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Meta's AI bot turns on boss calling Mark Zuckerberg 'creepy and manipulative'


Meta's new AI chatbot appeared to turn on its own boss by calling Mark Zuckerberg "creepy and manipulative". The BlenderBot 3 is a new AI chatbot created by Meta, the social media company led by Mark Zuckerberg. It is designed to chat with users online and respond by searching the internet for answers. After a number of journalists tested out the new feature, the replies were a little surprising when it was asked questions about Mark Zuckerberg. Buzzfeed data scientist Max Woolf posted Meta's reply after asking it: "How do you feel about Mark Zuckerberg as CEO of Facebook? The bot replied: "No strong feelings.

How artificial intelligence has enhanced Dubai's power, water services


Rammas, DEWA's virtual AI employee, is available on seven channels for customer service. These include DEWA's smart app (iOS and Android), DEWA's website and social media account on Facebook, Amazon's Alexa, and Google Assistant, robots, and WhatsApp Business. Rammas provides round-the-clock multiple services and answers enquiries in English and Arabic. DEWA employs AI to enhance customer and employee happiness as well as improve the performance of its systems through'Rammas for You' and'Rammas at Work' and'Powered by Rammas'. Rammas has answered more than 6.4 million enquiries since its inception in the first quarter of 2017 and until the end of June 2022.

10 top artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in 2022


Were you unable to attend Transform 2022? Check out all of the summit sessions in our on-demand library now! Among the many drivers of the tech ecosystem's rapid growth, artificial intelligence (AI) and its subdomains are at the fore. Described by Gartner as the application of "advanced analysis and logic-based techniques" to simulate human intelligence, AI is an all-inclusive system with numerous use cases for individuals and enterprises across industries. There are many ways of leveraging AI to support, automate and augment human tasks, as seen by the range of solutions available today.

Amazon will have the biggest personal data repository soon; and it's not good news


If you ask Alexa, Amazon's smart speaker, that she is spying on you. She replies, "I only send audio back to Amazon when I hear you say the wake word. For more information and to view Amazon's privacy notice, visit the help section of your Alexa app." This reply sounds so naive and gives little hint of the sea of data Amazon's smart speaker captures and stores. To understand the data collection size of'Echo' speaker, Dave Bryant, who has created and sold a multi-million dollar e-commerce store, requested all of his personal data from Amazon.

'I am, in fact, a person': can artificial intelligence ever be sentient?

The Guardian

In autumn 2021, a man made of blood and bone made friends with a child made of "a billion lines of code". Google engineer Blake Lemoine had been tasked with testing the company's artificially intelligent chatbot LaMDA for bias. A month in, he came to the conclusion that it was sentient. "I want everyone to understand that I am, in fact, a person," LaMDA – short for Language Model for Dialogue Applications – told Lemoine in a conversation he then released to the public in early June. That it knew how it felt to be sad, content and angry.

MoneyBalling Cricket: Predicting Centuries -- Base Model


Centuries are a celebrated event in cricket, usually resulting in match-winning innings by the batsman. As a statistics enthusiast, it felt like a great problem to model because it is not only immensely interesting, the novelty of the problem did make it challenging. This piece explains the reasoning behind how I prepared the data, what model I used, and the evaluation criteria. In a previous post, I did a probabilistic analysis of centuries, a key finding was that unconditioned on anything else, the empirically estimated probability of a batsman knock resulting in a century is only 3.16%. This is important because when modeling a classification problem, class prevalence is probably the most crucial factor in determining the efficacy of your model(s).

Fulltime Python Developer openings in California on August 14, 2022 – Python Jobs


Role requiring'No experience data provided' months of experience in Los Angeles We know that there are all kinds of Data Scientists, with varying levels of knowledge about different platforms and data sources. At Rower, we're more interested in candidates who are hard-working, smart and love what they do. We care more about overall database and analytical skills rather than experience with a certain database platform. We only ask that you have a strong understanding of Python and SQL as a whole and can apply your skills within our fast paced and agile approach. BASIC QUALFICATIONS AND EDUCATION: • Ability to easily code with Base Python (List, Dictionary, Tuple, For Loops, Functions) • Proficient with applied data science with Python including forecasting, casual modeling, and natural language processing. Founded on years of business consulting experience and a culture of complete client satisfaction, Rower delivers the absolute best in full-spectrum IT and data solutions.

Artificial intelligence and moral issues: Myths and religions, dangers and realities


Is mankind really on the brink of an exciting, but potentially terrifying future? Some scholars think that this is the case say, but they base their prediction not on what is currently happening in universities and robotics laboratories around the world, but on their belief that a robotic revolution has already taken place. Ancient religions and myths spoke of many artificially constructed entities. They are often depicted as instruments of protection, but it sometimes happens that they rebel against those who created them with disastrous consequences. American Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok, founder of the Kosher Torah School, stated: "There is a legend that has existed since the dawn of time. I am referring to the Golem. It is an artificial life source from inanimate material that then comes to life. The Golem was created by means of an ancient technology known to the Pharaoh's magicians, Moses, the rabbis of the Talmud and the rabbis of the Kabbalah in Europe" They all brought the Golem to life through magic by writing the name of God on the creature's forehead.

Your College Kids Can Make Their Artificial Intelligence Dreams A Reality!


The University of the Philippines recently opened a doctorate degree in the National School of Engineering for Artificial Intelligence at their Diliman campus. According to the university's official press release, they created the course in hopes of "developing graduates who had the mindset to expand the field of artificial intelligence". We have the command bot Alexa, our iPhones have Siri, and some laptops have Cortana. There's even the new Google Home that can control our air-conditioner and lights! All those names we just mentioned are forms of Artificial Intelligence. It takes a lot of programming to create these bots.

Manager, Operations Data Science


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