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New – Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth Now Supports Synthetic Data Generation


Today, I am happy to announce that you can now use Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth to generate labeled synthetic image data. Building machine learning (ML) models is an iterative process that, at a high level, starts with data collection and preparation, followed by model training and model deployment. And especially the first step, collecting large, diverse, and accurately labeled datasets for your model training, is often challenging and time-consuming. Let's take computer vision (CV) applications as an example. CV applications have come to play a key role in the industrial landscape.

Amazon has a plan to make Alexa mimic anyone's voice

The Japan Times wants to give customers the chance to make Alexa, the company's voice assistant, sound just like their grandmother -- or anyone else. The online retailer is developing a system to let Alexa mimic any voice after hearing less than a minute of audio, said Rohit Prasad, an Amazon senior vice president, at a conference the company held in Las Vegas Wednesday. The goal is to "make the memories last" after "so many of us have lost someone we love" during the pandemic, Prasad said. This could be due to a conflict with your ad-blocking or security software. Please add and to your list of allowed sites.

Visual inspection automation using Amazon SageMaker JumpStart


According to Gartner, hyperautomation is the number one trend in 2022 and will continue advancing in future. One of the main barriers to hyperautomation is in areas where we're still struggling to reduce human involvement. Intelligent systems have a hard time matching human visual recognition abilities, despite great advancements in deep learning in computer vision. This is mainly due to the lack of annotated data (or when data is sparse) and in areas such as quality control, where trained human eyes still dominate. Another reason is the feasibility of human access in all areas of the product supply chain, such as quality control inspection on the production line.

Practical Deep Learning: A Python-Based Introduction: Kneusel, Ronald T.: 9781718500747: Books:


My infatuation with computers began with an Apple II in 1981. I've been active in machine learning since 2003, and deep learning since before AlexNet was a thing. My background includes a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Colorado, Boulder (deep learning), and an M.S. in physics from Michigan State University. By day, I work in industry building deep learning systems. By night, I type away on my keyboard generating the books you see here.

Amazon - MACHINE LEARNING: 5 Books in 1 – The Mathematics of Computer Science and Applied Artificial Intelligence: Callaway, Jason: 9798776163982: Books


MACHINE LEARNING: 5 Books in 1 – The Mathematics of Computer Science and Applied Artificial Intelligence [Callaway, Jason] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. MACHINE LEARNING: 5 Books in 1 – The Mathematics of Computer Science and Applied Artificial Intelligence

Prepare data faster with PySpark and Altair code snippets in Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler


Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler is a purpose-built data aggregation and preparation tool for machine learning (ML). It allows you to use a visual interface to access data and perform exploratory data analysis (EDA) and feature engineering. The EDA feature comes with built-in data analysis capabilities for charts (such as scatter plot or histogram) and time-saving model analysis capabilities such as feature importance, target leakage, and model explainability. The feature engineering capability has over 300 built-in transforms and can perform custom transformations using either Python, PySpark, or Spark SQL runtime. For custom visualizations and transforms, Data Wrangler now provides example code snippets for common types of visualizations and transforms.

Demystifying machine learning at the edge through real use cases


Edge is a term that refers to a location, far from the cloud or a big data center, where you have a computer device (edge device) capable of running (edge) applications. Edge computing is the act of running workloads on these edge devices. Machine learning at the edge (ML@Edge) is a concept that brings the capability of running ML models locally to edge devices. These ML models can then be invoked by the edge application. ML@Edge is important for many scenarios where raw data is collected from sources far from the cloud. Although ML@Edge can address many use cases, there are complex architectural challenges that need to be solved in order to have a secure, robust, and reliable design.



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Amazon's Prime Air service will begin making drone deliveries in California this year


In 2013, former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced the company was working on 30-minute drone deliveries. At the time, Bezos said the service wouldn't launch until 2015 at the very earliest. Now, nearly a decade later after that first reveal, Amazon says its Prime Air service is nearly ready. Starting later this year, the company will begin making drone deliveries in Lockeford, California, Amazon announced in a blog post spotted by The Verge. The pilot program will see the company's UAVs carry "thousands" of different items directly to the backyards of Amazon customers in the area.

Build Spark Machine Learning and Analytics (5 Projects)


And learn to use it with one of the most popular way! One of the most valuable technology skills is the ability to analyze huge data sets, and this course is specifically designed to bring you up to speed on one of the best technologies for this task, Apache Superset! The top technology companies like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, Amazon, NASA, and more are all using Apache Superset to solve their big data problems! What is this course about? This course covers all the fundamentals about Apache Spark Machine Learning Project with Scala and teaches you everything you need to know about developing Spark Machine Learning applications using Scala, the Machine Learning Library API for Spark.