AI and machine learning based systems. Where that data is personal data, the idea of consent, informed consent, and the redundancy of consent have become a part of debates on technology and rights. Governments across the world are looking to the potential of AI to open new markets and drive economic growth. In 2018, the Government of India, through Niti Aayog (formerly the Planning Commission), released a discussion paper titled'National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence.' This document stated that "for accelerated adoption of a highly collaborative technology like AI, the government has to play the critical role of a catalyst in supporting partnerships, providing access to infrastructure, fostering innovation through research and creating the demand by seeking solutions for addressing various governmental needs."

Industry captains place big bets on new-age tech


Mint asked top company bosses how they see disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and 5G impacting Indian firms. The IT and digital transformation industry is witnessing exponential growth in the use of cutting-edge digital technologies like Blockchain, 5G, AI, automation, robotics, cybersecurity and IoT. One can expect all these new age technologies to make greater inroads both in the Indian and global markets, in the years ahead. As part of our TechMNxt charter, we are collaborating and co-innovating with our partner ecosystem to derive business value for our customers by leveraging these digital technologies. I believe if companies are pre-emptive in the data protection space, there will be a huge business opportunity for Indian IT players like Tech Mahindra, not just in the European markets but globally too. At Tech Mahindra, we are bullish on 5G and as part of our preparedness for 5G, we are investing in 5G training labs in partnership with global players as well as setting up a training academy. The government of India has been focusing heavily on developing India into a $1 trillion digital economy by 2025.