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Conversational AI Explained


The idea of speaking to an intelligent agent and having a human-like conversation has intrigued and captivated the imagination for decades. In recent years, Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa have started to fulfill some of the promise of having a virtual assistant attend to basic tasks and simple information retrieval. However, when it comes to business applications the results have been less impressive. Text-based chatbots emerged with a limited range of success and true voice-based agents didn't fare much better than the old-style IVR phone-trees. What used to be "press 1 for yes", became "say'yes' for "yes".

Amazon's redesigned Echo Buds offer improved noise cancellation for $120


Amazon's Echo Buds were successful in offering an AirPods alternative to people who prefer Alexa to Siri. Hands-free access to the assistant worked well, the earbuds were affordable at $130 and the company offered a decent amount of customization. However, the first-gen model didn't sound great, battery life was short and Bose-powered Active Noise Reduction (ANR) wasn't as powerful as true active noise cancellation (ANC). Today, Amazon is introducing a redesigned second-gen version of the Echo Buds that are cheaper, smaller and address all the key flaws from the initial release. The main feature of the all-new Echo Buds is still hands-free access to Alexa.

Amazon unveils smaller, lighter Echo Buds starting at $120

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Amazon is releasing a revamped version of its wireless Echo Buds that are lighter, smaller, and feature a redesigned case for wireless charging. The tech giant unveiled its next-generation Echo Buds on Wednesday. The wireless earbuds will be available in either black or glacier white, and will sell for $119.99 for a version with wired charging or $139.99 for one with wireless charging. For a limited time, both sets of earbuds will go for $99.99 and $119.99, They will also include six free months of Amazon Music Unlimited and Audible Plus (customers must be eligible for a free trial).

Amazon's new Echo Buds offer active noise cancellation on the cheap


Amazon's Echo Buds didn't impress us much in 2019, to paraphrase Shania Twain. Now, the empire that Jeff Bezos built is back with a second attempt at in-house wireless earbuds slated for this spring. And they might be what we were looking for the first time around. The new Echo Buds address perhaps the biggest problem with the bulky first-gen model right away, with a slightly different form factor that Amazon says is 20 percent smaller. The stem's size has been reduced to hopefully improve in-ear comfort and the formerly glossy black exterior panel is now matte.

Visualizing Tech Giants' Artificial Intelligence Ambitions


Artificial intelligence is evolving unprecedently. From smart digital assistants to autonomous cars, this technology is touching every aspect of life and work. Extending beyond a science-fiction anecdote, AI is prevalent today and can encompass anything from Google's search algorithms to IBM's Watson and autonomous weapons. Many big tech giants are making big leaps toward artificial intelligence by acquiring and merging with AI companies and startups. Here, we will look at the tech giants' AI ambitions.

New Apple TV box will be able to watch you too thanks to built-in camera, reports say

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Apple is working on a new product that combines its HomePod smart speaker with the Apple TV. The upcoming device would include a camera for video conferencing and control over smart home equipment, Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with Apple's internal developments. It would also include the same functionality we've seen from Apple's existing products: streaming video and audio, gaming capabilities, and Siri support. Apple is also said to be working on another product that would combine an iPad with a HomePod speaker. Similar products have been released by Amazon and Google recently, such as the Echo Show 10 or the Google Nest Hub.

Amazon Echo Dot (4th gen) review: Alexa's new small budget ball

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Amazon's fourth-generation Echo Dot has evolved from its predecessors' puck-like appearance into a small ball, shaking up the idea of what a small smart speaker can look like. The new Echo Dot is priced the same as the last one, costing from £50, although it will be frequently available at a discount at various retailers, and looks like the full-sized £80 Echo hit with a shrink ray. It has a fabric top and front, hard plastic sides and back, and Amazon's traditional four-button array for turning the volume up and down, muting the microphones and an action button. It is a cute little ball that doesn't look like a speaker or its competition. But while it takes up the same footprint as its puck-shaped predecessor, it is about twice its height which makes it slightly less discreet in your home.

Here's when Apple will hold its next event, according to Siri


Prompt Siri and ask, "When is the next Apple event?" Follow along as we break down each iPad model. "The special event is on Tuesday, April 20, at Apple Park in Cupertino, Calif. You can get all the details on" I've asked Siri the same question on two different iPhones, an Apple Watch, and an iPad Pro this morning, but they all failed to give me more than a generic answer to check Apple's website. However, when I asked Siri on my HomePod, it spilled the beans.

Siri reveals April 20 as date for next Apple event where new iPad Pros expected to launch

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Apple's digital assistant Siri has revealed April 20 as the date of the company's next unveiling event. Upon being asked'When is the next Apple Event?', Siri says'The special event is on Tuesday, April 20, at Apple Park in Cupertino, CA. You can get all the details on' Apple is expected to unveil the new fifth-generation iPad Pro, AirPods and AirTags – its long-rumoured high-tech tag device for tracking everyday items. It's expected to livestream the unveiling event online without an in-person audience, like its recent events, due to the current pandemic. MailOnline has contacted Apple for comment. Upon being asked'When is the next Apple Event,' Siri says'The special event is on Tuesday, April 20, at Apple Park in Cupertino, CA LEDs are small light sources in TVs that illuminates pixels to make an image.

Siri says Apple will hold a special event on April 20th


If you're wondering when Apple will hold its next event, Siri may have the answer. Ask the digital helper: "When is the next Apple event?" and it will respond with "the special event is on Tuesday, April 20, at Apple Park in Cupertino, CA. You can get all the details on" MacRumors, which spotted the reply, says the virtual assistant is providing it in certain instances on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and HomePod. While it's an open secret that Apple is planning an event for later this month where it's expected to debut a new iPad Pro, Siri has seemingly leaked the date ahead of confirmation.