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Wells Fargo CIO: AI and machine learning will move financial services industry forward


We are excited to bring Transform 2022 back in-person July 19 and virtually July 20 - 28. Join AI and data leaders for insightful talks and exciting networking opportunities. It's simple: In financial services, customer data offers the most relevant services and advice. But, oftentimes, people use different financial institutions based on their needs – their mortgage with one; their credit card with another; their investments, savings and checking accounts with yet another. And in the financial industry more so than others, institutions are notoriously siloed. Largely because the industry is so competitive and highly regulated, there hasn't been much incentive for institutions to share data, collaborate or cooperate in an ecosystem. Customer data is deterministic (that is, relying on first-person sources), so with customers "living across multiple parties," financial institutions aren't able to form a precise picture of their needs, said Chintan Mehta, CIO and head of digital technology and innovation at Wells Fargo.

Deepfake Epidemic Is Looming--And Adobe Is Preparing For The Worst


Imagine a deepfake video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in which her speech is intentionally slurred and the words she uses are changed to deliver a message that's offensive to large numbers of voters. Now imagine that the technology used to create the video is so sophisticated that it appears completely real, rendering the manipulation undetectable, unlike clumsy deepfakes of Pelosi that circulated--and were quickly debunked--in 2020 and 2021. What would be the impact of such a video on closely contested House races in a midterm election? That's the dilemma Adobe, maker of the world's most popular tools for photo and video editing, faces as it undergoes a top-to-bottom review and redesign of its product mix using artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques. That includes upgrades to the company's signature Photoshop software and Premiere Pro video-editing tool.

Tesla lays off nearly 200 Autopilot employees who help train the company's AI


Tesla has laid off nearly 200 workers, most of them tasked with labeling data to help train the company's Autopilot AI system. The layoffs -- first reported by Bloomberg and confirmed by TechCrunch -- are the latest job losses at Tesla after CEO Elon Musk told company execs that the firm needed to reduce its headcount by about 10 percent. The layoffs centered on Tesla's offices in San Mateo, California, where employees were working on the company's driver-assistance feature Autopilot. Many of those affected were reportedly hourly workers tasked with labeling training data. Such work is essential for developing AI systems but often low-skilled and low-paid.

Mark Cuban's no-cost Artificial Intelligence Boot Camp coming to Portland


The Mark Cuban Foundation announced Wednesday that they will be hosting a no-cost Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Boot Camp in Portland this fall for underserved high school students. The A.I. boot camp is one of the 30 camps across the U.S. and will teach students basic A.I. concepts and skills. The camp will be held on four consecutive Saturdays starting on Oct. 22 and ending on Nov. 12. Each camp session is five hours and no prior experience is required. At the camp, students will learn what A.I. is and is not.

Optical Character Recognition Technology for Business Owners


Early versions of OCR had to be trained with images of each character and could only work with one font at a time. Modern machine learning algorithms make the text recognition process more advanced and provide a higher level of recognition accuracy for most fonts, regardless of input data formats. Advances in machine learning (ML) have given a new impetus to the development of OCR, significantly increasing the number of its applications. With enough training data, the OCR machine learning algorithm now can be applied to any real-world scenario that requires identification and text transformation. For example, receipts scanning, scanning of printed text with the further conversion of it into synthetic speech, traffic sign recognition, license plate recognition, etc.

Infineon's Good Alarm System Places Machine Studying to Bear on Breaking Glass and Different Triggers - Channel969


Infineon Applied sciences has launched what it claims to be the "trade's first" artificially clever acoustic occasion and sensor fusion alarm system to be pushed wholly by battery energy: the Good Alarm System, or SAS. "We're excited to allow a novel and differentiated strategy to bringing AI/ML [Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning] capabilities to cost-sensitive, battery-powered house safety sensor methods, with out sacrificing battery life," says Infineon's Laurent Remont of the launch. Infineon's new edge AI alarm design gives a claimed five-year battery life. "Present house safety options are unreliable for detecting occasions similar to glass break[ing]," Remont continues. "Our new resolution combines a lot of best-in-class applied sciences to create an alarm system that's sensible, dependable and energy environment friendly. We look ahead to bringing extra progressive options into the house safety market."

The Artificial Intelligence Marketing Technology Role For Marketers


The future of Artificial Intelligence Marketing Technology holds quite a lot of untapped potential. For sure, it has been dominating not only in the information communication sector but also in other fields. One among them is online marketing. The unending possibilities and scope of Artificial Intelligence are used by marketing experts to enhance their efforts. A little about Artificial Intelligence is that MC Carthy coined the term at the Dartmouth conference. It is tough to define artificial intelligence as it is evolving and subjective. For decades, Intelligence has been a characteristic of human beings. The advent of artificial intelligence made it possible for machines and systems to have some kind of intelligence. Whereby, they are behaving in a very rational manner. The discipline has got roots in many other disciplines and the future of marketing uses the wide possibilities of artificial intelligence. We assume AI systems adapt to situations based on predefined iterations. Perse, Google doesn't reward your ability to just create quality content on a one keyword basis.



The encounter with the Specifying Integrating Generalizing Mass Array took place not in Sigma's supercooled chamber, but through the laptop. My interview with Sigma was full of irony. I hoped I was not being rude. Anything else I can help you with?" The programming of AI's may have made them smart, I thought, but not polite. "It is a word used specifically to distinguish living beings from inanimate things.

5 Ws of artificial intelligence in developing countries - Dataconomy


We explained the 5 Ws of artificial intelligence in developing countries. In recent years, artificial intelligence hasn't had a very favorable reputation overall. It is considered a threat to human employment opportunities even though we use artificial intelligence in everyday life. Is artificial intelligence better than human intelligence? The answer to this question will differ from person to person, but there is something that cannot be denied.