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Can AI save amateur soccer from referee shortage?


My wife plays in a women's soccer league and the games tend to get pretty competitive. Good thing, then, that the league provides two referees for each game (and, um, maybe bad thing for my wife that those refs come packing yellow cards). But not every would be Mia Hamm is so lucky. Amateur soccer, and particularly youth soccer, is undergoing a major referee shortage owing in part to the pandemic and in part to the awful treatment refs tend to endure from cranky and over-agitated parents. The position tends to be low pay, and lots of former refs have simply had enough.

The Machine Ethics Podcast: 2021 in review with Merve Hickok


Hosted by Ben Byford, The Machine Ethics Podcast brings together interviews with academics, authors, business leaders, designers and engineers on the subject of autonomous algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and technology's impact on society. Merve Hickok is the Senior Research Director of the Center for AI and Digital Policy, and the Founder of She is a social researcher, consultant and trainer on AI ethics & policy. Her work on AI is focused on bias, social justice, DE&I, public interest and participatory development and governance. She aims to create awareness, build capacity, and advocate for ethical and responsible development & use of AI.

The world in your pocket: How smartphones will get smarter in 2022


In 2022, there will be even more niche phones that offer a rich experience and a narrow appeal like gaming phones and foldables. New phones for 2022 are already debuting left and right, and it's barely been two weeks. During CES 2022, Samsung announced the Galaxy S21 FE, the follow-up to its popular 2020 phone the Galaxy S20 FE. OnePlus teased us all with a slow trickle of details about the new features and CPU in the OnePlus 10 Pro. Sony finally brought the photography-focused Xperia 5 III to the US.

The best smart lock 2022: Business and home use


No longer do you have to worry about who has the keys to your home or business. With the best smart locks for business and home use, you can go digital for better accessibility and even greater convenience. A smart door lock can work alone or integrate with your smart home security system to ensure that the keys to your castle are always in the right hands. However, with so many to choose from, today's market can be more than a little challenging to navigate. That is why we have put our proprietary methodology and analysis to the test, weighing each option to find the absolute best smart locks for your home and business use in 2022.

NVIDIA begins rolling out Android 11 update to all Shield TV models


NVIDIA has started rolling out Software Experience Upgrade 9.0 for Shield TV devices, and it will upgrade their operating system to Android 11. The company says Experience 9.0 will bring the new OS to all Shield TVs, including the original 2015 models, and it will also include the September 2021 Android security patch that fixes a vulnerability allowing remote attackers to cause a permanent denial of service. In addition, the upgrade adds access to a new Google Keyboard with support for voice searches. Users will now be able to look for movies and shows to watch by issuing voice commands through Google Assistant. Those who have aptX compatible Bluetooth headsets will be able to start using it with their streaming box, as well.

Do you need your smartphone anymore? Here's how ambient computing is changing our …


… of hardware and software, with machines talking to each other using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and cognitive processing.

ChatBot – Bot Messenger Virtual Assistant


Its a basic version of admin panel we are working hard to add more features in admin panel ChatBot – Android Firebase Realtime Mobile Application is a beautiful Android native application made for those apps who wants to integrate chatBot or Virtual Assistant for their customers.An easy way to setup a Chatbot in Android platform within your app with Firebase. Just a few steps to bring your chatbot alive.

Google Home, YouTube integrate with Volvo Cars – TechCrunch


Google unveiled Wednesday at CES 2022 a range of new ways to keep its Android devices connected -- and that includes cars. As more vehicles go electric and automakers evolve into software developers, expect to see more plays directed at turning cars into connected devices. Take Volvo Cars, for instance. The automaker and Google announced at CES 2022 new content and services that will be coming to future Volvo vehicles, including the ability to download and use the YouTube app via Google Play Store and the ability to communicate with the Google Home ecosystem. New Volvo car models are equipped with an Android Automotive operating system and have embedded voice-controlled Google Assistant, Google Play Store, Google Maps and other Google services into its infotainment system.

iPhone 14 could remove the notch and put Face ID under the screen, leaks claim

The Independent - Tech

This year's iPhone could do away with the "notch", swapping it for a small hole for the camera and putting Face ID under the screen, according to a new report. The design would be the first major change to the front of the iPhone in years, as well as requiring technology not yet seen in any iPhone. In recent iPhones, all of the hardware required for facial recognition and the front-facing camera are nestled in a notch at the top of the display. The screen wraps around the side of that notch, but the black components are visible at the top. The new report suggests that the more premium versions of this year's iPhone 14 would instead take some of those components and put them under the display.

Google Home, YouTube integrate with Volvo Cars


Google unveiled at CES on Wednesday a range of new ways to keep its Android devices connected, and that includes cars. As more vehicles go electric and automakers evolve into software developers, we can only expect to see more plays directed at turning cars into connected devices. One exemplar of this phenomenon is Volvo Cars, which will launch a direct integration with the Google Home ecosystem in the coming months, both Volvo and Google announced on Wednesday. The integration should allow car owners to turn their car on and off, control the temperature and get car information like battery life by issuing voice commands to Google Assistant-enabled home and mobile devices. Once customers pair their Volvo car to their Google account, they also can talk directly to Google while in their car.