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How To Do Keyword Recognition Using Simple Convolutional Network


With the rapid development of mobile devices, speech-related technology is booming like never before. Many service providers like Google offer the ability to search through the voice on the android platform. For android mobile phones, 'Ok Google' uses this functionality to search a particular keyword to initiate the voice-based commands. Keyword recognition refers to speech technology that recognizes the existence of a word or short phrase within a given stream of audio. It is synonymously referred to as keyword spotting.

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Apps in the Market


When it comes to the mobile app industry, businesses of all sizes and specialisations confront strong competition. This position compels them to keep up with all developing digital developments in order to maintain their worth. Recognizing the huge influence of artificial intelligence on business, top firms such as Amazon, eBay, and Tinder make extensive use of AI in their applications to generate tailored mobile user experiences and improve profitability. Start-ups also raise more investment for AI integrations, propelling them to high marketability and competitiveness. Annually, more AI apps go viral, bringing greater exposure and revenues to their owners.

Amazon's Alexa can now answer questions about the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Daily Mail - Science & tech

The moment that sports fans around the world have been waiting for is almost here, with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics finally kicking off today. With over 200 countries and regions competing across 33 sports and 46 disciplines, it can be hard to keep up with all the latest news. Thankfully, Amazon has your back, and has equipped its smart assistant, Alexa, with facts to give users quick and easy access to the latest news and successes throughout the games. 'Alexa, what's Team GB's Olympics update?' 'Alexa, what's Team Ireland's Olympics update?' 'Alexa, which country has the most gold meals?' 'Alexa, who is the athlete of the day?' Users of Alexa-enabled devices can ask the smart assistant a range of questions, including'Alexa, which country has the most gold medals?', and receive answers almost immediately. Amazon explained: 'Following the Olympics Opening Ceremony on Friday 23rd July, Alexa will give customers the low down on Team GB, Team Ireland, ParalympicsGB and Paralympics Ireland athletes competing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games this year.

Cree Lighting Connected Max ST19 review: An affordable, tunable, filament smart bulb


The maker of our favorite budget-priced color A19 smart bulb is back with a slew of new smart lights, including this Edison-style ST19 filament bulb. Priced at a reasonable $13 (or $75 for a six-pack), the tunable white Cree Lighting Connected Max ST19 boasts easy setup; connects directly to Wi-Fi networks; supports Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings; and packs an impressive arsenal of automation tools. But the quirky Cree app can be confusing to use (why must you group lights that are already in a room?), and the ST19's lowest brightness setting is still a bit bright for our taste. Cree Lighting offers a wide range of bulbs in its Connected Max line, including a color A19 bulb that's our current Editors' Choice for budget-priced smart bulbs. Back in May, Cree unveiled a series of new Connected Max products, including this ST19 filament bulb.

The Apple TV 4K (64GB) is on sale for $180 right now


Apple gave its TV 4K set-top box some love this year by upgrading the internals and revamping its accompanying Siri remote. But it didn't change the price, which means you'll still pay at least $179 for it. However, Amazon has a new deal that knocks nearly $20 off the 64GB Apple TV 4K, bringing it down to $180. The base, 32GB model has been on sale for $169 for a few weeks at this point, but this new deal essentially lets you get the extra-storage model at the base's original price. We consider the 2021 Apple TV 4K to be the best high-end streaming box you can get, and it's even more attractive if you live in the Apple ecosystem.

6 AI-based Gadgets For A Smarter Home


Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are the buzz words in the tech industry. Voice command-based personal home assistants such as Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, Google, Microsoft's Cortana and even Samsung's Bixby are the trailblazers in the space. But you will be surprised how these technologies are seeping into home products and gadgets you use daily--many of these are synced through the above-mentioned assistants to increase a device's efficacy and we're not talking just smartphones. If you're a tech-savvy Indian who wants to stay on top of the game when it comes to smart devices for the home. Chinese smartphone brand, Xiaomi, has made an entry in the white goods space in India and one of their best-selling products is the Mi Smart Water Purifier.

Amazon finally gives Alexa a masculine-sounding voice

The Independent - Tech

Amazon has quietly added a masculine-sounding voice to Alexa. The voice assistant's feminine speech is in contrast to competitors from both Google and Apple, which each offer the option to choose different voices. It has led to concern over the gendered implications for offering the voice assistant with only a feminine-sounding voice. Now the company has finally added a masculine-sounding voice, which appears to be called "Ziggy". The change came amid a more loudly announced change that added voices such as Shaquille O'Neal, and was first spotted by The Ambient.

The making of an intelligent virtual agent (IVA)


For years, businesses have sought to provide customers with more self-service options and increase automation rates in their contact centers using speech-enabled interactive voice response systems (IVRs). They have also invested heavily in developing web chatbots. However, these systems were complicated to develop and required organizations to purchase, host, and manage a vast array of software, hardware, and equipment. Applications were also created in silos, requiring multiple development projects while making it difficult for applications to share data and context. A number of disruptive innovations have made it easier and more affordable to deploy AI-and-speech-enabled self-service.

Current Echo smart speakers and displays will support Matter, Amazon says


Matter, the open-source smart home standard that promises to unite Amazon's, Apple's, and Google's smart home platforms, is one of the most exciting developments that we're tracking in the smart home space. Now comes word that most Amazon Echo speakers will receive firmware updates enabling them to support Matter. The announcement, made during Amazon's Alexa Live developer conference today, means that almost all Alexa-powered Echo devices will be able to control Matter-enabled smart products, a development that will give the upcoming standard a major boost. All current and many legacy Echo speakers will get the Matter update, Amazon says. Indeed, only three older Echo speakers won't work with Matter: the first-generation Echo and Echo Dot speakers, as well as the Amazon Tap, a long-discontinued portable Bluetooth speaker with Alexa on board.

Amazon says most Echo speakers will support the Matter smart home platform


Amazon's support for the Matter smart home platform is coming into focus. Previously known as Project Chip (Connected Home over IP), Matter comes from the Connectivity Standards Alliance, a group made up of device manufacturers like Amazon, Google, Apple and Samsung. It's meant to standardize voice assistant support across multiple devices, as well as to make it easier to connect smart home gadgets to your home network. During its Alexa Live developer presentation, Amazon said that practically every plug-in Echo speaker will support Matter, save for the first-generation Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Tap, The Verge reports. It's unclear when the Echo support will actually arrive, but at this point we're expecting Matter devices to launch later this year. Google has already declared strong commitment for the platform -- so much so that we've speculated it could help unite the fragmented smart home ecosystem.