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Create Own Artificial Neural Network In Python


Artificial neural networks (ANNs), also known as neural networks (NNs), are computer systems that are modelled after the biological neural networks that make up animal brains. In this course,we will learn to create our own neural networks with python. Introduction to artificial neural network: Artificial neural networks simulates the functioning of human brain .This section,we will learn the basics of artificial neural network.We will also learn various types of neural network.,techniques of neural networks. Tasks associated with neural network with examples,feed forward and feed back neural networks and more…. Python basics: Python is the language widely used for development.We can use python in desktop,web and ML development.

Salesforce adds new RPA capabilities to Einstein Automate


Salesforce on Thursday announced new robotic process automation (RPA) tools for Einstein Automate, the portfolio of tools that help organizations automate processes, build workflows and connect data. The new tools include MuleSoft RPA, Einstein Document Reader and Digital Process Automation. Salesforce introduced Einstein Automate last year as part of its Customer 360 strategy to serve as more of a process engine for companies. Einstein Automate comprises low-code tools that customers can use regardless of their technical background. In addition to offering low-code tools to help users build their own workflows, it offers hundreds of pre-built, industry-specific workflows.

Machine learning is moving beyond the hype


Machine learning has been around for decades, but for much of that time, businesses were only deploying a few models and those required tedious, painstaking work done by PhDs and machine learning experts. Over the past couple of years, machine learning has grown significantly thanks to the advent of widely available, standardized, cloud-based machine learning platforms. Today, companies across every industry are deploying millions of machine learning models across multiple lines of business. Tax and financial software giant Intuit started with a machine learning model to help customers maximize tax deductions; today, machine learning touches nearly every part of their business. In the last year alone, Intuit has increased the number of models deployed across their platform by over 50 percent.

Top Snowflake Interview Questions


Snowflake is a cloud data warehouse provided as a software-as-a-service (SaaS). It consists of unique architecture to handle multiple aspects of data and analytics. Snowflake sets itself apart from all other traditional data warehouse solutions with advanced capabilities like improved performance, simplicity, high concurrency and cost-effectiveness. Snowflake's shared data architecture physically separates the computation and storage which is not possible by the traditional offerings. It streamlines the process for businesses to store and analyze massive volumes of data using cloud-based tools.

How to Implement Customer Churn Prediction[with Machine Learning]


When it comes to useful business applications of machine learning, it doesn't get much better than customer churn prediction. It's a problem where you usually have a lot of high-quality, fresh data to work with, it's relatively straightforward, and solving it can be a great way to increase profits.Churn rate is a critical metric of customer satisfaction. Low churn rates mean happy customers; high churn rates mean customers are leaving you. A small rate of monthly/quarterly churn compounds over time. According to Forbes, it takes a lot more money (up to five times more) to get new customers than to keep the ones you already have.

Salesforce updates Service Cloud with Slack "swarming" and other new tools


Salesforce on Thursday introduced a series of new features and tools to Service Cloud, with the intent of streamlining experiences between customer service agents and consumers. Service Cloud is one of the Salesforce tools that now leverages Slack -- in this case, for a "swarming" capability that brings together all of the right experts to quickly solve customer problems. The first batch of new capabilities, including Slack swarming, enable new workflows for faster, more efficient customer experiences. The Slack integration is part of Service Cloud's Customer Service Incident Management feature, which will be generally available in the Winter 2022. It's designed to help companies detect, diagnose, and respond to service disruptions.

Salesforce's CodeT5 system can understand and generate code


The Transform Technology Summits start October 13th with Low-Code/No Code: Enabling Enterprise Agility. AI-powered coding tools, which generate code using machine learning algorithms, have attracted increasing attention over the last decade. In theory, systems like OpenAI's Codex could reduce the time people spend writing software as well as computational and operational costs. But existing systems have major limitations, leading to undesirable results like errors. In search of a better approach, researchers at Salesforce open-sourced a machine learning system called CodeT5, which can understand and generate code in real time. The team claims that CodeT5 achieves state-of-the-art performance on coding tasks including code defect detection, which predicts whether code is vulnerable to exploits, and clone detection, which predicts whether two code snippets have the same functionality.

How low-code platforms enable machine learning


Low-code platforms improve the speed and quality of developing applications, integrations, and data visualizations. Instead of building forms and workflows in code, low-code platforms provide drag-and-drop interfaces to design screens, workflows, and data visualizations used in web and mobile applications. Low-code integration tools support data integrations, data prep, API orchestrations, and connections to common SaaS platforms. If you're designing dashboards and reports, there are many low-code options to connect to data sources and create data visualizations. If you can do it in code, there's probably a low-code or no-code technology that can help accelerate the development process and simplify ongoing maintenance.

Is Stock a Buy?

#artificialintelligence's (NYSE:AI) stock tumbled 10% on Sept. 2 after the artificial intelligence software provider posted its first-quarter earnings. Its revenue rose 29% year-over-year to $52.4 million, beating estimates by $1.1 million. It posted a net loss of $37.5 million -- compared to a slim profit of $150,000 a year ago -- but its loss of $0.37 per share still matched Wall Street's expectations. Should investors buy C3 after its post-earnings plunge? Or is it still overvalued even after plummeting more than 70% from its 52-week high?

Global Quality Management Software Market By Solution Type, By Enterprise Size, By Deployment Type, By End User, By Regional Outlook, Industry Analysis Report and Forecast, 2021 - 2027


GNW This management is possible by monitoring & regulating the processes and products for constant quality assurance, minimizing the quality gap between the manufacturing practices & end-product expectations, tracing of deviations, and make sure about the compliances. In addition, the quality management software market is estimated to register a swift growth due to the growing improvements in the capabilities of the solutions by using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools. The market of quality management software is witnessing an increasing adoption around the world because it helps in streamlining various business processes. Quality management software provides several solutions, which helps companies to gain operational efficiency that further minimizes the overall costs. Additionally, this software also enables companies to fulfil the norms and regulations, which is estimated to augment the growth of the market.