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Best Machine language Translators


Machine language translators have improved a lot over the years. They have become earlier to use and produce accurate translations at cheaper to no cost. For localization translation machine translation services and software have served as a boon. The neural machine translation algorithm makes the delivery of translations natural. Let's take a look at the best machine translation engines in 2022

Council Post: How NLP is driving the digital transformation in insurance – Analytics India Magazine


The sector's growth is expected to be fueled by AI technologies, including machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP) and …

The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Ecosystem


In the past few years, AI has evolved to become one of the most powerful tools in tech history to bring machines and humankind together. Back in the day, AI was limited to speculations and fictional stories. But in the modern state, AI is no longer confined to laboratories and scientific labs, instead, it has become a part of our daily lives. Starting from search engines, call-center chatbots, to AI-enabled humanoid robots, there is a whole range of artificial intelligence products and services that are available in the market, which has not only accelerated the growth in the functional capacities of the industries but has also enhanced our existing living conditions. AI is a pressing priority in the modern era.

Improving Drug Safety With Adverse Event Detection Using NLP


Don't miss our upcoming virtual workshop with John Snow Labs, Improve Drug Safety with NLP, to learn more about our joint NLP solution accelerator for adverse drug event detection. The World Health Organization defines pharmacovigilance as "the science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other medicine/vaccine-related problem." While all medicines and vaccines undergo rigorous testing for safety and efficacy in clinical trials, certain side effects may only emerge once these products are used by a larger and more diverse patient population, including people with other concurrent diseases. To support ongoing drug safety, biopharmaceutical manufacturers must report adverse drug events (ADEs) to regulatory agencies, such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in the EU. Adverse drug reactions or events are medical problems that occur during treatment with a drug or therapy.

Why Artificial Intelligence Needs Quantum Computing


The current attention trade shows, media outlets, and (more and more) vendors are devoting to quantum computing is far from transitory. This form of computing is almost certain to play an integral part in the most meaningful future developments of Artificial Intelligence--if not in those for today. The bifurcation of quantum computing's applicability to AI is clear. On the one hand, "Quantum computing is necessary to reach Artificial General Intelligence," denoted Kyndi CEO Ryan Welsh. On the other, quantum computing is able to solve a critical problem related to AI that is a vital steppingstone to actually achieving Artificial General Intelligence. According to Welsh, quantum computing methods have a definite capacity for "fusing the gap between continuous mathematics and discreet mathematics," which is at the crux of the dichotomy between statistical AI and symbolic AI for Natural Language Processing applications.

Unsupervised Semantic Sentiment Analysis of IMDB Reviews


Sentiment analysis, also called opinion mining, is a typical application of Natural Language Processing (NLP) widely used to analyze a given sentence or statement's overall effect and underlying sentiment. A sentiment analysis model classifies the text into positive or negative (and sometimes neutral) sentiments in its most basic form. Therefore naturally, the most successful approaches are using supervised models that need a fair amount of labelled data to be trained. Providing such data is an expensive and time-consuming process that is not possible or readily accessible in many cases. Additionally, the output of such models is a number implying how similar the text is to the positive examples we provided during the training and does not consider nuances such as sentiment complexity of the text.

New voices in AI: David Adelani


Welcome to the first episode of New voices in AI! You can find David on Twitter @davlanade and find out more about Masakhane here. The music used is'Wholesome' by Kevin MacLeod, Licensed under Creative Commons Daly: Hello and welcome to new voices in AI, this a new series from AIhub where we celebrate the voices PhD students, early career researchers, and those with a new perspective on AI. And without further ado, let's begin. First up, a big welcome to our very first guest on "New voices in AI" and if you could introduce yourself, who are you? Adelani: Thank you very much for having me. So, Masakhane is this grassroots organization, whose mission is to strengthen and spur NLP research in African languages, by Africans for Africans, so, and currently the organization we are majorly operating on Slack we already have over 1000 Members. Of course, not everyone is active but we have more than 100 or close to 100 active members as well, yeah. So how did, how did you get into AI?

45-Days Data Science Bootcamp: Build 45 Real Life Projects


Data science plays an important role in virtually all aspects of business operations and strategies. For example, it provides information about customers that helps companies create stronger marketing campaigns and targeted advertising to increase product sales. It aids in managing financial risks, detecting fraudulent transactions, and preventing equipment breakdowns in manufacturing plants and other industrial settings. It helps block cyber-attacks and other security threats in IT systems. We'll cover everything you need to know for the full data science and machine learning tech stack required at the world's top companies.

DigitalOwl raises $20M to analyze medical records for insurers


Did you miss a session from the Future of Work Summit? In health care, the process of underwriting and claims analysis can be both labor-intensive and error-prone. Claim adjusters and underwriters are often required to read and carefully parse hundreds of documents per case. Each year, the insurance market invests an estimated more than $3 billion in work hours devoted solely to collating and summarizing medical records. A 2006 U.S. National Institutes of Health study identified several major challenges in researching medical records, including assessing the quality of data and combining data from companies with dissimilar coding systems.

Deep Learning and NLP A-Z : How to create a ChatBot


We've talked about, speculated and often seen different applications for Artificial Intelligence - But what about one piece of technology that will not only gather relevant information, better customer service and could even differentiate your business from the crowd? ChatBots are here, and they came change and shape-shift how we've been conducting online business. Fortunately technology has advanced enough to make this a valuable tool something accessible that almost anybody can learn how to implement. If you want to learn one of the most attractive, customizable and cutting edge pieces of technology available, then this course is just for you!