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130+ Exercises - Python Programming - Data Science - Pandas


Some topics you will find in the exercises: working with DatetimeIndex working with DataFrames reading/writing files working with different data types in DataFrames working with indexes working with missing values computing correlation concatenating DataFrames calculating cumulative statistics working with duplicate values preparing data to machine learning models working with csv and json filles The course is designed for people who have basic knowledge in Python, NumPy and Pandas. It consists of 130 exercises with solutions. This is a great test for people who are learning the Python language and data science and are looking for new challenges. Exercises are also a good test before the interview. Many popular topics were covered in this course. If you're wondering if it's worth taking a step towards Python, don't hesitate any longer and take the challenge today.

10 Best + Free Python Bootcamp 2021-Take This Course


With the help of this list, all those learners who wish to learn all about Python Bootcamp can enroll in any of the suitable courses and start learning from it from the comfort of their homes, and that too for free. Below are the names and short descriptions of the 10 best and free Python Bootcamp courses for 2021. A Free Python Bootcamp Course course that will make you learn Python like a professional in no time. The Free Python Bootcamp course starts with the basics and then go all the way to creating your own applications and games. Throughout the Free Python Bootcamp course, you will be learning a variety of topics that will make you a professional at developing different applications and games. The instructor has delivered all the learning content that will help you learn both Python 2 and Python 3. Starting the Free Python Bootcamp course, you will learn to create games with Python.

Python For Beginners By Imran Syed


Hello, Welcome to my course "Python For Beginners With Imran Syed" In this course is for complete beginners who don have and prior knowledge of Python Programming Language, as well as existing programmers who want to built their career in python Web Development, Machine Learning, Data Science, Image Processing, Game Development etc. Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world – may tech giants like Google use it in its applications like Google Search. And Python is the number one language choice for machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence. To get those high paying jobs you need an expert knowledge of Python, and that's what you will get from this course. There are a range of exciting opportunities for Python developers. All of them require a solid understanding of Python.

[2021] Learn Python for Data Science A-Z


Do you want to make your career in Data Science? Want to have a successful career and a life worth inspiring? All you need is the will to succeed and the passion to learn!!! Python being one of the most widely used languages is the new mantra for success. It is the number one tool for analytical professionals and is one of the top programming languages in the year 2019. Our aim is to make the students get acquainted with python and become proficient in the most popular programming language.



The OSSU curriculum is a complete education in computer science using online materials. It's for those who want a proper, well-rounded grounding in concepts fundamental to all computing disciplines, and for those who have the discipline, will, and (most importantly!) good habits to obtain this education largely on their own, but with support from a worldwide community of fellow learners. It is designed according to the degree requirements of undergraduate computer science majors, minus general education (non-CS) requirements, as it is assumed most of the people following this curriculum are already educated outside the field of CS. The courses themselves are among the very best in the world, often coming from Harvard, Princeton, MIT, etc., but specifically chosen to meet the following criteria. When no course meets the above criteria, the coursework is supplemented with a book.

12 Weekend Coding projects for beginners from scratch


Programming languages are the building blocks for communicating instructions to machines, without them the technology driven world we live in today wouldn't exist. Programming can be fun as well as challenging. Java is a general purpose high-level, object-oriented programming language. Java is one of the most commonly used languages for developing and delivering content on the web. An estimated nine million Java developers use it and more than three billion mobile phones run it.

21 Professional Growth Skills to Master in 2021


Entrepreneurs should always be learning. Jim Rohn, a known motivational speaker, says that the world's most successful people are lifelong learners. While the world of business is constantly evolving and adapting, good entrepreneurs know that they have to evolve right along with it. We've rounded up some of the best courses you can take online, on your own time, to improve your skills for the new year. Python is one of the most popular programming languages for non-technical founders because it's relatively easy to learn and has a huge array of applications.

Scientific Python: A-Z Data Science & Visualization 18 Hours


This is the Best and Most Complete Scientific Python Course on the Udemy platform that will walk you through the required skills for Data Sciences and useful Machine Learning (ML) libraries such as NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Seaborn, Python RE (REGEX), PyTorch and Matplotlib. Furthermore, you learn how to work with different real datasets and use them for developing your models. All the Python code templates that we write during the course together are available, and you can download them with the resource button of each section. WHAT YOU WILL GET & LEARN? SciPy is a free and open-source Python library used for scientific computing and technical computing.

Learn how to code in 2021 with training on the 12 most popular programming languages


The more dependent we become on apps, the more demand there'll be for skilled programmers. It just so happens that learning how to code is easier than ever in 2021. In fact, we've rounded up 12 amazing deals on courses and training programs that will teach you the skills you need to start creating your own software, and they're on sale for a limited time! Go, or GoLang, is Google's open-source programming language that's designed to simplify many programming tasks. This course is perfect for beginners, as Go is one of the fastest-growing languages in the industry thanks to its ease of use and familiar syntax.

2021 Data Science & Machine Learning with R


This is currently in an Early Bird Beta access, meaning we are still going to be continually adding content to the course (even though we are already at over 22 hours of content!) Since we're still adding content and taking student feedback as we complete the course through the start of 2021, students who enroll now will get access to a wide variety of benefits! Welcome to the Learn Data Science and Machine Learning with R from A-Z Course! In this practical, hands-on course you'll learn how to program in R and how to use R for effective data analysis, visualization and how to make use of that data in a practical manner. You will learn how to install and configure software necessary for a statistical programming environment and describe generic programming language concepts as they are implemented in a high-level statistical language. Our main objective is to give you the education not just to understand the ins and outs of the R programming language, but also to learn exactly how to become a professional Data Scientist with R and land your first job.