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Genesys: Top Strategies in Leveraging AI for Automation in Customer Service


Genesys is one of the popular technology companies in India that leverages major cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence to enhance customer as well as employee experiences. It provides cloud-based contact center software that includes inbound and outbound analytics, self-service options, screen share, and many more. Genesys is known for connecting customers in marketing, sales, and services on any type of channel efficiently and effectively. Genesys with AI offers automation through different strategies in recent years across 100 countries for more than 11,000 customers. Let's explore some of the top strategies for AI for automation in multiple tasks.

Use Google in the car? Google Assistant, Android Auto get fresh updates, and new partner in Honda

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Google is updating critical features for the millions of drivers who depend on its technology to help them get around. The tech giant announced the upcoming changes Thursday to Google Assistant and Android Auto driving modes and a new automaker, Honda, will have Google technology installed in its vehicles. Google said that drivers using Google Assistant on Android phones will soon see a new dashboard they say will reduce "the need to fiddle with your phone while also making sure you stay focused on the road." Instead of scrolling while driving, Google said drivers could tap to see who just called or sent a text and have access to several apps to listen to music with the new dashboard. The dashboard will also include a new messaging update where drivers can say, "Hey Google, turn on auto-read," to hear their new messages read aloud when they come in and respond by voice.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Future of Digital Marketing


According to a survey conducted by PwC, 72% of business leaders use AI for their business advantage. The Digital marketing world has been restructured immensely since the emergence of AI. It helps companies develop powerful digital strategies, optimizes campaigns, and improves return on investment. Teleflora, a floral company in the US, used AI marketing to build new customers' profiles and improve customer loyalty. Using these historical data, Teleflora used AI marketing to predict the future customer behavior of different audience segments.

What Is It Like to Be a Robot? – Rodney Brooks


This is the first post in an intended series on what is the current state of Artificial Intelligence capabilities, and what we can expect in the relative short term. I will be at odds with the more outlandish claims that are circulating in the press, and amongst what I consider an alarmist group that includes people in the AI field and outside of it. In this post I start to introduce some of the key components of my future arguments, as well as show how different any AI system might be from us humans. Some may recognize the title of this post as an homage to the 1974 paper by Thomas Nagel, "What Is It Like to Be a Bat?". Two more recent books, one from 2009 by Alexandra Horowitz on dogs, and one from 2016 by Peter Godfrey-Smith on octopuses also pay homage to Nagel's paper each with a section of a chapter titled "What it is like", and "What It's Like", respectively, giving affirmative responses to their own questions about what is it like to be a dog, or an octopus.

You can nab a limited-edition Billie Eilish Echo Studio for $230


After playing through some Billie Eilish tracks in Beat Saber, soon you'll also be able to kick back and listen to a limited-edition Echo Studio sporting the cover of her latest album, "Happier Than Ever." Beyond the beige fabric and Eilish's visage, the $230 speaker is no different than the standard $200 Echo Studio. That's a shame if you were hoping for some sort of upgrade, but if it's any consolation, we adored the Echo Studio's beefy hardware when it launched two years ago. It's one of the few smart speakers built for 3D Audio, and it has more than enough power to blast all of your favorite tunes. The Billie Eilish Limited-Edition Echo Studio also comes with a six-month subscription to Amazon Music, typically a $48 value.

OnStar emergency services will be available through Alexa starting in October


GM will soon allow OnStar subscribers to contact emergency services through Alexa smart speakers. The company is bringing the OnStar Guardian Alexa skill to Amazon devices in the coming months. If you need emergency assistance, you're an OnStar member and the skill is active, you can say "Alexa, call for help." OnStar emergency-certified advisors can then call police or EMTs for you. Alexa devices don't support 911 calls otherwise, but you can set up an emergency contact.

Open-Source NLP Projects (With Tutorials) - The Click Reader


If you are a student or a professional looking for various open-source Natural Language Processing (NLP) projects, then, this article is made to help you. The NLP projects listed below are categorized in an experience-wise manner. All of these projects can be implemented using Python. Text Summarizer is a project that can summarize long paragraphs of text into a single line summary. It can turn an article into a summary using Python and Keras library.

Customer Experience through Chatbot! - smartData


The chatbot industry is rapidly expanding; its value was USD 17.17 billion in 2020 and is predicted to reach USD 102.29 billion by 2026, with a 34.75 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the forecasted period of 2021-2026. These Chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence, and they use natural language processing (NLP) to understand text-free and voice-based input from users and respond based on defined business logic, which is engaging for customers and contributes to a memorable customer experience by solving their needs and even adding value by making recommendations. Chatbots powered by artificial intelligence (AI) are redefining how businesses communicate with their customers. Following the chatbot industry trends will connect you with your customers in a terrific way, especially at this time when social messaging platforms are growing in popularity. Businesses can gain useful insights into user experience (UX) and be notified early about any issues or blockages that their consumers are experiencing by gathering data from chatbot chats.

iOS 15 bug lets anyone bypass locked iPhone to access Notes app


Apple released iOS 15 on Monday and there's already a vulnerability making the rounds. Security researcher Jose Rodriguez published a video Monday detailing how he was able to bypass the lock screen on an iPhone with iOS 15 (and iOS 14.8) in order to access the Notes app. The vulnerability requires an attacker to have physical access to the targeted device. In the video, with his iPhone locked, Rodriguez asks Siri to activate VoiceOver, a feature that audibly describes what's on the screen. He then pulls down the Control Center and taps Instant Notes, which allows users to quickly jot down a note without unlocking the iPhone.

Are your devices always all ears?


How many times has this happened that you would've had a conversation about this particular thing and the next thing you know is all your social media apps and web browsers are displaying advertisements related to it. It almost feels like a nexus. It's not even an exaggeration when I say sometimes, I am shown ads of things I've just thought about in my head. The main question that pops up is whether our so very smartphones are listening to us? The vulnerability begins with voice assistants always having their ear at us with the "always-on" feature to pick up words like "Hello Siri" or "Alexa" or "Ok Google".