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OpenAI's New AI Learned to Play Minecraft by Watching 70,000 Hours of YouTube


In 2020, OpenAI's machine learning algorithm GPT-3 blew people away when, after ingesting billions of words scraped from the internet, it began spitting out well-crafted sentences. This year, DALL-E 2, a cousin of GPT-3 trained on text and images, caused a similar stir online when it began whipping up surreal images of astronauts riding horses and, more recently, crafting weird, photorealistic faces of people that don't exist. Now, the company says its latest AI has learned to play Minecraft after watching some 70,000 hours of video showing people playing the game on YouTube. Compared to numerous prior Minecraft algorithms which operate in much simpler "sandbox" versions of the game, the new AI plays in the same environment as humans, using standard keyboard-and-mouse commands. In a blog post and preprint detailing the work, the OpenAI team say that, out of the box, the algorithm learned basic skills, like chopping down trees, making planks, and building crafting tables.

Studios Battle for Players of 'Hypercasual' Videogames, the Latest Mobile Distraction WSJD - Technology

Users can learn how to play within a matter of seconds and often without instructions. And some hypercasual games don't feel like games at all, instead tapping into the trend for autonomous sensory meridian response videos by asking players to paint virtual nails, pop virtual bubble wrap and slice virtual objects. But the publishers and studios behind these apps are starting to add some elements of complexity--such as leaderboards, multiplayer formats and in-app purchases--to historically uncomplicated games, looking to retain players as the market saturates and landmark shifts in technology make it harder to monetize apps with advertising. CMO Today delivers the most important news of the day for media and marketing professionals. "Hypercasual is still in its genesis phase with so much runway to be innovated on around this wonderfully pure notion of essentially a single gameplay loop," said Clive Downie, senior vice president and general manager at Unity Technologies Inc., a 3-D content development platform that is used by hypercasual game designers.

I listen to podcasts while I game because there's only so much time


Some people get used to not having as much free time as they did when they were kids. I am not one of those people. As a working adult with an admittedly compromised social life (thanks, COVID!) and numerous other time-sucking obligations, finding time for both video games and podcasts has become a challenge. I truly, deeply adore both things; gaming is a lifelong passion and podcasts have been making me laugh on a daily basis for 15 years. I had to hear a lot of talk radio as a kid, so podcasts changed everything once I found out that the format could be funny and lively instead of dusty and decrepit.

Artificial intelligence


Deep learning[133] uses several layers of neurons between the network's inputs and outputs. The multiple layers can progressively extract higher-level features from the raw input. For example, in image processing, lower layers may identify edges, while higher layers may identify the concepts relevant to a human such as digits or letters or faces.[134] Deep learning has drastically improved the performance of programs in many important subfields of artificial intelligence, including computer vision, speech recognition, image classification[135] and others. Deep learning often uses convolutional neural networks for many or all of its layers.

A Dive into Deep Learning- Part 1


The general interest in deep learning has peaked during the past few years. Projects like DeepMind’s AlphaGo shed a light on the power of AI when it comes to surpassing humans in board games. So…

AI can now play Minecraft just as well as you - here's why that matters


Experts at OpenAI have trained a neural network to play Minecraft to an equally high standard as human players. The neural network was trained on 70,000 hours of miscellaneous in-game footage, supplemented with a small database of videos in which contractors performed specific in-game tasks, with the keyboard and mouse inputs also recorded. After fine-tuning, OpenAI found the model was able to perform all manner of complex skills, from swimming to hunting for animals and consuming their meat. It also grasped the "pillar jump", a move whereby the player places a block of material below themselves mid-jump in order to gain elevation. Perhaps most impressive, the AI was able to craft diamond tools (requiring a long string of actions to be executed in sequence), which OpenAI described as an "unprecedented" achievement for a computer agent.

What is Symbolic A.I.


Expert systems are used in symbolic AI to analyze symbols in order to create cognition, define relationships between symbols, and guide the algorithm on how to act. When there are defined boundaries and objectives, symbolic AI is ideal. Training symbolic AI to defeat a human at chess, for example, is a concrete use case for symbolic AI. Symbolic AI, on the other hand, struggles in situations when a lot of adaptation is necessary owing to variance (Flynn, 2020).

Greatest EA Play Video games on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Sequence S/X - Channel969


The EA Play recreation subscription service brings collectively a few of the most famous titles revealed by Digital Arts below one roof. And it begins at solely Rs. 315 monthly in India. However in case you're already subscribed to Xbox Recreation Move Final, you possibly can take pleasure in content material from EA Play for no extra value. However the record of video games could be a bit overwhelming, contemplating it has a plethora of titles starting from basic first-person shooters resembling Battlefield and Crysis, to co-op masterpieces resembling It Takes Two. EA Play additionally brings alongside remastered variations of racing video video games resembling Burnout Paradise and Want for Velocity Sizzling Pursuit.

Chennai Chess Olympiad and AI


In 2021, Nikhil Kamath, founder of Zerodha, defeated five-time world champion Vishwanathan Anand in chess with the help of computers (he confessed later on) at a celebrity fundraiser. The controversy sparked discussions around the use of AI in the game of chess. As India is all set to host the 44th edition of the Chess Olympiad in Mahabalipuram starting on July 28, let's look at how AI has impacted the game of chess. The earliest mention of technology in chess can be traced back to the 18th century when Austrian empress Maria Theresa commissioned a chess-playing machine. Many players competed against the'Mechanical Turk', thinking it was an automated machine.