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Voice Recognition Bakery Solution


It seems that I am building a voice recognition system, but under the hood it's actually a chat bot. The voice part is just a chat interface because we need to covert the voice to text, then we write our algorithm to find the proper data and formulate to native response, and covert text to speech again. A chatbot is a program that communicate with you. The term "chatterbot" came in existence in 1994 when Michael Mauldin created his first chatbot named "Julia". It can be looked upon as a virtual assistant that communicates with users via text messages and helps businesses in getting close to their customers. It is a program designed to imitate the way humans communicate with each other.

The Future of Chatbots


What is the future of chatbots? As the Chief Product Officer of an AI bot-building platform, I get this question a lot, and there are many ways to answer it. As a company, I think we can only answer this question if we know where we are planning to go. Which goal are we aiming for? Chatlayer's mission is to make it possible for everyone to have a personal conversation at any time.

AI-powered chatbots to scale customer service support.


When customers reach out to the company for service, they expect instant responses to their problems. However, a customer care provider can only cater to a certain number of cases at a time. How do you scale support? Have you thought about the customers? There are so many service horror sagas that customers have experienced like long wait lines where the agent is unavailable, one where the agent is unable to deliver answers to customer's questions, agents ghosting on a customer on call, and inconsistent answers provided by service agents.

Bridging the gap between computers and human emotion.


In a time where we are so interconnected, it is baffling that we can be just as alone. I remember feeling alone, and I'm sure we all have at some point in our lives. Everyone in the world has felt incompetent, damaged, or misguided. But in that we also have found new ways to adapt and grow through platforms that speak openly about mental health to new outlets for getting help. It's that human connection that makes us complete, but we still have a long ways to go from living in a world where we can fairly and effectively treat an individual's mental health issues. The barriers to mental health access are far more pronounced today than ever. Teens and adults alike are finding it harder to find access to care, and people are becoming more isolated than ever. Globally, more than 70% of people with mental illness receive no treatment whatsoever while a study by the World Health Organization found that between 30 and 80 percent of people with mental health issues don't seek treatment.

Four Things AI Can Do Today to Help Your Company Thrive


Not long ago, artificial intelligence (AI) seemed like part of some distant, cyborgian future. Now, everywhere you turn, AI is shaping the way we live. From algorithms that design our social media feeds to voice-activated technology ready to answer the most mundane of questions ("Hey Siri, what's the forecast for today?"), AI has crossed over from otherworldly to the here and now. AI can be a huge boon for marketers who have spent decades in the dark, wondering what tactics work and what doesn't when it comes to their marketing and customer service practices.

Here are all the best early Prime Day deals on robot vacuums


If you're planning on having a hot girl summer, you shouldn't be wasting your time cleaning when you can outsource the work. A good robot vacuum will give you more time to get outside, see friends and family you haven't seen in ages, and just unwind after the most stressful year. Just in time, these pre-Prime Day deals on robot vacuums and mops are here to save you tons of money (as in, up to $240) so you can spend less time cleaning and more time actually enjoying the sunny months. At a whopping $240 off, this deal matches the previous low on the Roborock S6 Pure -- and it's the lowest price we've seen on this model so far this year. With 2000Pa suction, carpet boost, WiFi connectivity, voice control, multi-floor mapping, and precise navigation, this robot vacuum and mop does it all -- for a decent price thanks to this early Prime Day discount.

Google's Nest Audio smart speaker hits new low of $75


At $100, Google's impressive Nest Audio was already good value for money, but a 25 percent discount has now brought it down to an even more affordable $75. Perhaps, it's a case of Google countering Amazon's early Prime Day deals on Echo speakers with a new all-time low price. Whatever the reasons behind the latest promo, it's always nice to have another option when shopping for tech. The Nest Audio is a solid bet for music fans on a budget. As we noticed in our tests, it's slightly louder than Apple's HomePod Mini and packs stronger bass, too. Inside the speaker is a 75mm woofer and 19mm tweeter, while the Google Home and Nest Mini make do with single drivers.

Insurance Chatbot


Life can come at you in unpredictable ways, and having yourself safely insured is always a smart investment plan. The core of any insurance plan is to provide you with protection. Making small investments in insurance can provide you with financial security in advance. Now, with technological advancements and messaging platforms growing popular, the insurance sector has seen a significant surge in the way it has been running all along. Insurance is a data-driven sector and in the last many years, data corruption has been a persistent problem in this sector.

Ways to Upgrade Your Digital Marketing Efforts in 2021


These days, the task of marketing your business must include a huge digital component as the world increasingly transitions to online from real interactions. For most modern businesses, budgets demonstrate the transition to digital. For instance, digital ad spending increased by 12% in 2020, despite the pandemic. No business can afford to ignore the digital landscape and e-commerce these days. So if you're looking for ways to upgrade your digital marketing for 2021 to take advantage of recent changes, you're in the right place.

Advanced AI eBooks Bundle by Morgan Claypool


If the potential and possibility of artificial intelligence has always fascinated you, get ready for the perfect bundle to fill the next few weeks with! Humble Bundle teamed up with Morgan & Claypool to bring you insights into AI and its applications into autonomous vehicles, conversational systems, and more! Pick up this bundle and you'll enjoy discovering eBooks like Why AI/Data Science Projects Fail: How to Avoid Project Pitfalls, Deep Learning Systems: Algorithms, Compilers, and Processors for Large-Scale Production, and Conversational AI: Dialogue Systems, Conversational Agents, and Chatbots. Your purchase of this bundle helps support a charity of your choice. This bundle launched on June 14 at 11:00 am PST and lasts through July 05, 2021.