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NASA to provide first update on Perseverance rover since landing

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on NASA is slated to announce what it says is a "series of firsts" in its Mars 2020 Perseverance rover mission. On Friday, mission team members from Southern California's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) will hold their first news conference since the expedition began and the rover touched down on the red planet's surface in February. The teleconference and visuals are set to stream live on NASA's JPL YouTube channel at 3:30 p.m. ET.

AI: Facebook's new algorithm was trained on one billion Instagram pics


Facebook's researchers have unveiled a new AI model that can learn from any random group of unlabeled images on the internet. Facebook's researchers have unveiled a new AI model that can learn from any random group of unlabeled images on the internet, in a breakthrough that, although still in its early stages, the team expects to generate a "revolution" in computer vision. Dubbed SEER (SElf-SupERvised), the model was fed one billion publicly available Instagram images, which had not previously been manually curated. But even without the labels and annotations that typically go into algorithm training, SEER was able to autonomously work its way through the dataset, learning as it was going, and eventually achieving top levels of accuracy on tasks such as object detection. The method, aptly named self-supervised learning, is already well-established in the field of AI: it consists of creating systems that can learn directly from the information they are given, without having to rely on carefully labeled datasets to teach them how to perform a task such as recognizing an object in a photo or translating a block of text.

Facebook AI learned object recognition from 1 billion Instagram pics

New Scientist

Artificial intelligence built by Facebook has learned to classify images from 1 billion Instagram photos. The AI used a different learning technique to many other similar algorithms, relying less on input from humans. The team behind it says the AI learns in a more common sense way. Conventionally, computer vision systems are trained to identify specific things, such as a cat or a dog. They achieve this by learning from a large collection of images that have been annotated to describe what is in them.

Facebook taught a computer vision system how to supervise its own learning process


As impressively capable as AI systems are these days, teaching machines to perform various tasks, whether its translating speech in real time or accurately differentiating between chihuahuas and blueberry muffins. But that process still involves some amount of hand holding and data curation by the humans training them. However the emergence of self supervised learning (SSL) methods, which have already revolutionized natural language processing, could hold the key to imbuing AI with some much needed common sense. Facebook's AI research division (FAIR) has now, for the first time, applied SSL to computer vision training. "We've developed SEER (SElf-supERvised), a new billion-parameter self-supervised computer vision model that can learn from any random group of images on the internet, without the need for careful curation and labeling that goes into most computer vision training today," Facebook AI researchers wrote in a blog post Thursday.

Facebook's New AI Teaches Itself to See With Less Human Help


Most artificial intelligence is still built on a foundation of human toil. Peer inside an AI algorithm and you'll find something constructed using data that was curated and labeled by an army of human workers. Now, Facebook has shown how some AI algorithms can learn to do useful work with far less human help. The company built an algorithm that learned to recognize objects in images with little help from labels. The Facebook algorithm, called Seer (for SElf-supERvised), fed on more than a billion images scraped from Instagram, deciding for itself which objects look alike.

Council Post: B2B's Evolution In 2021: How AI And Machine Learning Are Forever Changing B2B Marketing


Pekka Koskinen is the CEO & Founder of Leadfeeder, a lead generation software. Did you know that the number of marketers adopting AI technology grew by 44% between 2017 and 2018? At Leadfeeder, we use machine learning to filter ISPs and nonrelevant hostnames out of the lead data we provide to customers. LinkedIn's VP of artificial intelligence, Deepak Agarwal, has even gone on record declaring that "at LinkedIn, AI is like oxygen." Compared to the collective and growing enthusiasm, however, AI's actual implementation has been relatively low.

Call for keynote speakers at the first Reddit Robotics Showcase (RRS2021)


The reddit r/robotics subreddit is a global online community of 138,000 users, ranging from hobbyists and students to academics and industry professionals. This year, we have invited our community to share their work as part of an online showcase. No matter how big or small, all projects are welcome, and a work in progress is valid. The showcase is as much about people sharing their robotics experiences as their projects, hence this is not a formal conference or symposium. The showcase date is planned for the weekend of July 31st.

AWS for Machine Learning -- Part 1


Before the concept of cloud computing came into the picture back then even if a website needs to be hosted companies had to buy huge servers and maintain them. It was a huge cost and inefficient workforce diversion for the companies which wanted to focus on the actual task at hand rather than the maintaining of these servers. Some other companies saw this as an opportunity which went ahead and bought these huge servers and had a huge collection of servers and rented them out to other companies. It is a win-win for everyone since it is cheaper and easier for the companies that wanted to focus on their application/product rather than maintaining these servers. We all use electricity, how do we pay for this we pay according to the number of units used.

How to Rethink Your Social Media Strategy


The right social media management strategy has always been something of a Holy Grail for marketers and brand strategists, but this moment in time has made designing an effective one particularly challenging. Some tactics that worked last year, or even earlier this year, are no longer ideal. Yet social media remains a critical part of a marketing strategy, especially now. As the world continues to evolve, people are seeking safe options for connecting with friends, family -- and brands. Social media -- the original way to hang out while staying socially distant -- is a pandemic-friendly way for companies to engage their audiences.

Can this technology put an end to bullying?


Breaking up with your first love is hard to do, but at the age of 18, it was a particularly traumatic experience for Nikki Mattocks. Rather than the clean break she had hoped for, she found herself being bombarded with hateful messages on social media from her ex-boyfriend's friends. One even urged her to kill herself. The messages made me so depressed and led to me taking an overdose," says Mattocks. She is just one of millions of people around the world who have found themselves the victim of bullying.