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Cellphone and tech clues that your partner is cheating on you

FOX News

An easy way to keep two romantic lives separate is to buy two separate phones. That way, the cheater doesn't get confused and text the wrong person by mistake. A second phone is also a liability, even if expressed as a "work" or "emergency" phone. Another technique is to purchase a separate SIM card. Some phones allow you to have two SIM cards but that can be a hassle. A much easier way is to get a Google Voice number that rings on the current phone. In this photo illustration, Apple's iPhone 12 seen placed on a MacBook Pro.

Save an extra 40% off on apps and software during this Black Friday sale


Black Friday isn't only reserved for massive TVs, kitchen appliances, and home furniture. The biggest sale of the year also applies to apps and software. If you don't want to pay full price for useful apps that can supercharge your productivity, you can take your pick from these 20 options that range from fitness programs to language learning apps to cloud storage. A subscription to Degoo nets you 10TB of supremely secured backup space for all of your videos, photos, software, and other large files -- for life. That's more space than Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive combined.

The best Black Friday tech deals we could find


It's officially Black Friday and that means if you didn't snatch up any of the early deals that came and went earlier this month, now's the time to shop. Despite kicking off the holiday season (unbearably) early this year with a deluge of deals, retailers are still have some compelling Black Friday sales today. However, just like most years, not every deal is worth your money -- especially when it comes to gadgets and electronics. We've sifted through all of the Black Friday tech deals we could find to come up with a list of only the best ones that you should consider this year. Here are the best tech deals we could find for Black Friday.

The best Black Friday tech deals that are already available


While we've had weeks of early Black Friday deals already, Thanksgiving has brought additional sales, some of which we expect to continue through Black Friday proper. This has been a trend for the past few years -- if you happen to be online and searching for Black Friday deals a few hours before the day arrives, you can expect at least a handful of solid early sales. And that strategy may pay off this year even more than others as supply chain issues continue to push back shipping estimates. The sooner you grab the items on your gift list, the better the chance they'll arrive on time. To make your search a bit easier, we gathered the best early Black Friday tech deals we could find here.

Mass surveillance fuels oppression of Uighurs and Palestinians

Al Jazeera

Tech-enabled control of a persecuted population. For many readers, the scenario brings to mind China's mass human rights violations against millions of Uighurs and other Turkic Muslim people. Yet this description would also apply to Israel's treatment of millions of Palestinians living under occupation. The Israeli military is reportedly using facial recognition to build a massive database of personal information on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, which includes their photos, family histories and education, and assigns them a security rating. When soldiers, outfitted with an official smartphone Blue Wolf app, scan a Palestinian's face, the app shows yellow, red or green to indicate whether the person should be detained or allowed to pass.

3 Top Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Buy Right Now


IDC estimates that the global artificial intelligence (AI) market is on track to generate $327.5 billion in revenue in 2021, a jump of 16.4% over last year. The research firm anticipates that spending on AI-related hardware, software, and services could increase at an annual rate of 17.5% through 2024 and hit $554 billion in revenue. There are several ways investors can tap into this massive opportunity, as there are a plethora of artificial intelligence stocks out there to choose from. However, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD), and Micron Technology (NASDAQ:MU) look like three of the best stocks investors can buy right now to benefit from the massive AI opportunity. Apple gets most of its revenue from selling hardware products such as the iPhone, the iPad, MacBooks, wearables, smart-home devices, and other accessories. These product lines produced nearly 78% of Apple's revenue in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021, with the services business accounting for the rest.

Podcast: What is AI? We made this to help.

MIT Technology Review

Defining what is, or isn't artificial intelligence can be tricky (or tough). So much so, even the experts get it wrong sometimes. That's why MIT Technology Review's Senior AI Editor Karen Hao created a flowchart to explain it all. This episode was reported by Karen Hao. It was adapted for audio and produced by Jennifer Strong and Emma Cillekens.

The best Black Friday tech deals 2021


Early Black Friday deals are already rolling out, with more new sales showing up every day. For 2021, there's concern whether shipping issues will mean less stuff on the shelves for the holidays. As we've already been hearing for months, the global supply chain is seriously backed up with bottlenecks occurring at key points. Hoping to deal with an already difficult situation, retailers stretched out the shopping season as much as they dared, what with shipping timelines stretching to frustrating levels. These supply problems are supposed to be felt acutely in technology, or so the market watchers say.

Podcast Humanitarian Artificial Intelligence AI


AI is transforming the world and will have profound implications for humanitarian action. Will it lend itself to authoritarian regimes controlling their populations and will humanitarian organisations be complicit in this and create additional vulnerabilities for the populations we serve? Will be help us create a better user experience for "consumers" of humanitarian aid and will it help us ensure that we get spare parts for the generator just in time? Listen in as Sarah Spencer from

McGill AI Podcast on Apple Podcasts


There are very few places in the world like Montreal and McGill which have such a concentration of talent in the field of AI/ML. MAIS primarily serves to build a community with a shared passion for the field, spreading knowledge and resources to help aid people trying to enter it. We are making a podcast to promote interest and reduce the barrier to entry which currently exists in the AI ecosystem. We hope to focus on promoting the achievements of underrepresented people within the field, promoting their research/work, give them a platform to share their experiences and allow others to use that information to break into the field while being more aware of the challenges and opportunities.