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Bulgarian government adopts a new strategy for the development of AI


The Bulgarian government has adopted a "Concept for the Development of Artificial Intelligence", planned until 2030. This strategy is in line with the documents of the European Commission, considering AI as one of the main drivers of digital transformation in Europe and a significant factor in ensuring the competitiveness of the European economy and high quality of life. Specific aspects of the European vision of "reliable AI" are included, namely that technological progress is accompanied by a legal and ethical framework to ensure the security and rights of citizens. The strategy also includes details on collecting accessible high-quality data, disseminating information and equal access to the benefits of AI technologies. In the concept document, an overview is given of the three main sectors involved in AI – sectors developing AI, sectors consuming AI, and sectors enabling the development and implementation of AI.

High-Level Hearing: A European Union Strategy for Artificial Intelligence - EPSC - European Commission


Good afternoon and welcome to this hearing convened by the European Political Strategy Centre on a European Union Strategy for Artificial Intelligence. My name is Ann Mettler and I'm the Head of the European Political Strategy Centre, the EPSC, which is the European Commission's in-house think tank. I'm joined on my left by Mario Mariniello, Digital Adviser at the EPSC. This hearing is organised in order to contribute to the European Commission's internal reflection on Artificial Intelligence. There will be a communication on Artificial Intelligence, which will be published in April, and it will also be among the topics that EU leaders will discuss at an informal summit in Sofia, Bulgaria, in May.