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Jazz beat short-handed Clips 114-96 for 9th straight win

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on Donovan Mitchell scored 24 points, Rudy Gobert had 23 points and 20 rebounds, and the Utah Jazz rolled past the short-handed Los Angeles Clippers 114-96 on Wednesday night for their ninth consecutive victory. Jordan Clarkson scored 18 points for the NBA-leading Jazz, who improved to 24-5 with their 20th win in 21 games. After three tight quarters, Utah broke it open in the fourth to win this matchup of Western Conference powerhouses -- although it wasn't a proper showdown with the Clippers missing injured superstars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

JMU snaps Northeastern's conference win streak with 79-72 win

Boston Herald

Milestones can be evasive and winning streaks are fragile. The Northeastern Huskies experienced both with Sunday's 79-72 loss to James Madison at Solomon Court. The Huskies were denied an eighth straight victory since the start of conference play, leaving them one short of the program record set in 2012-13. The setback also prevented NU's 15th-year head coach Bill Coen (249-219) from equaling the program's career record of 250 victories set by Hall of Fame coach Jim Calhoun from 1972-1986. JMU improved to 7-4 and 1-1.

Podcast: when your face is your ticket, your face is your ticket, your face could be your ticket

MIT Technology Review

In part-three of this latest series, Jennifer Strong and the team at MIT Technology Review jump on the court to unpack just how much things are changing. This episode was reported and produced by Jennifer Strong, Anthony Green, Tate Ryan-Mosley, Emma Cillekens and Karen Hao. Strong: I'm in Queens in the neighborhood near a massive stadium complex called Citi Field. Right now, everything is locked up and all you can really hear is rush hour traffic. But if you look up, along the edge of the stadium where thousands of fans will, eventually, return, you can see some of the hardware that powers the team's use of face recognition. These cameras are meant to detect faces that have been banned from the grounds–folks like ticket scalpers, people who've run onto the field, even committed crimes out in the parking lot and that system is powered by one of the biggest names in face recognition - N-E-C. It's able to measure things like ears -- and it still works with people wearing masks, hats and sunglasses. And then once you get over to the turnstiles - there's another face system from a company that's known for airport security - called Clear - and that's for ticketless entry.

Why AI Is a Slam Dunk for the NBA


Thanks to the advent of player-tracking data in the NBA and the use of machine learning software running on powerful servers, we're on the cusp of having some fouls called automatically in professional basketball. But that is just the beginning of what AI can do in the NBA, according to Dwight Lutz, the senior director of basketball strategy and analytics for the Atlanta Hawks. In a virtual talk presented by The Society of HPC Professionals on Friday, Lutz says we're very close to having an AI referee that can call one specific foul: a defensive three-second (D3S) violation. Unless a defensive player is guarding an offensive player, or attempting a rebound, he is not allowed to be in the lane for more than three seconds, which is a rule the NBA instituted in 2001 to speed up game play and bolster offensive excitement. You can thank the maturation of the NBA's player tracking system, which was first implemented for the 2013-2014 season, for the advent of AI refs in the NBA.

Learning from History: Modeling Temporal Knowledge Graphs with Sequential Copy-Generation Networks Artificial Intelligence

Large knowledge graphs often grow to store temporal facts that model the dynamic relations or interactions of entities along the timeline. Since such temporal knowledge graphs often suffer from incompleteness, it is important to develop time-aware representation learning models that help to infer the missing temporal facts. While the temporal facts are typically evolving, it is observed that many facts often show a repeated pattern along the timeline, such as economic crises and diplomatic activities. This observation indicates that a model could potentially learn much from the known facts appeared in history. To this end, we propose a new representation learning model for temporal knowledge graphs, namely CyGNet, based on a novel timeaware copy-generation mechanism. CyGNet is not only able to predict future facts from the whole entity vocabulary, but also capable of identifying facts with repetition and accordingly predicting such future facts with reference to the known facts in the past. We evaluate the proposed method on the knowledge graph completion task using five benchmark datasets. Extensive experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of CyGNet for predicting future facts with repetition as well as de novo fact prediction.

These Robots Are Using Artificial Intelligence To Sort Your Recycling


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Fever Basketball: A Complex, Flexible, and Asynchronized Sports Game Environment for Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning Artificial Intelligence

The development of deep reinforcement learning (DRL) has benefited from the emergency of a variety type of game environments where new challenging problems are proposed and new algorithms can be tested safely and quickly, such as Board games, RTS, FPS, and MOBA games. However, many existing environments lack complexity and flexibility and assume the actions are synchronously executed in multi-agent settings, which become less valuable. We introduce the Fever Basketball game, a novel reinforcement learning environment where agents are trained to play basketball game. It is a complex and challenging environment that supports multiple characters, multiple positions, and both the single-agent and multi-agent player control modes. In addition, to better simulate real-world basketball games, the execution time of actions differs among players, which makes Fever Basketball a novel asynchronized environment. We evaluate commonly used multi-agent algorithms of both independent learners and joint-action learners in three game scenarios with varying difficulties, and heuristically propose two baseline methods to diminish the extra non-stationarity brought by asynchronism in Fever Basketball Benchmarks. Besides, we propose an integrated curricula training (ICT) framework to better handle Fever Basketball problems, which includes several game-rule based cascading curricula learners and a coordination curricula switcher focusing on enhancing coordination within the team. The results show that the game remains challenging and can be used as a benchmark environment for studies like long-time horizon, sparse rewards, credit assignment, and non-stationarity, etc. in multi-agent settings.

Answering Ambiguous Questions through Generative Evidence Fusion and Round-Trip Prediction Artificial Intelligence

In open-domain question answering, questions are highly likely to be ambiguous because users may not know the scope of relevant topics when formulating them. Therefore, a system needs to find every possible interpretation of the question, and propose a set of disambiguated question-answer pairs. In this paper, we present a model that aggregates and combines evidence from multiple passages to generate question-answer pairs. Particularly, our model reads a large number of passages to find as many interpretations as possible. In addition, we propose a novel round-trip prediction approach to generate additional interpretations that our model fails to find in the first pass, and then verify and filter out the incorrect question-answer pairs to arrive at the final disambiguated output. On the recently introduced AmbigQA open-domain question answering dataset, our model, named Refuel, achieves a new state-of-the-art, outperforming the previous best model by a large margin. We also conduct comprehensive analyses to validate the effectiveness of our proposed round-trip prediction.

NCAA announces tentative plan to bring all of March Madness to Indianapolis

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on The NCAA announced a contingency plan for the 2021 Men's Basketball Championship tournament on Monday that includes all preliminary rounds being played in one central location. The NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Committee said it has begun talks with officials in Indiana to relocate all 13 predetermined round sites to Indianapolis and the surrounding metropolitan area as a result of the pandemic. "In recent weeks, (the committee) has engaged in a thorough contingency planning process to determine the most effective way to conduct a safe and healthy March Madness for all participants for the 2021 championship," the NCAA said on its website.

'NBA 2K21' first impressions on PS5, Xbox Series X: A promising rookie campaign

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Unless you're LeBron James, an athlete's rookie season is often an opportunity to show glimpses of the potential you may deliver in your career. This is what'NBA 2K21' presents in its first season on Sony's PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X and S. There is a solid foundation highlighting what this pro basketball series can become, once it can shore up other parts of its game. As the trailers for this next generation "NBA 2K21" have shown, individual players resemble their real-life counterparts even more closely. The experience inside the arena is more vibrant.